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"Sister?" he studied her closely, looking at every feature of her face until he was sure that this was not the woman he knew. It was instead the sister Chara had always told him about. Her adorable little sister that she loved so much but was forced to leave behind because of circumstances beyond her control. "Ah yes, you're her sister."

Toriel called to both of them to come to her excited to introduce Frisk formally to her husband and her son. "Asgore, Asriel, this is Frisk. My adoptive daughter and a new addition to our family."

"So, this is the sister Chara had always talked about back in her home country." Asgore stroke his beard as he studied her. He then nodded in understanding as he smiled. "She kind of reminds me of her indeed."

Toriel's eyes became sad at the mention of the name again. "Yes, Chara..." The excitement the three had earlier died down and turned to gloom. The air grew silent and no one seemed to want to be the first one to talk.

"What seems to be the matter?" Frisk's heart was tightening. She was beginning to have a bad feeling about where the conversation was headed. The stares she had received before in town. Those questioning, shocked and scared looks as they saw her walking the streets. She was beginning to piece everything out but she wanted to be sure. She wanted to hear them say it to let it finally sink into her system. "What happened to Chara?"

The three royalties looked at each other hesitantly. Asgore was the one to speak in behalf of them all, "Why don't we go to a more suitable place to discuss this?" he lead the way inside the castle. It was huge outside but was even bigger on the inside. The ceiling was high and the windows and doors were large. The curtains were of velvety violet in color and the walls were pure white lined with gold painted couplings. There were also paintings of sceneries, flowers and portraits of goat monsters that had ruled the monster kind before. As she looked at each painting, she marveled at their intricacy and artisanship but she stopped at one painting — a family portrait of Asgore, Toriel, Asriel and Chara her sister. They were all smiling happily like nothing in the world could ruin their happiness.

"Sunshine?" Sans called beside her and she looked at him. The others were now a little ahead of them but he stayed behind to accompany her. He looked at what she was staring at before, "That's your sister, isn't it? You do kind of look a bit like each other." He commented. He turned his head to look at her again and smiled, "Even if that's the case, I'll still be able to know if it's you. I mean, you are my one and only sunshine."

"You kid." She answered, "You have your brother and you can say that he's the source of light in your life. Your friends and your crew can be another source as well, and the sun in a literal sense is your source of golden light. I mean it's everyone's source of light. So you cannot just say that I am the only one."

"Well, you're the only one be it monster or human that I call that though so I can practically sum it up to only you." he shrugged and gave her a boyish grin.

A small smile tugged at her lips at his words, "Fair enough." She simply said in reply. They hurried to follow the others to what seems to be the king's private study. They seated themselves in front of the desk where there were plush violet sofas and a table placed in between it that separated the two long seats from each other

The king then seated himself on his chair. Once he was fixed in, he started to speak once again. "Your sister coming to our land was one of the most wonderful things that had happened to us. She was like a symbol that indicated that we were one step closer to being able to come into good terms with the humans. One step closer to peace between us, a peace in which was not there for centuries between our races." Then his face grimed, his eyes covered slightly by his bangs as he continued his talk. "But then a devastating event happened. We found her, more like Asriel found her while he was trying to look for her when she did not come back to the castle for a while." He looked at Asriel telling him silently to continue where he left off on which he obliged with a bit of distaste in his mouth to continue the story any further than that.

"I found her dead in the city alleyway, one that is not as much visited as the rest." He said, "Her clothes were torn, her hair disorganized. Every jewelry she had on were forcibly taken from her, but that wasn't the only thing taken." He crunched down, face shadowed as his fingers knotted tightly together as he shivered reminiscing his beloved's horrible fate. "Her pride, her very dignity was stolen from her. She was molested, raped without mercy whatsoever until she bled to death." He gritted his teeth, "Her face still showed the pain she had experienced. Her tears were already dried up indicating that it had happened for some time."

When it appeared that Asriel was not going to continue telling them what happened, Toriel continued for him. "We found the culprits dust remains after that, in the forest near the city. One hanged on a tree and the other had multiple stab wounds according to the evidences found. We knew that they did it because a piece of Chara's clothing was what the other one hanged himself with but both had the smell of Chara on their clothes based on Doggo and confirmed later on by the other dog specie royal guards." Toriel clutched tightly at her chest while the other crumpled her skirt. "We buried her with our ancestor's memorial tablet just a bit outside the castle compound. We made sure to plant flowers around her grave that were like what she had in her home country."

"Buttercups..." Frisk interrupted and they all looked at her. "You planted buttercups around her grave, right? We used to sell those for money from our garden."

Toriel smiled at that and nodded. "Yes, we planted buttercups around her grave. She once told us that it reminds her of the small yet happy time she had there. It reminds her of you and how you would always help each other through thick and thin."

"Yes, we always did keep an eye out for each other. I mean, that's what sibling's do." She smiled half-heartedly. "I can't believe that after all the effort we've put to help her escape this is what had happened to her..." she shivered and let out a silent sob. "I can't believe that she's gone, just like that. I haven't even been able to see how her life was here. How happy had become ever since she left home?"

"I assure you that she had a wonderful stay, even for a short while." Toriel smiled and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, no further words needed.

"Would you like to visit her and pay your respects?" Asgore insisted and Frisk nodded in reply. They all got up again but this time they went all the way to the back, exiting the big door there. They decided to just walk the length of it and entered the forest beyond with a clear path leading to where the tablet and grave were placed. The flowers bloomed vibrantly and in abundance as they all looked at the stone which was placed on top of where her sister's corpse rested. It engraved only her name and a message.


The First Human

You will be missed dearly.

"Hey there, Chara. It's me, your sister. I finally had the chance to visit you after so long, can you believe it?" she laughed a humorless laugh as she ran her fingers on the smooth stone, eyes sad.

Asgore put a hand on her shoulder as a show of comfort that made her look up at him. She wasn't expecting any of the sort from him being they only met recently and especially with his status as the king. "We'll leave you be for now. Let you talk in private. We do have our own private discussion to be had don't we, captain?" he glanced at Sans and his crew's direction and they nodded.

"Indeed we do, Asgore." Sans answered verbally. He then peeked at Frisk and gave a small smile. "We'll be in the castle if you ever need us."

"The royal guards will be close by so there is nothing for us to worry about when it comes to her safety. We won't make the same mistake ever again. They will escort you to our location once you feel the need to return." Then they left Frisk after Toriel gave her a hug and a kiss on the head.

Frisk sat there, mourning silently in front of the grave. Her beloved sister had already passed in such a cruel way. She was still so young but the luck she had, before she knew it, ran out in an instant. As she mourned, a fog suddenly brewed around her. She looked up and saw that it was already thick and she could not see past it. She tried to call for someone but no one replied to her so she stood up and walked back, trying to remember the way to the castle. She then saw a red light, like an ember of a once burning flame in the distance. Thinking that it was one of the royal guards signaling to her so she tried to follow it. As she went on, the fog slowly disappeared, but the smell of sea water instead of flowers greeted her senses as the air around her became a lot colder. She held herself as a sudden gust of wind blew by. She then saw a figure in the distance wearing a hat, coat and boots. His sword showed a bit under the coat as his back faced her. He appeared to be a captain. Her pacing quickened wanting to close the long gap between them as she called, "Sans, is that you? I thought I was lost and-!"

She stopped just a few steps away. The fog cleared and the moon shone above him which was strange, it was supposed to be daytime still. And what was even stranger was that she was now on board a ship — a ship with black sails and a black colored flag with a symbol of a broken skull with bones crossed below it. The wind suddenly stopped as the figure turned around slowly, revealing his face to her... he was definitely not Sans. He wore a red bandanna topped with a black tricorne hat, white inner shirt, black jacket, pants and boots. His skull was cracked on both of his eyes, the cracks going opposite directions – one upwards and one downwards. His pupils were pure white that looked right into her as he stared back at her. He smiled, "Well, well, what do we have here, a stowaway? My name is Gaster," he came closer until he was standing in front of her. Then his expression grew serious, scary even as his face inched closer and closer till he was one head away from her face. "How did you get on my ship?"

"Now, now Gaster, don't go scaring off my little sister." a figure floated beside her that made Frisk jump a little in surprise. Slowly turning her head she took a small peek at the figure. Now being able to see her face closely her eyes grew wide in recognition.

"C-Chara?" her mouth hung agape at the sight of her. This is so surreal. How can Chara be here? Surely her mind must be playing tricks on her since the news of her death had greeted her just recently. She was still trying to accept the fact that she was gone and as she was about to here she appears beside her, a ghostly smile plastered on her smooth features.

"Hey there, Frisk. Long time no see." Frisk tried to hug her but she was only able to go through, not able to even touch a single strand of her hair. She looked back at her sister who just smiled at her sad. "I'm already dead, remember? You're only able to see me because of the magic that's abundant in monster territory."

She sobbed, that was right. Chara really was dead. Maybe it hadn't really sunk into her after all. She cried, hurt at what was happening. Why was the world so cruel? Was her grief another source of entertainment for it? "I wasn't even able to see you alive and well here." She paused, trying to wipe away the tears that didn't want to stop no matter how hard she tried. "Tell me. Was our effort of you being able to go here worth what little time you had to stay? Were you happy despite what had happened to you?"

"Yes." She said, "Even if it ended horribly for me, it would not affect the good memories I've had and spent with Asriel and the rest of them. The same goes for you too, right Frisk?" the tears stopped then. Frisk smiled and nodded, wiping away the remaining tears on her face.

"You two are having a good reunion I see." A boy surrounded by orange light came to them.

"Yes, such a sweet moment for two special sisters!" A lady surrounded by light blue light followed suit.

"A reunion yes, but Chara's already dead though. Not that good of a reunion." Said a lady surrounded by blue light.

"Well, she has been dead a lot longer than we have." Said a man surrounded by yellow light agreeing to her statement.

"That doesn't say much about us though. Not like we'll be seeing our relatives and friends anytime soon." Said a man surrounded by purple light.

"That's not important. What's important is that they are together again after such a long time!" said a girl with green light surrounding her.

Frisk backed away in surprise as they circled her. Seven dead people, her sister included, and a scary skulled individual. "Who are you?"

"They are the souls of the people I have saved from the hands of the demon who had killed them. A demon of ancient origin released in this world by mistake with my own hands." Said the scary man.

She gulped, afraid of the situation she's currently in, but she had to know. This actually might be the curse, the demon the skeleton brothers told her about. "How did you release them?"

"Before I answer your question, let us sit ourselves in my quarters. This isn't actually a proper place to discuss this." With that, he led her to a room below the helm. He brought out a chair for her in which she carefully sat, still afraid of him. "Don't be afraid. I was only testing your courage before. I don't bite. In fact, why would I hurt you since I was the one who led you here for an important agenda."

"Which is?" She urged on, not wanting any detail to be left out since the things that they might talk about and learn later on might save her or put her in unwanted circumstances.

"We're in dire need of your help. To save both monster and human kind to what might be our very doom. To save my sons." He replied to her inquiry in humility. He had sons? This was an unexpected scenario. But now that she has thought about it, he does look like someone in his mid forty's. Somewhat recalling the song the blue pirates sang on her first night on the ship, about the man with a broken skull and Sans' story about his father suddenly made her confirm who this person really was as she had realized before.

She started, trying to validate the fact that had brewed itself in her mind with the use of the different facts presented to her. "If you don't mind me asking. Who are your sons?"

He looked quizzically at her, analyzing whether or not to tell her this piece of information about himself. "Sans and Papyrus, the leaders of The Land of the Living Skulls." She gasped in shock and covered her mouth. He was their father? Her theory was correct. He really was Sans and Papyrus' father and the one who released the demon to the world.

"Sans has mentioned you to me before and that you were the one who sent them the scrolls. Though Papyrus was the one to explain that the cause of the strange behaviors of monsters was not a curse but in fact a demon." She summed. Details were irrelevant since the story she was telling were of Gaster. "So what really did happen and how am I to be of use against such a thing?"

"My sons have caught on well." He smiled more to himself than to her. "I was actually planning on telling you starting from the beginning how this all started for you to fully grasp the situation at hand." she gave him a look, "Don't worry, we still have time." He then handed her a cup of tea and biscuits on which she thanked him before starting with his story. "I stumbled upon the ruins of an old monster civilization through my travels beyond monster territory. There I found writings on walls which told of a curse that would befall the monster kind. It told that the indication of this curse coming true was the day when a human with a determined soul would come to where the monsters dwelt. A human with a determined soul will either bring about the destruction or the salvation of our species. I've been away from my home for quite some time so I have not the slightest idea if the prophecy was already in motion or not. With that in mind I had to sought out a solution and somehow stop it from happening. But by messing with the ancient inscriptions, I released the demon instead. It was still in its docile state but will be in its move soon if ever someone were to offer it a sacrifice. Not that long after someone did. I had brought about the destruction of my kind and because of it I was then cursed to wander the seas alone, trapped in time as the world went on around me. The king then had welcomed a human to the Island of Nobility, Chara, not that long ago. We monsters are able to see what the soul of another being possesses and I saw that she had one that is, what I feared it would be… determined. I'm only able to make small to no contact at all with the outside world through a fog. Somehow though, through my readings of the ancient writings, I discovered that I was able to make contact with the souls of the departed humans and humans with strong souls. It also said that once the demon was released it would need seven particular young souls – one determined, one brave, one kind, one justified, one patient, one persevered and one full of integrity. Human souls will only be able to react and materialize when in the presence of a monster. That was why the demon brought them close to where my kind dwelt. The demon got to your sister before I was able to actually decipher the inscriptions, but what is important is that she's with us now. And that's how and why I brought them. That's why they're here."

"So if they're here, then there is no way for the demon to gain its full strength right?" That was one possibility that she thought, "But it wouldn't be that simple, right?" It always never was. There are a lot more humans in the world already ripe for the picking that the demon would most likely take another one before long.

He shook his head and gave her a small smile. "That's why I brought you here to discuss this matter."

Placing her now empty cup on the table, she listened intently to what he had to say. "So, how am I to help then?"

"You do remember what Gaster had said a while ago. A human with a determined soul will either bring about destruction or salvation." Chara looked at Frisk as she nodded in reply. "And since I brought about the destruction, the only thing left is salvation on which you will bring to the table little sister."

Was she serious? "How am I supposed to do just that?" Frisk asked in exasperation. How was she supposed to stop something when she obviously has no power to actually fight it? She asked this question more to herself than the rest as she recalled the memory of what had happened to Toriel and how powerless she was that entire time.

The man with the yellow glow now known to her as Justine, a man good with guns answered her. "You will be requiring our assistance in that part." the yellow colored ghost said as the six souls floated behind Gaster which was unaffected by their eerie presence. She could somehow understand that since he also gives off a certain presence of his own.

The man with the purple glow now known to her as Perseus, the scholar spoke next. "Seven souls can complete the demon and those seven souls can destroy it in return."

"All you have to do is to absorb the demon with the help the other seven. They will rest inside of you until that moment arrives." Gaster told her as if that were the simplest thing in the world and she just looked at him in incredulity.

"But isn't that what we are trying to prevent? Why would I even do that? We don't even know if it would turn out how we hoped it would." she voiced out her opinion. What they were suggesting was beyond what she had hoped to happen. More than she could have prepared herself for.

The woman with the green glow called Kindle, the cook of the group was the one who answered her in behalf of Gaster. "We'll trap him inside your body and prevent it from possessing other beings again."

"The process will be hard." The woman with the blue glow with the name Integra, the dancer though the warning encouraged her nonetheless saying it was, as Kindle incited, for a good cause.

The woman with the light blue glow now known to her as Patricia the healer descant her opinion on what is to happen to Frisk when she does happen to absorb the demon. "On the days to come the demon would most likely try to possess your body."

"You must stay determined and not let it take control." Chara placed a ghostly hand on her shoulder even though she can't actually do so. It was a small sisterly affection and a show of support that made Frisk feel a bit better.

The man with the orange glow now known to her as Brandon, the fighter began to enunciate yet another thing that has been on her mind since the beginning of their conversation. One she has sought out to achieve since the news of this terrible plight reached her ears. "But to actually destroy it is another matter."

Gaster then looked sternly at her. It appears that there's more bad news to come. "Are you prepared to hear what would most likely be the only solution to our dilemma?" he said most seriously. What is to happen? What is to come?

Frisk took in a deep breath, she knew that what would happen from now on she would have to accept. She looked at them again, determined to see the plan through, "I'm ready."