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"You flatter me." his eyes narrowed with a hint of mischievousness. "Trying to gain my favor again I see. Rod, Felix."

"No, of course not captain. It's just that you've not had anything nice in a while." Felix raised his hands defensively for both of them. "And..." he removed the cover that they have carefully placed over their gift to not give away the surprise easily, revealing the lady in a wedding dress, "It's a bride captain!"

Sans face became doubtful, recalling a past experience. The two noticed this so Rod quickly replied, "Oh, no, no captain. This time, we were sure to check before taking her with us. This time, you won't be disappointed." Rod brought her to Sans, "Take a look under the veil captain and see for yourself." Rod urged him further with much enthusiasm. Sans was not that cruel to turn down their gracious offering so he humored them and lifted the thin cloth, looking at her face.

Sans was quiet for a while making them worried if he actually liked the gift or not. "Captain?" Felix spoke up, glancing at his captain for a reaction of any kind.

"Thank you." Sans smiled, "This is a wonderful gift. The groom was really lucky with this one." He looked up to stare at them, a questioning look on his face. "Wouldn't he try to find her though?"

"Don't you dare return this one captain. After all the trouble of taking her all the way here for you, you'd just return her? That's way too cruel of you. That would be like..." Rod counted on his fingers with an annoyed face. "The Nth time now if you do."

"Yeah. If you do that, you'd better give us something nice." Agreeing to Rod, both men glared at their captain with hurtful eyes.

Sans thought for a moment, considering the options. He sighed and decided to keep the lady knowing how the two would abuse him and give him a really impossible request. Their greed knows no bounds. "Alright, you have me. I won't return the lady. But let's make this clear here and now." He looked at them seriously, but not as intense. Though his stare still sent slight shivers down their spines that made them stand straight in attention. "She's your gift to me so she's mine. You won't do anything that is not necessary, against her will or without my permission while interacting with her or you'll answer to me, understand?"

"Y-Yes, sir!" they saluted. As they did, Rod dropped her. "Oh..."

Felix held his head in panic, "You dropped her! You dropped her Rod!"

"Ah!" Rod held his hands out in panic, trying to shield most of his body parts if Sans were to pummel him in rage for what had happened. "Sorry captain, I didn't mean to! It's because you started to intimidate us all of a sudden."

"So now it's my fault?" Sans sighed again. He carried the lady and turned around to walk towards his chambers, but stopped to glance back at them. "Felix, get the medical kit and bring it to my room immediately. Rod, follow me to my room. You'll be the one to patch her up since it's your fault for dropping her in the first place."

"Yes captain..." Felix patted Rod on the back as he slumped in defeat before going to the infirmary while Rod followed their captain.

"Ngh..." she held her head, slowly sitting up with closed eyes. She noticed that the veil was replaced by a bandage around her forehead. Her eyes now open, she noticed the new room she was in. She could hear the waves lapping at the side and the room swaying back and forth. Her eyes grew wide, "No, it can't be...!"

She got up, ran to what seems to be the exit and opened it. "Hey, make sure the sails on your side are secured. We wouldn't want any problems with it later." She saw skeleton pirates scurrying on and about on the ship. Mouth agape, she eyed every one of them.

"Oh, it's the feisty bride. Is your head okay now?" Rod was leaning on the wall beside the door, hands behind his head. She looked at him, shocked. Slowly, she went back into the room and slammed the door shut. "Uh... first impressions really have that impact on you still, huh?"

"Of course it does! You're a pirate that took me hostage and for no apparent... reason." She was hit with a sudden realization that made her hold herself. "What do you plan on doing with me?!" she panicked and held herself even more. She then heard a husky laugh from the other side of the door that made her eyebrows furrow in annoyance. "Why are you laughing? My current situation is no laughing matter."

He stopped and looked at the door as if he could see her past it. "You are holding yourself right now aren't you?" he smiled when she did not reply immediately.

"No... Yes. And what if I am?" she retorted back at him.

"I didn't know you were a really funny woman." He sat himself on the floor and continued, "Well, technically you are our gift to the captain. And because you are now his property, we were given strict instructions not to do anything that is not necessarily needed to you."

"I am not anyone's property." She shot back. His eyes slanted amused at her reply. It appears that they did get the right one this time. All those other women they got went with them so willingly for they know to whom they were to be a gift to. Their captain really was a magnet that keeps luring women to him without even trying.

"Still haven't lost that fight in you I see. Well, you don't have a say in the matter anymore. So unless he says we can do to you whatever we want, we won't harm you in any way. You can rest easy when you're with us... for now." She went silent and Rod suddenly realized what he just said, "I made a threat just now didn't I?" she still didn't say a thing. Rod scratched his head at this, "Sorry about that. Pirate habit, you know how it is. Anyway, my name is Rod. You can, uh... talk to me again if you feel like it. See 'ya."

She heard him walk away and she sighed a little in relief. She still wasn't sure if she can trust that skeleton named Rod or either of his friends... especially the captain. Being the big tier on the ship, he'd sure be a problem if she ever tried to escape. She was in a lot of trouble. Her stomach grumbled, "I'm getting hungry. What time is it anyway?" she looked at the clock in the far off wall and noticed that it was already five in the afternoon. "No wonder I was hungry. It's almost time for supper."

Two knocks came from the door, followed by another recognizable voice. Felix came with a tray of food on hand. "Hey lass, your food's ready. I heard you had an argument with Rod, sorry about that. Sometimes he forgets how he should be talking to women."

"If that's the case... I guess I can forgive him." she answered back. He was actually a pretty descent man which surprised her. Maybe they weren't all disgraceful ingrates like what she thought they were.

"Really? That's good to hear. Don't worry; the captain will give him a good lecturing later." He paused, "So, do you want me to put your food outside the door or..." he drolled on not sure if he should continue or not. She might not choose the second option anyway.

She opened the door, "No need. You can just hand me the tray." he handed her the tray and she thanked him with a smile. He smiled back.

"I'm Felix by the way. Call me if you're finished with that and I'll come and take it."

"Thank you, Felix."

"No problem." He waved and went off. As she was closing the door she heard him yell, "Hah! In your face Rod! Being ignored at first has its perks!"

"To hell with you!" she laughed as she listened to their continued bickering and the other crew started laughing as well.

"That's how you talk to women you twat!" he proudly answered back.

"I think they're really not as bad as they seem." She sat at a table at the side and started eating her surprisingly delicious meal. So even pirates knew how to cook like that. Fascinating, she thought.

It was evening now. She raked her brain for ideas quite hard on how she could escape the ship without being spotted. One option was to tie the bed sheet and other cloth she could find to climb out of the window and down to the open waters, but as she tried that option out she was spotted quickly by a crew member and made her go back inside again. Another was to sneak out at night. But as she waited till night time, it seems that their activities by day seem to continue till the moon rose up in the sky and she sighed in frustration. It seems that she was never destined to escape them after all. Escaping the ship being slowly removed from her options, she thought of things to entertain herself with to pass the time when a knock on the door broke her line of thought. "My lady, we are going to conduct a sing-along on the main deck. It's just about to start." A new voice greeted her.

Her interest piqued instantly, she asked him, "You have those kinds of merry making on the ship?"

"Yes, to entertain ourselves when out at sea when we've got nothing to do. It just so happens that this is one of those moments. You are welcome to join us if you wish."

"Let me fix myself first and I'll be right out."

"Alright then." And he went off. What great timing. Just when she was already getting bored staying inside the room. Maybe it was about time she went out and got to know the pirates a little more. Looking herself at a mirror on top of a cabinet placed in front of the bed, she combed her hair with a comb that was miraculously on the desk. Where would those skeletons even use this, they don't even have any hair? Maybe the captain did? She hasn't yet seen him so she wouldn't know.

Satisfied, she went out and saw the pirates gathered at the center. "Oh lassie, come on here!" she went and sat beside the one she already knew among the pirates. Feeling the light atmosphere around her, she let her guard down for a bit and relaxed.

"You don't mind sitting beside me?" Rod said, a playful smile forming on his lips.

She turned her head to look at him. "I don't actually mind. You said you wouldn't do anything unnecessary to me unless your captain orders you otherwise, so it's fine."

"Well the captains not here, he's sleeping somewhere on the ship. So how are you sure that we'll keep our word?"

"I don't. All I know is that pirates are strict when it comes to their rules. That is my only guarantee." She replied as she stared at the lit gas lamp at the middle.

"Maybe you're right." He put his hands on the floor for support as he leaned back, "but do not expect that all pirates are the same."

"I'll remember that." She looked at him again and smiled. He was taken aback a little to her sudden familiarity but smiled none the less in return.

Felix whistled on the opposite side of the woman. "I guess you can say that that's Rod's own way of wooing the ladies."

"Zip your pie hole Felix or you'll find my foot in there the next time." Rod taunted Felix who smiled smugly back at him.

"I'd gladly chew it down for you." They glared at each other intensely between her which made her think back if it really was the right decision to sit beside them in the first place.

"Now, now boys. We're here to have a good night, not to have a brawl. And would you two quit that, you're spookin' off the lady." A pirate who looked like the oldest among them looked at the woman, "Mind lending us a melody milady?"

She heaved a breath of relief when the two had finally stopped their intense staring bought making her able to reply comfortably to the older pirate. "Oh, no. I'd rather hear you gentlemen play." she gently declined which he had taken rather well to her relief.

"Still a bit aloof I see. Very well," he looked at his fellows, "why don't we sing that tale?" they all nodded as some readied their instruments. They played the intro before he sang.

On nights like these and out at sea, sometimes you'll hear a howl

A fog appears and soon you'll see the ship of black sails come!

Beware the man, of broken skull is nigh,

As soon as he'll get ya, you won't go home alive.

La, la, lalalala, lala, lala, lala,

La, la, lalalala, lala, lala, lala!

Lalalala, lalalala, lalalala, lala,

La, la, lala, lala, lala, lala.

They say before the curse, he was a learned man

Had a family, a life! But soon he stumbled and,

Found ye a scroll, from centuries ago

Done thou forbidden, he disappeared alone.

Now he wonders, the night on foggy seas,

Anyone unfortunate, he'll come and take as please

Thus is the tale, of the man of broken skull

And his ship of black sails, and sail the night he come!

La, la, lalalala, lala, lala, lala,

La, la, lalalala, lala, lala, lala!

Lalalala, lalalala, lalalala, lala,

La, la, lala, lala, lala, lala.

Once the crew was finished the woman clapped her hands vigorously. She was very pleased with their singing and accompaniment that she just couldn't help but give them an applause. "Bravo, encore!"

"Ehehe, you make us blush!" he scratched at his nasal bone as his cheeks flushed a bit in violet color.

"You are excellent musicians, I am very much impressed." she clasped her hands in front of her chest in exhilaration.

"Thank you. We'll be here for days!" a pirate almost the same age as the oldest one commented. They all laughed as they slapped each other's open palm with hands raised.

"By the way, may I ask if what you sang before was true? About the man with the broken skull." she suddenly asked. They said it was a tale and tales tend to hold some truth to them.

"Well, the scroll and the curse part were true. But the other ones were just rumors spreading about. I mean the curse actually happened on my lifetime." The oldest replied.

"Really?" she said as she scooted in closer very interested with what she is hearing.

He smiled at her reaction. "Yes, and rumor also has it that that curse is what brought about the strange things happening on our island. I don't actually know the fellow who was cursed, but they say he was a well-respected man of the sea."

"I'm very intrigued by that story, please tell me more." Her eyes shined with childlike wonder as she pleaded.

The pirate held out his hands in defense, "I'm very sorry miss, that's all we ever know. And the ones who do know what happened would not speak about it."

"Oh, I see. What a shame. I'm very sorry for intruding further."

"No problem at all. We're as intrigued by it as you are." He smiled and she returned the gesture.

"Do you enjoy the company of ruffians here?" a pirate wearing a black bandanna, a white peasant shirt, a grey vest, a black sash around the waist, brown pants and black knee-high boots spoke as he looked her in the eyes. He seems like a really laid back man.

"I quite am. I think you pirates don't seem quite that bad."

"Is that so? Well, thank you for the compliment." He leaned on his knees and continued. "We don't actually get those kinds of positive feedback from your kind that often. Well, mostly from places we take citizens from."

"So you've actually taken not only goods but also civilians from different continents?" she eyed him.

"Just women. My crew insists on giving me women from the different places we go to but I continue to argue that I like rum instead. Why can't they understand that? Still they stubbornly give me women that don't suit my tastes! Which I just returned secretly."

Her expression went blank. This was something she was not expecting at all. "So you're the captain of the ship?"

"Oops, my mouth slipped."

The crew screamed in frustration at what their captain had done. "Captain! After convincing her that you're not here, you suddenly blew it up." Rod scolded. This was maybe the biggest screw up he had ever done since he knew him.

The middle aged pirate clicked his tongue in disappointment. "Too bad for your first impression now captain, you wouldn't look very impressive to the lady anymore."

"Damn captain!" Felix commented as he snapped his fingers.

"You lot of-!" the crew laughed at him as he playfully beat them. He gave a satisfied breath and shrugged, "Well since my status is already out in the open, I'll introduce myself properly. My name is Sans, 20 years old and I'm the captain of this ship. We call ourselves the Blue Skull pirates. I see you already know two of my men, but let them introduce themselves properly with the rest." He gestured the crew to introduce themselves as well and leaned back as they nodded in agreement.

The oldest one spoke first, "I'm Corbel, I'm the one handling the navigation and sailing of the ship, age 40." He was wearing a red and white stripped vest, a white peasant shirt, black loose pants and brown boots.

"Roman, I'm the master gunner. 32 years of age." He seemed to be a man of few words. He wore a green peasant shirt, grey pants and black knee-high boots.

"My name is David, 35 years old. I do the daily rounds of checking the ship if there is anything needed to be fixed and checking the goods below deck." David was wearing a black peasant shirt, a red unbuttoned vest, brown buccaneer pants, black buckled shoes and an eye patch on his right eye.

The next one wore small spectacles, a red bandanna, a coffee stain colored peasant shirt, loose red pants and brown buckled shoes. "I'm Gabriel, 38. David here tells me where in the ship needs to be fixed and I fix it. I'm also the doctor here. So if you need some patching up, just call me. With added anesthetic if you're in luck." He gave her a thumbs-up.

She tried her hardest to smile, "Thank you for the kind offer." Just thinking about having no anesthetic during operations makes here wince what more if she were to undergo it.

Rod was the next one. He wore a blue peasant shirt, a brown sash around his waist, black pants and brown boots, "I'm Rod. Well, you already know who I am. I'm the first mate of this ship. 25 years old."

Next to introduce himself is Felix who wore a violet peasant shirt, a brown sash around the waist, black pants and boots, "Felix at your service, you know my name as well. For almost 6 years I've served this fine vessel as its second mate and am now at the proud age of 25, the same as Rod." He grabbed the one beside him and locked his head with his arms. "And this here is Edward. He's the third mate and our youngest."

"I-I can introduce myself, thank you. And I'm 19 years old." He was wearing a yellow peasant shirt, a black vest, brown pants and black boots.

The lady noticed something after all introductions were said. She looked at Sans confused, "You're the captain, and yet you are younger than them except for Edward. Why?"

"Because he's the captain." The crew said plainly in unison. A sweat formed on her forehead because of that. She eyed them. Really, that's it? No dramatic story why out of all of them he's the one commanding the ship? She just laughed in her head at the sense of it all. Maybe that's just how it is, plain and simple. No wow factor she should be looking forward to any longer. She just inwardly sighed, "Yes, of course that's the reason." She muttered in dissatisfaction.

Sans interrupted their conversation, getting all the attention back at him. "Rod and Felix said they still don't know your name even if you already know theirs. For the benefit of the whole crew, may we lowly folk know what it is?"

"My name..." she smiled and continued, putting her hands on her lap. "is Frisk, and I am 18 years old."

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