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Time Traveling Musketeers

King Louis seemed to favour d'Artagnan at the moment, as much as d'Artagnan was honour by it – he was getting annoyed "I rather be outside than being stuck indoors all day again…" complained d'Artagnan as he was watching Athos, Aramis and Porthos ready for their next mission with a small pout on his face at the thought about missing out again.

"It's going to rain you know," said Aramis looking up at the grey skies. "You will be glade in a few hours' time when it's chucking it down – especially since you still haven't invested in a hat…"

D'Artagnan looked up at the sky almost indifferently "I lived on a farm remember – animals needed feeding rain or shine – hat or not hat." D'Artagnan did love being outside and would grow restless if he spends too long indoors. He sometimes craved the fresh air almost like a plant "Maybe I should suggest a hunting trip…."

Athos shook his head, "For once stay out of trouble," he warned. "And stay out of the Cardinal way." He added. The Cardinal hadn't been best pleased with them for a while now and Athos didn't want the Cardinal to take out his angry on d'Artagnan while he weren't there. D'Artagnan was the lest experience of the four of them – and the Cardinal might try to use that to his advantage.

"I know, I know…" said d'Artagnan this hadn't been the first time that day he had the same warning. Athos didn't look amused with d'Artagnan response but choice not to say anything. D'Artagnan carried on talking "Anyway – it's you three who better watch your backs. You are the ones who are going to an exciting treasure hunt…"

Porthos laughed "You can't have all the adventures now. You have to learn sometimes being a musketeer is boring."

"And that is not always a bad thing," added Athos to d'Artagnan. Athos thought learning some more patience would do d'Artagnan some good – he always seem to have high energy and keeping still wasn't easy for him. "And isn't it time you got going."

D'Artagnan got off the beach he had been sitting on. "You know," said d'Artagnan "I rather be mucking out the stables than spending another whole day inside…"

"Just get lost," said Porthos in a friendly manner, d'Artagnan gave Porthos a mocking bow before leaving the garrison. "You think we are a bad influence on him?" asked Porthos

Aramis shook his head, "Nah, if anything we are a good influence…. what do you think Athos?"

"You are all as bad as each other." Grumble Athos "Come on, lest get his over with…."

Athos, Porthos and Aramis all left the garrison and rode out of the city. It was odd just being them three again – they all had quickly got used to D'Artagnan company that it now seems wrong when he wasn't there.

"Okay, what exactly are we looking for again?" asked Aramis

"A stolen pedant," said Athos "It is apparently it is one of a kind and King wants to have it back." Athos didn't think the king had any real connection to the pedant but seeing how a thief manged to break into the royal vaults to take it – the king wanted it back.

"All this trouble for one piece of jewellery," said Porthos more to himself than his friends "What a different life some people live."

Athos rode a little ahead of the others. His mind was on the mission on hand. "For a thief that could manged to get in and out of a royal vault without being seen – he was clumsy enough to drop a part of a letter…"

"Some people are just stupid or careless," said Porthos – he hoped this was a quick mission. He didn't really want to be out when it started to rain. The sky was getting greyer by the minute. He would trade places with d'Artagnan if it meant being in the warmth and dry.

Aramis yawned, "Or, it could be a trap," he said lazily

"That would be an interesting story to tell, d'Artagnan, later on." Said Porthos with a playful smile on his face. He share a smile with Aramis who was also smiling.

"Maybe we should add a bear or something else like that…" added Aramis thinking hard "To make it more dramatic…maybe wolfs…likes a good story about wolfs our young friend."

"Non...he wouldn't believe it if we told him there was a bear…or a wolf for that matter" said Porthos "He might believe a dog with rabies instead…."

"Ohhh oui, that a good one," said Aramis almost rubbing his hands together.

"If you two children have quite finished." Said Athos, Porthos and Aramis looked towards him "We are here – trap or no trap…" Athos was looking at a rundown shack that was mention in the letter. "Come on…."

"We could tell d'Artagnan the shack is haunted." Said Aramis as he got off his horse and made his way towards the shack. "I think he is also fond a good ghost story as well…."

"You could just tell him the truth." Suggest Athos who disapprove of telling tall tales. He was sure d'Artagnan would quickly see thought the stories Aramis and Pathos were weaving but he thought telling him the truth was more important – no matter how boring.

"We could," said Porthos "But where would be fun be?"

They entered the small shack to find the thief standing inside. He looked shock to see them. Maybe he was just plain stupid. "Make this easy for yourself, Monsieur, and give me the pendant." Said Athos dryly "And you might live…"

The thief slowly looked at each other Musketeers in turn. Then he tries to run, "They never make things easy for them." Said Porthos as the thief took out his own musket and pointed to Athos. But Aramis was quicker and shot the thief and he fell on the ground...dead.

"He wasn't that bright was he," said Aramis walking over and picking up the stole pendant that had fallen on the floor. Aramis looked at the pendant "Doesn't look that special to me."

Athos looked at the old table that saw standing at the side of the shack. He looks at part of another letter that was they and read it, "It's not one of kind either," he said "Apparently there are three pendants – and whoever wants them is paying a lot of money for them…"

Aramis move over and looked at the letter too. "Someone wants all three? They are going to a lot of trouble to get their hands on them…. why would someone want them so badly? I don't understand."

"That's because you do not know what they can do…" said a voice they all turned to see Milady de Winter standing behind them. She looked at the body of the thief disinterestedly before looking at the musketeers. "I see you caught my thief – he wasn't as good as he said he was… but men often say things like that…now, hand me that pendent…"

Athos wasn't impressed to see his wife standing in the room with them. He hoped she had long gone by now, "Why are you so interested in these pendants?" he asked he reckon whatever the reason could be – it couldn't be good.

Milady smiled at Athos, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you," she said sweetly "You think there are just some jewellery, but they hold power that is beyond our understanding…."

"Are you talking about magic?" asked Porthos sharply

"You caught on fast, I am impressed," said Milady "You see," she said still looking at Athos "Get all three… imagine what you can do… anything you want…it's all possible… I have been looking for these for a very long time…"

Athos looked at Milady like she had gone crazy. "You believe these pendants hold magic powers? You are delusional…."

"Maybe I am," said Milady no longer specking in a sweet voice. "And maybe I am not." She held up a pendant similar to the one Aramis was still holding. "I know one thing…I know where I am going to get the third pendent. Maybe you should follow, Athos? I am sure you will want to…especially when you find out who I am going to meet." Milady smiled as the pendant in her hand started to glow and with that she was gone.

"This is madness…. I must be going mad," said Aramis blinking a few times finding no logical reason for seeing what he saw.

Athos looked in the space where his wife had stood a few seconds before "If you are going mad then I am also…what the heck just happens?"

"Your wife is a witch," said Aramis at once, "That's the once reason… your wife is a real, actually witch…"

"No not a witch," said Porthos and Aramis and Athos turn to him "Not a witch…. That pendant…that was magic…real life magic…." Porthos paused for a moment "I think we need to make an unplanned trip to the court of miracles." He said "I know someone who might be able to help tell us more."

The three musketeers soon find themselves walking thought the shadows of the court. They had to remove their uniforms before entering as they didn't want to draw attention to themselves. "Are you sure this person is going to help us?" asked Athos. After all, not everyone was willing to help Musketeers in this part of Paris. In this part of the Paris not everyone was willing to talk to strangers.

"If anyone can help – this person can," said Porthos confidently "If anyone is going to believe us, he will…."

"Who is he?" asked Athos

Porthos was quite for a moment as some children ran past them barefooted. "He's old, he been old as long as anyone can remember. Everyone remembers him being old – even the old people." Porthos was quiet for a moment "But he is smart…I mean…really smart… also slightly crazy…. But maybe madness and craziness come in hand in hand…but he knows just about anything to do with magic…"

"Has he got a name?" asked Athos

"Everyone here calls him Amborouis," said Porthos leading the way to a door before knocking. They heard a shout to come in – so Porthos pushed open the door and they all stepped inside. The room was crammed with many books in different languages many they didn't recognize. They were jars of potions and medicines and other random objects. A large ginger cat was curled up in a chair – it lifted his head up as they walked in and put it down again uninterested. An owl flew crossed the room and landed on a shelf watching them with big eyes. It had to be one of the strangest rooms they had ever been in.

In the room stood an old man with a long white beard. "Yes?" he said in a grumpy tone he looks at them up and down for a moment. "Of course, out of all the people who would see me – it would be you three…. destiny like its jokes…"

"Can you tell us anything about this?" asked Athos showing the old man the pendant. He was still unsure if this man could really help them. He didn't even believe in magic when he woke up that morning – now he wasn't so sure what he believed.

The old man took the pendant and looked at it closely, "I haven't seen magic like this for years. Strong but fading – like everything else it seems..." the old man held it up and looked at it again "Ah, nothing is ever simple… looks like you three are going on a quest."

"A quest?" question Athos – he hadn't expected that.

"Used to go on many when I was younger," said the old man – he was talking more to himself than too the musketeers. "So many adventures – you wouldn't believe what I saw…" the old man looked up at the musketeers "There are more of these rights?" he asked

"Yes," said Porthos "There are three of them…that we know of…"

"I thought so…I thought so…three is a powerful number you know…" said the old man. "Someone used one of these to go into the past…Time shouldn't be messed with. You have to find this person and bring them back to now…" The old man shook his head "You shouldn't mess with time…no one teaches people anything useful these days…. Not even basic magic… or the dangers of messing with time….where is common sense these days…."

"Sorry," said Aramis slowly "But are you talking about time travel?"

"Yes, yes, keep up keep up…." Ranted the old man walking around the room taking down a book and different ingredients. He mixed some of the ingredients together and mumbling things under in breath. Then pour the mixture into a small bottle and put a stopper on top of it. "When you find them, open this up and you will return here…right here right now…but make sure you bring no one from the past to the future…that will cause a huge mess…and I will have to clear it up…and I just want some peace and quiet…oh… and you may want to sure the third pendant gets lost …"


The old man shook his head at them, "Why else go back in time to get it? No one knows where it is… it was lost…. So they went back before it was lost…. Do I have to spell everything out for you?"

Porthos looked the small bottle "How do we go back in time?" he asked

"The pendant of course – do I need to explain everything? Don't you three have a brain between you Soldiers, knights they all the same… swords and fighting…never time to think… none of you understand magic…what is the world coming too?" Said the old man

"Do you mind telling us how the pedant works?" asked Porthos "Don't want to make mistake now do we…."

The old man shook his head he took the pedant and throw it over Athos's neck "Hold hands….do it or you may get left behind…spin the stone like this…" the old man span the stone in the pedant "And remember – do not mess with time…." And just like that -everything with black

End notes 2018: End of chapter one – I had to add old Merlin into his story as well. I couldn't help myself. Magic, Aramis/Lancelot and Merlin all seems to fix together in my mind… but then again, my mind is a pretty strange place to be.