Chapter Five

Athos open his eyes to see a large ginger cat looking down at him pawing his face. Athos pushed the cat off him. He look around – he was laying on the floor in the old man house in the court of miracles. Porthos and Aramis were begins to wake up but Milady was nowhere to been seen.

"About time you woke up," said the old man who walked up to him "Well, seeing as nothing here has changed your quest went well… honestly I had my concerns…. I did have concerns lots of them…."

Athos frowned for a moment. "Where is…."

"Oh Milady de Winter…." Said the old man "I'll sent her away….it will take her some time to get back to Paris…"

Aramis and Porthos were both down sitting up. "How long were we gone?" asked Athos. They had been on the farm for two days .

"Only a few hours," said the old man "Couldn't let you three go missing…. Oh no no no…. that wouldn't do anyone any good at all….and that would be a nightmare to sort out…."

"How do you know so much about magic?" asked Aramis – he really had the feeling he had knew this old man from somewhere

"Another place, another time, another life," said the old man unhelpfully

The three musketeers walked back down the streets of Paris. "I take it d'Artagnan hid his grandmother pendant." Said Porthos. He looked at the kings one that he held in his hand. The old man had told them that the magic in it had now gone. Milady wouldn't try to steal it again.

"It seem wrong we didn't even say goodbye to him." Said Aramis "He would have got back and we would have been gone…"

"The real question is – do we tell d'Artagnan?" said Porthos stopped in a tavern for a well needed drink. "I think we should…" The old man also told them that the potion that brought them back will also make the people of Gascony slowly forget they were there. (Just in case they mess anything up)

"He won't believe us," said Aramis at once "We'll just be a faded memory if that…"

"Doesn't feel right not to tell him," said Porthos

Athos didn't know what to do for the best. While before all this he would thought telling the truth about their mission was best – he didn't think d'Artagnan or even Treville would believe this latest adventure. But it seem wrong to lie about it all as well.

"Well, what do you think we should do?" asked Aramis

"We tell me my ex-wife was behind it all." Said Athos "We don't know the reason behind her taking it…"

"And that's it?" asked Porthos

"And that's it," said Athos

"I don't like it," said Porthos

"Me neither… but it for the best." Said Athos

"I wonder how his grandma got in possession of a pendant…." Said Aramis "I mean… they must be a story there….and I am interested in this Michel person as well… maybe if we are careful we might get a story or two out of him…."

Athos was interested were the pendants had come from and how it fell in to the hands of d'Artagnan grandmother. He was also interested where d'Artagnan had hid it – and if he got into any trouble for doing so. But the pendants were better forgotten about and lost.

"So… what do you think happen after we left?" asked Porthos

"Nothing," said Athos "He would have looked after his grandmother and looked after the animals until his father returned."

"I do wonder were a six year old would hide a pendant," said Aramis specking to himself more than to his friends.

Then – Gascony

Charles ran thought the fields as fast as he could. He ran past the mill and towards the old well. The well had dry up years ago – before he was even born. Charles looked at the pendant in his hands. He didn't know if magic was real or not – but people were after it and he couldn't let that happen. If he hide it then no one would come looking for it. Charles dropped the pendant in to the dry up well. It was deep and no one would think of finding it down there.

Charles run all the way back to the farm to find the men who were staying were gone – the only person in the house was his grandmother who was still sleeping. He was confused at where the men had gone p it was then he realised he didn't even know their names.

Charles looked in every room and nothing had been touched and nothing had been taken. Charles walked down and into the stables to talk to the horses there. The men said they were soldiers and they come from Paris. Charles had of course heard about Paris… maybe one day he will go there.