Mastermind, Grifter, Hitter, Hacker, Thief, & Apprentice.

Author's Note: Season 3. AU, Starts right after Reunion Job, but before Inside job. They'll be a little time in between. Supernatural a bit, Well how she arrives and her knowledge but nothing else. Kate is 15 years old, she just seems very mature, because she is very smart, and she is a geek who knows too much for her own good, and watches way too much TV, she also has an appreciation for old school technology, like The Classic Nintendo and Fountain Pens, she's a weird kid. Also I do not own Leverage. I don't even own the DVDs LBut I own Kate, and a few OCs, and the changes to the Plot. The first few might seem like I'm just doing the minimal, but that will change. Also Kate is going to attempt to do things like get certain couples together sooner. And find someone for Eliot. As well as get ahead of their enemies and cons. And learn as many skills as she can, while being a normal kid.

In 2018, an Orphaned Geek girl in Boston who lived with her horrible gold digging Aunt Watched Leverage and wished for them to come and save her. She really hated her Aunt Ramona, and wished at least her grandparents were still alive, someone besides her Uncle Bobby who was Developmentally Disabled, lived in a group home, but made a nice living as a wood carver his small keepsakes were very popular. He was his favorite relative, since her parents died. And she wished she could live with him. as much as she wishes the Leverage crew would save her.

In 2010, in another Universe or Dimension depending on how you look at it, but in the same city, The Leverage crew were all in Nate's apartment, Hardison was in his spot at his screens, Parker was working her locks, Elliot was sharpening his knives, was looking at something on a laptop, Nate came down.

"I know this is our headquarters but this is my apartment….."

There is silver streaked portal opens and expands until it fills most of the room, and it spits out a 15 year old girl who looks like a short undeveloped Sophie, dressed in Punk Geek chic. She's wearing Black and White Adidas, Black Jeans, a black T-Shirt with Purple lettering that said we are the Music Makers and we are we are the dreamers of dreamers shaped like a top hat, she's wearing a Sunnydale High Hoody, and a Boston Red Sox Cap.

"You think she's Faith's kid?" Hardison said.

Eliot growled "You're an idiot."

"No, he's a geek." The girl said. She sat up. "I can relate. And If I was Faith's kid, I would be black she ended up with Robin, You know you look like the guy from Angel…."

"The actor is my cousin….." Eliot growled. "We don't talk, he's normal I'm not."

"Eliot, he's an actor, no actor in the history of the world is normal, you can't have a burning desire to pretend to be other people for gratuitous praise and be in anyway normal."

They all looked at Sophie. She nodded. "No she's right, but then I'm not normal I'm exceptional."

"Of course you are." Kate smiles at her.

"Neat trick appearing like that, now who are you and why are you here?" Nate asked.

"Well, my name is Kate…" She goes to answer with a last name and looks around and realizes something and begins to panic, and have trouble breathing.

She does. Sophie talks to her sweet and softly, then says. "Are you calm now?"

She nods."

"Kate, what's your full name."

"Katherine Victoria Kirkpatrick." Then she goes over and turns on the radio as loud as she could ZZ top earsplitting levels. "You need to sweep the place for bugs…but to the point." She whispers. Jack Latimer, is trying to profit fro your good deeds, when you refuse to team up with him he partners with Dubenich and targets you that's over a year off…..I know what will happen before and after until 2012."

Nate looks at her his voice low "How?"

"Where I come from there is, was a TV Show I have it on DVD all five seasons. Leverage."

They nod. "How old are you?" Sophie asks.

"I am 15 years old."

"When's your Birthday."

"September 23, 2003, 6:47 am…."

"That's the exact moment of the Autumnal Equinox." Hardison said. "And there's no information on a Katherine Victoria Kirkpatrick born at that time, anywhere….."

"Well, I don't exist in this word, I suppose. But we need to help each other. You need my information, I need an Identity, money, a place to stay, guardians…"

"What are your strengths?" Nate asked.

"I have an eidetic memory, I get anything after two or three tries. If I trust someone, really trust them, I obey first and ask questions later, but the questions will involve shouting, I have incredible balance and grace, because my mother had me in ballet when I was younger, and I can sing very well, perfect pitch, I speak several languages, and can fake most accents, but I'm best at British, Scottish and Italian American. I can play the perfect society lady, and I'm very good at math, and self-defense."

"What about weaknesses?"

"I tend to have a bad temper, I'm bit of an adrenaline junkie, I will tell you what's on my mind, I think most people are pretty stupid, unless they actually have a low IQ then I think they're just trying their best, I have a very soft heart at times and it gets the better of me, I can be vindictive and protective, and competitive but I can also compartmentalize which isn't healthy, I tend to react like a teenager at the worst times, and I have both an actual and an internet shopping addiction, and will spend way too much money if people let me, and I crave affection and hugs like most people crave drugs and alcohol and if I become close to someone I will hug, and cuddle and hang on them."

Eliot growls. "Nate you can't be serious."

"She needs us as much as we need her, She's right, she doesn't exist, and she's a teenager you want her to end up in foster care or some government facility.""

Parker especially reacted. "No!"

"She wouldn't go on most of the jobs, just when we need her. She's mostly be for information."

"What grade are you in?" Nate asked.

"11th, I skipped two grades, but I'm homeschooled. I'd really like to continue being educated. I'm sure you could fabricate something it's my lifelong dream to screw with the canon of a show fan fic style, but when the series ends and it will. I'd like to go to college. Maybe stay with Maggie, or if you and Sophie whoever becomes my guardian retired wherever they settle." She wasn't giving too much away too soon.

"Sophie will be your guardian she looks like she would be your mother."

Kate looks at her. "I can see it."

Sophie nods. "Me too."

Everyone else nods. Nate adds. "And we will make plans so you can go to college, turn the music off, Hardison make her some ID's, then check the place for bugs, and Sophie take her out of here, once you have the IDs."

Once she had State ID, and one older one. The State ID Under Halliday and a Driver's Permit under Devereux, making her older, a passport, and a few other things, they got in Sophie's car, and drove to a bank. Sophie told the manager this was her daughter, and she wanted her to have a debit card in her name on her Account, they went to two banks. One said Katherine V. Deveraux, and one said Katherine V. Halliday, matching her IDs. Then they went shopping which took all day, they got her everything she'd everything she'd ever want. Clothes in every style from the kind Sophie wore, to the geek chic kind she did, to sleepwear, they got bedding, they got top of the line electronics for 2010, they got games, toys and puzzles, at the toy store, and a stuffed Fox, Jewelry including a Rose pendent, and an Aberdeen FC Mug. When they got to the apartment they started to decorate.

"I would think you'd have people to do this for you?"

"It's a security risk."

"My closest friends and family called me Katie, Sophie, you and the team can too, as long as you don't when we're on a job, or you know in front of people."

She nodded. They decorated her room. It looked like the perfect teenagers bedroom. The Walls had already been a soft aqua paint color, so everything was blue, with Lavender, and Pink accents. The bedspread was blue Grey and Pink Damask pattern. There were two framed posters on the wall, a Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Movie Poster, and a Red Sox Poster. There a Fox and a Ballerina Teddy Bear on the bed, with roses on her leotard. Except for the little touches it looked like every teenagers room ever.

The next morning she made an English breakfast, and a proper tea, she made herself chocolate milk, cold, it was too hot for hot chocolate. Sophie came out.

"Katie, this was very nice of you…."

"Da taught me…..I didn't make beans though, I thought."

"Good idea, let's eat…." Then Sophie let her do some exploring she went to a Trophy Shop, they had Star Trophies, She engraved them. Superhero awards, The Thinker, the Actress, the Ninja, the Dare Devil, the Tech God. And bad them wrapped. Then went to the McRory's, and up to Nate's apartment.

"What's in the Bag, Katie?" Sophie asked.

"Presents, for everyone." She handed them out they opened them up.

"Yes, Man this is what I'm talkin' about." Hardison crowed.

Nate smiled. "This was very thoughtful of you, Katie."

"Well, I couldn't but Mastermind, Grifter, Hitter, Hacker, thief. But I thought it worked out well. Parker did you do like it. It's to say You do Good out there, and you make a difference."

Parker nodded. Then put it down. And grabbed her hand. Teaching her to jump off buildings, when they came back. She decided to talk, to everyone they were all gathered Eliot had made Stir fry, everyone was eating.

"We're fine, Kate." Nate said.

"So, I had this idea, since I have to practice my grifter skills, I should volunteer as one of my identities at children's hospitals or something or an old folk's home, and butter them up…..first Sophie can teach me the skills I need and then I can volunteer actually help some folks which is what you guys are about, without putting anyone in danger, and practice those skills."

Eliot nodded. "That actually sounds low risk, Nate."

Sophie nodded. "Sounds like a good idea."

Nate thought about it. "It is. We'll use the Halliday ID, since that's the one you're going to school under, it'll look good on your college application."

"Thanks, Nate."

"No, Problem."

"Did you check for?" She made a buzzing sound.

"Yes, we're clear."

"What was the last job you did?"

"We helped take down a Software Magnate named Larry Duberman." Sophie said.

"Then the next job, or episode whatever you want to call it. Archie Leach is going to emotionally black mail Parker into helping him, and she's going to jump the gun to save his life and she's going to be stuck in the Wakefield building with a Desperate CEO who's head is on the chopping Block, a Woman who has manufactured a Blight and the cure so she can steal both and release and rerelease both over and over again, and a Sterako….."

"Jesus Parker." Eliot said.

"It's not her fault, beside the four of you, he's her only emotional tie, her only parent, he was there during her formative years, Sophie as a grifter you know someone like Parker, she literally couldn't say no, no matter the cost to herself, and with the new sense of right and wrong she got from the team she felt the need to protect him, so she went in alone."

Sophie nodded. "No, Katie is right, everything she just said is completely correct. So, we support Parker and con our way in Kate tells us everything we did last time, we time it."

The next day Parker smiled. She puts it down and grabs her. "Come on, we got to get you as good at me."

Parker taught her lock picking, getting out hand cuffs, and restraints, getting into safes, the vents, and jumping off buildings which she loved the most. Then it was time to learn from Eliot. It took several daus of this. Then the grifter the lessons from Sophie. They honed the Katie Halliday Character who was Bubbly, not unlike a part of Kate's Personality, but she dressed in bright colors, pinks, purples, bright blues, candy colors. Matching converse, her hair in two braids, she wore skirts, or shorts. Except to volunteering, Which had to be professional. A Butterfly necklace. Kate would never wear one.

The next day. She wasn't sure why. But Sarah Halliday dropped her off at Silver Sparrow Nursing and Rehabilitation. They spoke to Francine Keller, head of Recreation and volunteers. She was wearing mostly bubblegum pink, to stay in character, including her Pink Converse.

"Ms. Halliday and this must be Katie, Welcome."

"A Pleasure to meet you Mrs. Fuller, Please call me Sarah." Sophie said.

"Francine is fine."

"Now this will look good for her university correct?" Sophie asked.

"Mum, I don't care about that! I just want to help people and get out the house while you're at work all day. I mean there's only so much TV you can watch and so much you can do at the mall, when you don't have friends yet."

"You May call Mrs. K, all the volunteens here do. Now, you'll make good friends here we have one around your age Jenna she's out today, but she'll be here tomorrow." Then continued Today you'll be calling bingo numbers and just spending time with people. And of course helping transport during meals. Is that something you think you can do?"

She looked at her Mum. "Mum?"

"Of course Darling, here's your nutritious lunch." She handed her a small cooler lunch bag, with Katie written on a removable tag. "Text me or your Uncles if you need anything darling."

"Yes, Mum." Sophie kissed the top of her head and left. She had a job to do herself.

She called Bingo Numbers, and played cards and talked to the residents. Then she did a little shopping. When she got home she worked on her computer school work. And then watched Bewitched on DVD which her Mum so nicely surprised on DVD to keep her occupied. It worked, of course the girl was a sucker for 60s-80s sitcoms.

Her second days he met a new friend. A girl from St. Cecilia Art and Science Academy volunteering for the summer. Jenna Farrell. She was Half Asian, the girl about 5'4, in and about 100 pounds, but slender, then and petite, She had Law and Order Alex Cabot glasses and Bright Blue Highlights. When they were transporting wheelchairs for lunch they

"St. Cecilia is very exclusive, I'm Homeschooled, just finishing up for the year but I might take more classes during the summer." Which was true the breezed through the sophomore year which she had to take again.

They had their own lunch together in the small break room, an hour later. Each having packed a lunch. Well packed for them. Kai's parents owned a bookstore nearby, and were Catholic, Both her parents were Bibliophiles and met in Freshman English Lit at Northeastern.

"What do you plan to study?" Jenna asked.

"I like languages I could see me becoming a linguist I suppose. Or studying one language in particular."

"I could see that."

"What about you?"

"Probably English Lit, like my parents but I'd want to be a teacher."

Meanwhile Sophie sat in Mr. Charles Rushing's Office, with Hardison. Eliot was a new security man, Nate was on the roof across the street, and fill in secretary for Mr. Rushing since his won a trip to the Bahamas. "The company is on the brink, it is hemorrhaging money, Now someone will be blamed, I can be your White Night, or the Angel of death, you choice." Just as she had originally. Everything worked out like it did the first time without Archie, or Parker being chased by the Sterkako. Dr. Hannity was pushed under the bus, and Charles Rushing was still CEO, blaming everything on the bioterrorist the previous CEO hired he had no idea about. (the board ousted him a day later) the team bet on the short fall of the stock and made a fortune.

When Kate got back to Nate's she looked up Jenna and proved she was who she was. Nate stood behind her.

"Good girl, checking her out like that. You Should befriend her."

"Thanks, Nate…Look Nate at last night I wrote down the rest of the season, pretty detailed too…..." She handed him a list, a detailed list.

"I appreciate it, kid."

"Katie, to family I'm Katie, that goes for the rest of the team as long as it's not front of people, I mean when I'm Katie Halliday it's one thing, but you know."

"I know." He smiled. That night she went back to Sophie's they watched Bewitched and she wrote in her diary which was written in Scotch-Gaelic. Which came naturally to her. and not a language most people spoke let alone read. Her handwriting when she chose to was also horrible but she could still read it. Which was the point She suppose. She wasn't sure if it was her wish that brought her here, but she had wished for a family. And now she felt like she had one.