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Jim Gordon watched as Harvey Bullock packed up his things and left his office, no, Jim's office. He had Just relieved Harvey Bullock of duty of captain of the GCPD.

Did I do the right thing? wondered Jim.

However the doubt only lasted a few moments before he was once again as confident as he'd been when he made the decision.

Then suddenly all either of them could see was a blinding white light. Then Jim figured he must've passed out, because he woke up somewhere else.

"Uhh" moaned Jim. He was dizzy but he forced himself to examine his surroundings. He was in a large cave-like room that seemed to have been furnished, and had incredibly advanced technology.

"What the?" said Jim as he looked over and realized that there was a large black jet in the room he was in.

What on earth is that? It looks like a military vehicle, but more advanced than ANYTHING I ever saw when I was in the military thought Jim. Why is it all black? Why would something like that be here, this doesn't seem like a hanger. But, where am I? wondered Jim. How did I get here? Geez I should get out of here!

Jim searched the large space for an exit. That was when he noticed a door and walked through it. It led him into another large room that was like a cave, but furnished. He slowly wandered through a large hall and heard what sounded like...bats flying?

Odd, he thought. However when he turned his head he nearly tripped over backwards at the sight of a giant dead dinosaur. "Whoa" gasped Jim as he caught his breath. Seriously, what the hell was going on?

"Hello?" called some voice from a different room. Jim, knowing how much danger he could be in if anyone saw him, ran in the opposite direction. Looking for a place to hide, he found a giant penny.

As good a place as any decided Jim. He crawled behind the colossal penny just as the voice grew closer.

"I know your here. Show yourself" said the voice. It was a male voice, Jim noted. He spoke with a non-american accent, then Jim realized it was an Arabic accent. Strangest of all, he sounded like a 13 or 14 year old, but why would a young teenager be in the same place as a real (albeit dead) dinosaur and a highly advanced military jet?

"Jason, I swear if you try to jump out and scare me again I-" but whoever was speaking never finished his sentence. Jim looked up to find the teen pointing a sword at him.

"Bruce!" said a shocked Jim Gordon. However immediately after he said that he saw obvious differences that proved this boy was definitely not Bruce Wayne.

"I'm not Bruce" stuttered the surprised teen. For starters, unlike this kid, Bruce spoke with an American accent. Bruce Wayne was also 16, this kid looked two or three years younger. His skin color was also slightly darker than Bruce's and his black hair was similar to Bruce Wayne's but a bit messier.

However, the teen standing before Jim had Bruce's eyes, nose, and jaw shape. He also had a similar body stature to when Bruce was that age, and some of his mannerisms reminded Jim of Bruce Wayne. This was not the same person, but Jim decided they were almost definitely related.

"James Gordon?" asked the boy.

"How do you know my name?" asked Jim. "

Wait a minute," said the teen boy "what year is it?"

How could you not know what year It is? Jim asked the boy in his head.

"Uh, 2000. Why?" answered Jim. The teen sighed. Now that was an odd reaction. He looked at Jim like he was debating how to tell him something.

"Welcome to the future Mr. Gordon" said the teen, who then started mumbling to himself in a different language.

"What!" said Jim.

"You trust Bruce Wayne right?" interrupted the teen before Jim could say anything else.

"Um, I guess. Why?" He replied.

What would Bruce Wayne have to do with any of this? Well, I have found him somehow involved in insane plots that I'd have thought had nothing to do with him before.

"I'm gonna call him. He'll know what to do" said the teen who went back to mumbling to himself. Then he spoke to Jim again "He's at work but once I explain this to him he'll come home. He shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes."


"Uh, how do you know Bruce Wayne?" asked Jim.

"He's my father" said the teen.

The teen said something else to himself in a foreign language before walking over to Jim.

"I'm sorry about my manners" he said. "I didn't introduce myself." He held out his hand to Jim Gordon. "My name is Damian Wayne".

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