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Penguin followed the alien, who was now wearing regular clothes, through the streets of Metropolis. He tried desperately to understand the "Allen's Lock" he was apparently in.

"So, I think I got it. You can see and hear me because we were talking before I disappeared, and that Dick guy the Jason guy heard me over a phone thing before I disappeared so you can send me to them, but no one else can see or hear me for a couple more hours?" said Penguin.

"Yep" said Superman. "Also, don't talk to me unless you really need to because I'll be tempted to talk to you, and everyone around us can see and hear me".

"Okay" said Penguin.

That kinda sucked for the Penguin because he had about a million questions burning in his head. He for the most part understood the whole spontaneous time travel thing as hard as it was to grasp. About the people he was meeting, he understood a whole lot less.

As if suddenly ending up in 2018 wasn't weird enough, he just had to find himself in an alien spaceship in Antarctica, to be found by an alien who looked just like a human.

And I thought it was bizarre when ninjas/samurai or whatever showed up and tried to take the Tetch virus cure thought Penguin.

Superman had figured out how to send him back and forth between two other guys who claimed to be the sons of Bruce Wayne, to add to the absurdity. He briefly saw someone named Jason and somebody named Dick, he also caught a few seconds of a look at 34 year old Bruce Wayne, who he could still recognize despite not having meet him many times back in his time.

The three men he'd seen back in Gotham, sure they were all white, tall, fairly good looking, and reasonably muscular, but other than that they really didn't look that much alike. Penguin figured the sons were adopted. Besides, Bruce Wayne would've been way too young to have children that age unless they were adopted when they were...probably 10 years old at the very least. Most families would've wanted younger kids, Penguin had to give it to Bruce and the mother if there was one, for taking in older kiddos who needed a home.

Apparently Bruce Wayne and his sons somehow were somewhere in the realm of qualification to work with this human looking alien dude to figure out what was going on and send everyone from the past back to 2018, for some reason.

Okay...decided Penguin.

Penguin heard something about worrying if he saw too much he'd screw up the timeline when he got back to 2000. They also said something about it looked like he was the worst one of all. That...made sense.

It was currently unclear whether or not anyone else had time traveled from 2000, but of the three they knew for sure had, Penguin, Bullock, and Gordon, well...Penguin was the criminal with an army of freaks. It made sense everyone would be most concerned about him knowing the secrets the future held.

It made sense that out of all the men who could see him Penguin would probably have the least connection to the alien than anyone else. By the time they sent him back to Superman, he was already in Metropolis somehow. The alien was also wearing regular human clothes and fake glasses.

Penguin noticed that they were walking into a large building. He recognized the Daily Planet logo. "Hey Clark" said someone to the alien. Superman waved in response. Penguin followed Superman to a desk in the large Daily Planet office. The desks were labelled with jobs and names: reporter Lois Lane, photographer Jimmy Olson, reporter Cat Grant, editor Jerry Seagal. Penguin didn't recognize most of it name, which made sense given it had now been 18 years since the last paper Penguin had read.

The alien stopped and sat down at a desk labeled "reporter Clark Kent". Penguin was tempted to ask a ton of questions, but he remembered the warning about only speaking when he absolutely needed to.

Penguin glanced at the clock on the wall. It was almost 3:00. Given the three hour time difference between Gotham City and Metropolis, it would have to be near 6:00 back home. He wasn't hungry at all though. Perhaps the Allen's Lock prevented Penguin from needing food and sleep while he was in it?

"Hi Lois" said Superman, or Clark or whatever he was supposed to call him.

"Hey honey," she said. She leaned in closer to him and spoke quieter "Is the Penguin in the room with us now?"

"Yes" whispered Clark. "This is my wife Lois" he mouthed to Oswald.

"Since you were out being a hero all day," whispered Lois. She handed Clark a folder.

"Thank-you honey, you're the greatest!" said Clark. Lois walked away and Clark began typing on a computer.

Back in Gotham

"You know, I'm finally starting to wrap my head around the fact that I'm in the future, and-" Jim started to say but Bruce accidentally cut him off.

"Yeah, coming from 2000 to 2018 would be weird, even in Gotham back then. I'm guessing you figured out I've seen a lot of bizarre stuff. Guess it's kind of inevitable given my type of life, but do you want to know what I learned?" asked Bruce.

"What?" asked Jim.

"Like they say truth is stranger than fiction. No matter how ridiculous something seems you'll always get used to it. But after years of being the guy that they send to deal with the absolutely insane, I learned this. Almost every legend, or myth, or anything really. Some small part of it, is true".

Jim guessed that was a lot of generalizing. Still he asked "There's got to be someone limit right?"

"Think of anything" said Bruce. "I'll tell you how much is real".

Jim figured Bruce was pretty sure him knowing stuff like this wouldn't put him at risk of messing up the timeline. Still he didn't want to put Bruce on the spot with a question he couldn't answer.

Jim thought of something that could no way effect him. "Mythology" he said.

"What kind?" asked Bruce.

"I don't know. Greek Mythology I guess?"

"Yeah those are all real" said Bruce casually as he took a sip of water. "My friend showed me Posiden's tyrant one time" .

"Wait, what?" asked Jim. Then Damian came back.

"Hey" he said as he opened the cabinet took a snack.

"Hi" said Bruce but Damian was already on his way to the stairs. "Hey, Damian! What did I tell you about leaving your shoes in the hallway? Somebody is going to get hurt!"

"Sorry" called Damian as he got his shoes and then ran back up to probably his room.

"You know, Bruce. I know you were 16 back in 2000, but I sometimes still think of you as the 12 year old kid who lost his parents in that alley" said Jim.

"I know the feeling" said Bruce.

"But now here I am and you're a grown man with a 14 year old kid!" said Jim.

"I guess that would be quite the image" said Bruce mainly to himself. Then Bruce looked concerned about something.

"You know Jim, I really shouldn't tell you this but I think it's important if you're spending time in 2018. In the world there are, normal people. But then there are special people that can do things that the ordinary person can't. There's a special term that I really shouldn't say. But if you happen to come across a bad one you should-"

"What do you mean special people?" asked Jim.

"Like all types of people, there are good people in the group, and you have some very bad people. Some you might've already met, Penguin, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Hugo Strange, Scarecrow, Ra's Al Guhl. You could run into any of them" said Bruce.

"But Ra's is dead!" said Jim.

"Whoops" said Bruce quietly. "I probably just threw a wrench into the timeline, but Ra's isn't dead. No matter how many times I think he's dead, he doesn't stay gone. One time somebody killed him and I had his body cremated and his ashes spread out into space so his followers couldn't use his magic pits to resurrect him. Somehow somebody took a spaceship and collected all his ashes and brought him back" said Bruce dead serious.

"Oh my god!" said Jim.

"Yeah anyway" said Bruce trying to get back to his original point "All those guys I mentioned, maybe with the exception of Ra's, are on the really low end of su-I mean, special people that I'm talking about. Trust me if you see one of these bad ones when I'm not around, you'll know. And you'll know something is wrong. While everyone around you calls 911, I need you to call me. Especially at night. Ok?"

"Why would I call you instead of the police?" asked Jim.

"I can't tell you that" said Bruce.

"Okay" said Jim. "I'll call Bruce Wayne".

After the alien, or Clark, got out of work Penguin followed him down the street. They walked by a display of a bunch of 2018 televisions. "We just got word the engine of a ferry on a exploded causing a fire"

It's a little odd that they're announcing that on the news thought Penguin.

Then he was pulled out of his thoughts when Clark ran into an alley. "What are you doing?" shouted Penguin who was promptly ignored. Clark took off his glasses for some reason. Then he ran and ripped open his shirt. Under that he was wearing the blue spandex with a S on it. However Clark then jumped into the air.

Clark was an alien. Penguin knew that. He did not know the Clark could fly.

Then Penguin was dragged right along with him. Although he knew he probably couldn't fall, he was still scared. "We're not birds and we're not planes" shouted Penguin. "Why are we flying?"

Clark flew lower at a large sinking ferry. "Look!" shouted someone on the ground "It's Superman!"

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