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#1: The Treatment

Tony DiNozzo groans loudly and goes to place his hands along his aching back. He frowns in agony before Ziva David finally looks up from her work across the bullpen. Tony had been going on all morning about the random back pain he had slowly accumulated over the past few hours- and he had groaned for about the fiftieth time today. It was nonstop noises coming from the man.

"Are you okay?" Ziva couldn't help it anymore. She couldn't concentrate.

Tony only winces and contorts his face as more pain simply sets in yet again. "Oh uhh, me? Yeah, I don't really know..." He gets to his feet next- hoping this might relieve the pain somehow.

He quickly finds that the pain doesn't subside at all and he stomps his foot in disappointment before looking back to his inquiring partner. "It like started early this morning. My back."

Ziva merely looks him up and down and shrugs. "So, maybe you slept on it wrong? Or perhaps you pulled something?" She pauses however at her last thought and adds, "Do not know how though. With your athleticism."

Tony only scoffs and glares at her slipped remark before quickly returning his attention onto to his pain again. "Gosh, I can't even focus on what I'm doing! It's killing me!" He throws his hands in the air- as if nothing were ever going to matter now.

Ziva however only exhales out of slight pity for her ailing partner. Maybe there was something she could do...?

She ponders a moment before finally coming up with a simple solution.

She tries to hide a small grin at the idea. "Perhaps I could help you with your back? Hm, Tony?"

At these words, Tony gives a brief pause in his groaning before cocking his head to one side. "What? Help me? How?" He didn't quite get the full picture yet.

Ziva gets to her feet next and places her hands along her hips before explaining further, "Well, since your back is practically 'killing' you, how about I do you a favor? A sincere gesture of our friendship."

Tony blinks but leans his head forward- as if this were some secret to be withheld or something. "I'm listening...?"

"How about I come over tonight and give you a back massage? You know, even you out?"

Tony immediately feels his eyebrows shoot up. Was she kidding? A massage?

From the look in the Israeli's dark brown eyes, Tony couldn't quite tell if the woman was joking or not. Would she seriously do that?

Usually, Ziva would never openly offer to just 'come to somebody's house' so freely. So, how could he possibly say no?

Tony shifts his weight from each leg and feels himself swallow slowly before finally he regains his senses and nearly smiles. Curiosity and grave anticipation were already lighting his emotions up like a fire.

"Alrighty. Sounds good." He still wondered whether it was still a trick or not- but he didn't hold back. "I'll be looking forward to it then..."

Ziva merely laughs before returning to her paperwork. "Oh, you will not be disappointed."

The night came faster than expected. After the paperwork had been finished up and Gibbs had released the team, Tony had driven straight home out of sheer discomfort from his back. But that wasn't his only motivation for home...

He still couldn't wrap his mind around the idea of Ziva David giving him a back massage tonight.

She had literally volunteered herself. It was practically like it was gift-wrapped to him- for free!

Perhaps I should learn to act like I'm in pain a lot more often... Tony thinks to himself as he slumps onto his couch now- his back still revving with underlying pain.

He had decided to get cleaned up before Ziva came over, and so he had taken a refreshing shower and had picked out some comfortable attire for the night. For some odd reason, he felt like he wanted to be more presentable for when his partner arrived to 'work on him.'

He exhales happily as he begins imagining what this experience will be like.

This massage was bound to be good... Coming from Ziva, that is.

He settles into a more cozier position before closing his eyes for a few moments; the silence of his apartment surrounding him.

Wow. I cannot believe this is happening to me. Her skilled Mossad hands... on my back.

He smirks to himself as he begins picturing the upcoming 'treatment' he was about to get; the techniques, the feels, the pressure.

He had been exposed to her massage-giving skills before; once on an Undercover assignment with her not too long ago... But this would be different. This wouldn't be just for show. This would be real and long-lasting.

Suddenly, as if right on que, there comes a knock on the door- startling Tony awake from his daydream. He hurriedly runs a hand over his face to clear his mind up before directing his attention towards the door.

Almost completely ignoring his back pain, he then leaps to his feet rather excitedly.

In one swift motion, he opens the door and practically beams when his eyes meet her.

There stands the dark-haired assassin; her eyes bright and alert with an expression that was already holding a playful essence to it.

"Shalom, Tony." She nods at him before simply stepping into his apartment- The Senior agent merely trying to unglue his eyes from her hands already. She seemed so confident.. so ready for this.

But... was he ready for this? Could he seriously handle this? What if he did something wrong? What if the treatment is too good? What if-

His troubling thoughts are abruptly interrupted by his co-worker who is already scoping the apartment. "Still the same, yes? Nothing new?"

Tony has trouble figuring out if she were talking about his apartment or some of his techniques that he liked trying when- Wait... She's definitely talking about the apartment.

Get it together. He practically scolds himself before replying with an, "I'm not much of a decorator, I guess."

The woman nods understandingly; her curls looking rather perfect tonight. Aspects like this were making it harder and harder for Tony to focus on this massage being an act of mere friendship.

To make things worst, all Ziva had on right now was a white tank-top and, for some reason, she carried a small beige bag in her left hand which instantly catches Tony's attention. This was somewhat odd for Ziva. She normally didn't carry bags? Perhaps it was something for the massage..?

He then clears his throat and slowly goes to lock the door back before turning to her again.

"S-So uh.. How is this exactly going to go down?" he tries to avoid showing his eagerness- but Ziva could tell just by looking at him that he was exceptionally excited. She liked this fact.

"Patient DiNozzo." She hushes him before going to sit on the couch next. She gives a look at the still-waiting man before finally going to open her small bag. She reveals the contents in one quick motion and Tony nearly chuckles when he recognizes what was going on now. The bag contained three small bottles- which could only mean one thing.

"Y-You brought lotions?" Tony couldn't believe it; he felt his respect levels increase somewhat for Ziva's total commitment to this treatment.

The Israeli however only shrugs. "What? I just thought, with your condition and all, that you might need a little extra soothing..." She then gestures to his back and asks, "Has it gotten any better?"

"No, not really." Tony states with honesty.

The woman nods understandingly before going to look at her watch next. "Well, perhaps we should get started then."

Tony tries to swallow his anticipation as the Mossad girl then gets up and heads for his bedroom- her lotions in hand.

He quaintly trails after her with his back still twinging with pain every so often- nonetheless, it was getting much easier to forget about the pain when Ziva was around.

Upon reaching the bedroom, Ziva simply motions him towards the bed. "Lay down on your stomach." She instructs.

Tony nods and moves across the room rather quickly than he would have liked. He then clamors onto the bed- his mind thrumming with a million thoughts all the while. This was it.

"Um, Tony?"

He perks his head up at the sound of her voice. "Yes?"

"You need to remove your shirt if I am ever going to give you this massage..."

The statement was firm yet almost playful and Tony smiles rather awkwardly before nodding. "Oh, yeah, right."

He lifts his shirt over his shoulders before going to lay back down again- excitement claiming his very essence.

There is the smallest pause from Ziva, probably from the view of his half-naked figure, before she speaks again. "Err, Okay. So, I'm just going to start by giving you a simple massage. I might also add some of the lotion-gels along the way too- so, do not move very much."

"Sure thing."

After a few more moments, the Israeli then goes to shift onto the bed next him. "You do not mind me getting on top of you for this, yes?"

Tony nearly feels himself harden at her offer and he has to force himself to contain his emotions before he just gives a brief nod.

Ziva nearly smirks before she then goes to inch onto Tony's lower half- her weight feeling practically like nothing to him from underneath.

He chuckles into the bed sheets. "This is familiar, eh Sweetcheeks?"

Ziva rolls her eyes before simply going to place her hands into position.

And then it happens. Tony feels almost all of his muscles tense as the feeling of Ziva's hands are bestowed onto his back. He waits tentatively before finally the Israeli begins with her session.

She slides her hands down along the sides of his neck and starts pulsing and gripping at the skin and muscle. She then fixates her fingers apart and grips at every space she can. She moves along to his shoulders and clenches at the dips and defined muscles causing for Tony to exhale loudly out of intense pleasure.

Every move she was making only made his lips part in a pleasurable smile.

She then eases towards the more tender parts of his neck and nearly runs her hands along his hairline.

Within seconds her hands are onto his shoulder blades and she starts her descend with rhythmical movements.

Tony breathes into the bed; his eyes rolling back and his muscles tensing and wanting to flex at her every touch. He felt like he was losing his mind.

He had never felt anything like this beforehand! Gosh, she was amazing!

Her skillfully trained hands then delve to his lower back and Tony nearly slips a moan. He grips the bed sheets near his face hard and tries desperately to hold his tongue as she continues on his bare backside.

He feels her hands at his hips before she starts working back towards his spine causing for him to arch.

Suddenly he hears the smallest of chuckles come from the crafty assassin but he didn't care anymore. He didn't care if she knew he was enjoying this way too much. He couldn't contain it.

There is then a short pause- which gives Tony a small moment to catch his breath before some cold liquid substance is dropped onto his back. He breathes heavily and goes to grip the sheets even harder as he realizes that it's some of the lotion.

He did not know if he could actually stand any more from her- until she then starts up again; giving him no chance to back out of this now.

Ziva glides her fingers through the gel-like lotion and smooths it out along his back. The cold liquid causes for Tony to shiver and he feels his muscles release and relax as Ziva begins grasping at his skin again. She rolls her knuckles under his scapulas and he finally gives a moan. He moans as all pain is forgotten, as all cares are forgotten. Her strong and firm hands continue to squeeze and press every inch of his backside and it only causes for more intense pleasure to be driven right out of Tony's essence.

He smirks intensely to himself and shoves his face into the sheets as much as possible. He even starts to bulge from underneath. He feels his lower half just twinging with life and he lets another moan escape from his lips as Ziva's dancing hands find his shoulders again.

He is breathing hard now when Ziva's voice randomly sounds. "You seem to be enjoying this."

Tony however can't even find the nerve to respond and so he just continues relishing the movements of her fingers along the dips and texture of his skin.

"You are.. well toned back here, Tony. I will give you that." Comes another remark from the Israeli.

Tony's head doesn't even process the compliment though. The lotion and the feeling of his continuously releasing muscles kept distracting him.

Finally though, the slender fingers abruptly stop. The rolling motions pressing into his fibers cease.

And then Ziva's weight shifts off of him.

Tony instantly feels the loss and feels like jerking around to find out why she had stopped- but he feels too relaxed to do any such thing.

"W-W-What happened?" He muffles into the sheets with his eyes still dreamily closed.

He hears a satisfied sound come from his partner before she says, "I think I need to stop... before you get way too implicated in this." She teases.

Tony feels as if all his energy were drained now. But he really wanted her to continue. "B-But-"

"It is getting late anyways, Tony."

The man heaves a disappointing sigh in agreement before slowly turning over onto his side so that he could look at her.

The Mossad assassin practically smirks upon eye contact and he nearly feels slightly embarrassed from his intense show of emotions. He had overly enjoyed that session and he had clearly made it known to her.

He tries a lop-sided smile. "Your hands are wonderful."

"I know. Several men have told me." She winks at him before going to get her things together. Tony immediately only feels a horrific grimace claim his face at the thought of Ziva placing her amazing hands onto other men and giving them the experience of a lifetime...

He frowns before he then falls back onto his stomach again as Ziva silently heads for the door. "Hope your back feels better."

Tony stares up at the ceiling and replies, "Thank you so much Ziva. I-I'll have to make it up to you." He is then left alone with nothing but the memory of Ziva's intricate hands running along his back and shoulders.

He closes his eyes and grins to himself.

His back felt perfectly fine now- if not better.

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