Time zone: a little after season 10.

Emotional One-Shot.

#4 Feeling Ghosts

He had tried everything. From pills, to soft music, and even the classic methods like counting sheep!

Nothing would work. Nothing would help him. Nothing would guide his troubled mind to sleep. Nothing could ease his ever-racing mind and his fast beating heart.

It had already been a long, miserable two weeks since he last saw her at that airport. Since he last felt her against his skin.

Nowdays life seems to have lost all meaning.

She was the only thing his agonizing thoughts pleaded for. The only one source that would aid him to sleep as of right now. But she wasn't here. She was miles and miles across a whole stretch of ocean.

Tony DiNozzo frowns to himself and turns over while mumbling sluggishly. He felt so dreary and tired- though he could never seem to find sleep's spell. He could never seem to escape from his awful reality.

Every time he closed his eyes- he would see her.

He would see her dark brown glistening eyes and be able to touch her luscious curls.

Why had things turned out so differently than he had hoped? Why couldn't things ever be simple with his distasteful life?

He shifts within bed to try and feel the warmth of his sheets and blankets but nothing happens. Coldness somehow always wracks his body every night he tries to sleep due to the absence of someone so vital in his life.

His emotions could resemble a pancake, which was nonstop getting flipped. Everything was always flipping upside down.

Tony groans, like a child would when wanting it's mother. He groans and shifts irritably- never finding content or peace within his quiet home anymore.

He grinds his teeth and furrows his brow when suddenly a light hand is placed onto his shoulder.

Tony jerks his head to see what was making actual contact with him when he suddenly feels his breath hitch. His eyes meet two dark brown chocolate pools.

It is Her. It is Ziva.

Tony blinks several times-as if knowing that this couldn't possibly be real... could it?


"Tony... Shhh. Calm down." The sound of her lovely voice hits his ears for the first time in 2 weeks and he nearly melts into his pillow.

He struggles to sit up out of mere shock but the dark-haired Israeli keeps a hand on his shoulder to keep him in place.

"Z-Ziva.." He stammers for any words to come to his mouth. "Z-Ziva, I-I've missed you so much." He reaches over and places an unsure hand along his partner's hip and she smiles sweetly at him through the darkness.

"I have missed you as well, my Motek." She then reaches her own hand forward and touches his face- the same way she did when she was still at NCIS- the same way she'd play with him and entice him.

Her hand is so soft and warm- just like he remembered it.

But how could this be?

Tony's head was simply in a whirl; but he could nearly care less.

"Z-Ziva, how did you get here? When-"

"Shhh. It does not matter. I needed to see you again." She pauses and adds, "That is all that truly matters now."

Tony feels his throat muscles contract, as if he were just begging to say something more to her. She had no idea how lonely he had been feeling; How desolate and bleak his life has been ever since he left her in Israel.

He tries inching closer to her- his legs already going to intertwine with hers. He needed to hold her; to feel that she was real.

"Ziva..." He tries speaking again, but he is taken away by her magnificent beauty.

"Tony. It is okay." His girl soothes him with a reassuring smile and he exhales longingly before shifting even closer to her.

"M-My Ninja, is it really you though? How are you here?" Tony couldn't help but feel as if this were somehow a trick. Perhaps he had drunken too much before going to bed?

"It is me Tony. I am here." Ziva now places both of her hands onto his face and runs them down to his chest where she grips at his shirt.

He smiles shakily at her and pulls her closer to him- inhaling her familiar scent along the way.

Nothing could take her from him now. Nothing would matter anymore.

She was finally his. She was finally back in his arms.

"I-I can't believe this is real. Sweetheart, I've really missed you." He holds her tightly to his body; his arms acting as a shield from the cold outside world around the both of them.

At last he felt whole again. At last he felt content.

"Tony..." Ziva places her head under the crook of his neck and she closes her eyes while still holding onto the hem of his shirt.

It was like old times.

He swallows hard before finally giving in.

This is real.

He goes to kiss her; to place his lips atop her beautiful, sweet-smelling head when suddenly his mouth connects to a pillow.

Tony nearly double-takes.

His eyes widen and he pulls back frantically- his breath getting sucked clean out of his lungs from utter shock.

"W-Wha?" He sits up at last and instantly recognizes the oblivious.

He was still in his bed. He was still in his dark room. But there was no Ziva. There was only pillows and balled up sheets by his side.

He whimpers to himself and shakes his head in disbelief. Where had she gone? Why was she no longer with him?

He blinks.

No Ziva.

He lowers his head.

It had only been the essence he used to know.

Perhaps he had managed to fall asleep somehow.

Perhaps it had only been a dream. . .