She is going to marry Teddy Lupin. He's not a cousin but he's as good as family already, so Lily is sure that Mum and Dad will be pleased.

Teddy Lupin can change what he looks like. That's a bit confusing but mostly it's fun because he can make his mouth into a beak or a snout and he can move his eyebrows across his forehead like caterpillars. Teddy changes his hair colour all the time. Sometimes it is black, sometimes it is pink and sometimes it is ginger like Lily's. That's her favourite. Her second-favourite colour of Teddy's hair is turquoise, which is his usual one, and her third is pink. Teddy wears shirts that button up to his neck and drainpipe jeans with tears at the knee.

Teddy went to Hogwarts when Lily was a baby, but he visits all the time in holidays. Lily and her brothers hurl themselves at him when he appears in the fireplace. James usually gets there first, leaps onto Teddy's back and demands that Teddy watches a new trick he's learnt on his toy broomstick. Albus asks Teddy loads of questions and wants to play hide-and-seek. Lily reaches Teddy last and is left to tug foolishly on his jumper. But once he's wrestled the boys off he lifts her up and say, "And here's my princess Lily". Lily likes that because Mum and Dad never call her a princess, and it's sort of nice to feel girly. The boys always talk over her but Teddy tells them, "Shush a sec, let me hear what Lily says". He asks her what she thinks of James' toy broomstick tricks and if she can do it too.

"Of course," she tells him, "But I don't show off like James,"

"I do not show off," James huffs.

"Alright, alright," says Teddy. If Mum or Dad say that Lily and James mostly carry on arguing, but Teddy saying it makes Lily want to seem like a grown-up, so she stops teasing James, and James shuts up for once too.

Lily's favourite thing is if the boys are out and it's just her and Teddy at home. They have a picnic with all Lily's dollies, and Teddy pours the tea and says, "Delicious cake, Miss Potter". Or he tells her a story- Teddy likes reading and usually has a grubby paperback stuffed into his back pocket. He'll ask Lily to choose one of her fairytale picture books and she'll sit on his bony legs while he reads it aloud. Teddy's better at reading than Mum and Dad because does all the voices and giant's footsteps and troll grunts. Sometimes he announces, "I'm bored of this story," so they make up their own together. Lily thinks that one day they could write a book. In a few years Teddy will have finished school and James and Albus will have started, so he can come round to play and tell fairytales with her all the time.

Lily's least favourite thing is when Dad takes Teddy and the boys out together to Neville's pub or to the races, and she can't join in.

"It's a boys' day," Albus explains unapologetically.

"You'd be bored, Lil," agrees James.

"No I wouldn't," Lily protests, "I want to come too,"

"No girls allowed," says James, folding his arms.

"Pack it in, you lot," says Dad, "Lily, you'll be allowed to come when you're older, I promise,"

"It's not cos I'm a girl?"

Dad smiles. "Now, do you really think your Mum would let me get away with not taking you because you're a girl?" he says. Lily smiles back, because he's right.

Teddy's Mum and Dad are dead. They died fighting in the war that Lily's Mum and Dad and all the rest of the family fought in, so Teddy lives with his Granny. Lily and her brothers agree that Teddy's Granny is scary, so Teddy must be very brave to have grown up with her. Lily's parents are Teddy's godparents, which meant that they are a bit like his Mum and Dad too. Lily is glad about that because it must be sad not to have parents, but she's nervous to say this in front of Teddy in case it upsets him. Dad has no parents too, but Dad's an adult so it's difficult to imagine him growing up an orphan. Teddy is grown-up but he isn't a grown-up. Lily reckons that Dad talks to him about that sort of thing because Dad understands it, and they talk about Teddy's Mum and Dad too. There are photos of them in Lily's house, waving down from picture frames. Teddy looks a lot like his Dad but the cool hair comes from his Mum. They look happy.

Teddy Lupin has messy handwriting. He never wears jumpers that have hoods. When he leaves school he wants to be a Healer. His real name is Edward but nobody ever calls him that. He supports the Wigtown Wanderers, although he's promised Lily that the Harpies are his second team. He's always tripping up, spilling, smashing or saying, "Oops, sorry. My fault". He loves loud music. Dad has promised him that when he's older he can have Dad's motorbike. James is cross about that but Dad insists that the bike's Teddy's. His Granny's taught him some French and Lily's heard him speaking with her cousins Vic, Louis and Domonique. It sounds really clever and romantic. Lily's Dad and some of her uncles are handsome, but Teddy Lupin is pretty. "Boys aren't pretty,' James scoffed when Lily mentioned this to him, but Lily doesn't think that Teddy would mind. He's got earrings and he likes having pink hair and playing with Lily's dollies. Perhaps big boys don't care about if something is girly, or perhaps it's just Teddy. It makes Lily love him even more.

For ages he's been saying that he wants a tattoo, but he keeps dithering over what to get.

"For what it's worth," Mum tells him, "Your Dad would disapprove and your Mum would think it was awesome,"

"Yeah, Bill said that too. So I reckon I might get something Dad would like. I'm thinking either a record, a half-moon, a Boggart or a bar of chocolate,"

"A bar of chocolate would be fun," says Mum.

"Yeah, wouldn't it?" Teddy grins, "Any thoughts, Lil?"

She loves it when he asks her opinions like this. Lily considers, then suggests, "You could get a teddy,"

Teddy chuckles and tells her that that's an excellent idea.

When she is eight she falls in love with a Muggle boy down the road called David Solomon. Lily decides that she will marry him instead of Teddy, although of course Teddy will still be her very special friend. When she is nine James tells her that he's seen Teddy kissing Lily's cousin Victoire on the station platform.

"He's snogging her!" James gasps repeatedly. Lily wants to find and watch them; her beautiful big cousin and her lovely Teddy. Because them together, Lily knows with a sudden dawn of realisation, is the real fairytale after all.