A/N: Just a bunch of requests I've done, posting here! 2017 version, as usual.

"Could you make me a vampire?" Tony asked one night.

"I could. But the question is, would it be right?"

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"I know, I want it too. But I'd hate to take away the gift of growing up, of condemning you to only nights."

"But what other way is there? I don't think I could make you human without killing you."

"Oh mortal. Always so smart."

"Can you at least consider biting me. You don't have to, I want you to want it too. Don't force yourself if you can't, I understand."

"You're gonna make me cry."

"Well, if you do cry, I'm here."


"Gregory! Don't be weird! What do you really think of him?"

"He's cute. And cool, as he says about you."

"Don't you dare Gregory. He's mine."

"Really? I thought that you already had a lover. He did say that cow was your girlfriend, and I can believe that."

"No! Absolutely not!"


"Go find your own cute mortal to seduce! I saw him first!"

"Oh, I see. You already have to deal with fighting Anna for Tony, why not get dearest brother out of the way?"


"How about a deal: I help you get Tony, and then we share him. Equally."

"Better than you or Anna getting all of him I suppose."

After exploring the boardwalk of Santa Carla, Rudolph, Tony, and Greg went down to the beach.

"I'm going swimming." Gregory immediately stripped down to a striped conservative bathing suit from the 1800s.

"You wore that under your clothes? That old thing?" Rudolph asked.

"Yeah." Greg ran into the cold surf, jumping in. He swam pretty well for a vampire stuck in a crypt for 300 years.

"You wanna go in?" Rudolph asked, his hand gracefully swooping out to the shiny black dot that was Gregory's head.

"Why swim, when we can fly?" Tony replied.

They held hands and flew off, skimming close to the ocean water.

Tony giggled as he did the cliche yet thrilling running hands through water while flying thing, while Rudolph playfully poked Greg as they flew past him.