Shinichi's just rounded the corner to the neuro ward when he catches sight of a familiar bob of blonde hair weaving swiftly through the crowd… in the opposite direction.

Just his luck, honestly. He winces pre-emptively, raises his voice just slightly above what's really polite in a hospital (which is to say, he says "Oi, Haibara!" in something that's still closer to a whisper than a shout, really), and bows apologetically at the deeply disapproving look one of the nurses throws his way.

Frankly speaking, he's still not entirely sure what made Haibara eventually decide to pursue medicine rather than something more in the biochem field – he knows that there were lots of lengthy talks with Agasa-hakase about that, plus a couple with Ran – but if nothing else she's certainly got the judgemental look down pat.

Like the one being directed at him right now.

"Y'know, it's still really weird seeing that expression from the same height," Shinichi remarks when she finally reaches him, because it's true – sometimes it felt like he'd just adjusted back to being almost twice the kids' height before they were already busy catching up to him again.

That gets him an archly raised eyebrow thrown in for good measure. "What now," Haibara asks, flatly, arms crossed.

"What," he says right back at her, setting his briefcase on the back of a nearby chair before flipping it open, "got no time for an old partner?"

"Just not you, obviously," comes the reply, but he can already tell he's got her attention.

Shinichi's just about to retort when he finally catches hold of one end of the small tin that'd somehow fallen to the bottom of his bag. "It's from Ran," he says – entirely unnecessarily, given the assorted motifs of horrifically inaccurate (if admittedly adorable) scientific and medical instruments adorning the lid.

From the way Haibara's eyebrow barely twitches, he can tell she's noticed too but is doing her level best to ignore it. She takes it from him, rattling it gently by her ear. "I don't suppose she told you what's inside?"

"Blueberry thumbprint cookies, apparently. She said it's a new recipe she's trying – something about peanut butter, don't ask me – and to tell her if you like them or not. And before you say anything, the other choice was a Neko Atsume tin, so." Shinichi shrugs.

"Shame," says Haibara, even as the tin disappears into one of the gadzillion pockets of her scrubs. "Might've preferred that one."

"She figured it might look nice on your desk. When you do finally get one, of course."

Haibara gives him a half-hearted and entirely withering glare at that one. "Well, so sorry for only being a senior resident, o great detective."

Shinichi does not stick out his tongue at her, because he is a mature adult. "At least you get specially-tailored baked goods," he says instead.

"Because I specifically told her not to make lemon pie more than once every month," Haibara retorts with great relish. "For your own good, of course. Besides, she already married you, Kudo-kun, what more do you expect?"

Shinichi opens his mouth – and can't argue with that, not really, so he subsides with a grumble.

Fortunately (or probably because of the cookies, rather) Haibara takes pity on him this once, though her words are still pointed as ever. "I assume you didn't come all the way here just to delay my lunch break with a pastry delivery?"

Shinichi rolls his eyes as he shoulders his bag again. "Fine, I'll buy lunch while you take a look at this poisoning case we're working on, happy?"

"Eh," Haibara says, entirely noncommittal, but falls into step beside him anyway.