In a big desert in the United States, a bunch of Japanese kids and a couple of young Japanese womem are sleeping in a huge van parked by a blue truck. A man is standing over a cliff and peeing over the ledge. He finishes peeing and zips up his fly. He walks to the truck. The alarm clock in the van goes off. A Japanese boy turns it off as they all begin to wake up. It's the HOTD kids. It's been three months since they barely survived the zombie apocalypse. They met four boys during their journey in the apocalypse. The four boys are brothers and Marines. Their names are Alex, Jack, Peter and Billy. They helped them survive. Slowly, the world is coming back together since the end of the zombies. As the kids wake up, Takashi gets out of the van and approaches the truck with the man. They both look at the other man and Alex sleeping in the back of the truck in sleeping bags. They're both snoring as they sleep.

Man: Good morning, Mr. Basset and Mr. Morris. This is your wake-up call.

Takashi: Please move your butts.

They both continue snoring. Takashi and the man shake their heads as they roll their eyes. They look to their left and see some cows. They both smirk as they get an idea. The others watch as they move to the side of the truck. They jump on the side and start bouncing and shaking the truck.

Both: Stampede!

Man: Stampede, Earl and Alex!

Takashi: Get out of the way! Get out of the way!

Alex and Earl jump and they both fall off the truck with their sleeping bags. They both panting as they look up. They see the cows, who are looking at them. They both frown.

Earl: You dumb crap.

Alex: (Gets up angrily) Takashi, you jerk! You think that's funny?!

Takashi laughs with the man. Earl gets up too. The others all laugh too as they walk to them. Rei shakes her head as she giggles.

Earl: I was in a stampede once. Three hundred head going heck-bent for the horizon.

Man: Now, exactly how many cows are required for a stampede, Earl? I mean, is it like three or more? Is there a minimum speed?

Earl: I wish a stampede up your butt.

Alex: Same here. One of these days, dude, I'm gonna kick your butt.

Takashi: Go ahead. Take your best shot.

Billy: (Breaks them up) Come on, guys. Lighten up.

They walk to the van as Earl and his partner smoke. Everyone gets their clothes out to change.

Peter: Who goes first?

Rei: We changed yesterday. It's your guys' turn now.

Kohta: Well, two can change behind the van. So, who goes first?

Alex sticks his hand out with Billy. Takashi and Kohta do the same. They count to three and they show paper and scissors.

Alex: Scissors cut paper. We win.

They take their clothes and go behind the van. Takashi and Kohta shake their heads while the other chuckle. They help Earl and his partner work. They set up wooden sticks on the ground and put up barbwire on them to build wire fences. Jack accidentally cuts his hand on the wire.

Jack: Ah! Dang it!

Shizuka: Oh! Jack! Here, let me see your hand.

He shows his hand to her. She removes the wire off it and cleans up the cut. She puts a band-aid on it. He smiles at her and she smiles back. Rika smiles too, knowing her boyfriend and girlfriend are truly happy together. Alex, Peter, and Billy look at their brother and smile too. Alex look at Saeko, and she looks at him. She smiles at him. He winks at her. They continue working on the fence. Alice's dog, Zeke goes to the bathroom.

Peter: You know, guys. I ask you, is this a job for intelligent people?

Jack: Show me one. I'll ask him.

Peter: I mean, look at us. It's been three months since we buried Umbrella to the ground and took down Wesker, saved the world from going to an end, destroyed the zombie infection and the T-Virus, and now, we're living in America while Japan is still under repair. If we were real serious about earning money, we'd quit being hired hands...

Alex: Handymen, bro. We are handymen.

Billy: Yeah, yeah. We should quit this job and find ourselves some real employment.

Jack: Well, don't forget. We're still Marines. Besides, we get paid for this.

Takashi: Yeah. Are we gonna give up all this personal freedom? I don't know. Besides, we're still trying to get our lives back after what happened to all of us.

Earl: (Overhears them) You're right. All the survivors from the zombies are still trying to get their lives back and move on.

Saya: (Scoffs) Please. You and Val are always like this, even when the T-Virus happened.

Kohta: Hey, come on, Saya. We're all still upset here, so let's try to get along.

She shakes her head and they all continue working. An hour later, they finish the fence and they drive on the road for a town. The group drives behind Earl and Val. Rei rests her head on Takashi's shoulder. He smiles at her and wraps his arm around her. She smiles too. Thanks to Alex, they're back together as a couple, and they love each other so much.

Alex: So, what's the next one?

Jack: It's garbage day.

Billy: Oh, man! Already?

Peter: Yep. I can't believe we ran into our father's old friend, Burt Gummer.

Kohta: Does he got any guns?

Alex: (Smirks) Yep. He does. Downstairs in his basement, but he won't let you touch 'em. They're all precious to him.

Kohta: Oh, man.

Alex shakes his head and continues driving. He sees Val and Earl driving off road. He sees a red truck in the sands on the left side. He figures it must be the new grad student. They drive off ahead without them to head for town. Saeko shakes her head too. She thinks Val and Earl can be annoying sometimes. She puts her hand on Alex's shoulder. He looks at her and smiles. She smiles back. She kisses his cheek. He continues driving.