Later early in the morning, everyone is in the market. The group watches as Walter makes an example of the dead snake. Uses it for a photo shoot. He's taking pictures of Mindy as she sits down on the chair with the snake behind her. Mindy is scared.

Walter: Mindy, smile.

Nancy: Come on, honey. Don't look so afraid. It's not gonna hurt you. I promise. Come on.

Walter: Mindy, look up. Smile. Hold it.

He takes the picture before she could smile. He turns around and sees Melvin messing around with his cash register.

Walter: Melvin, get out of there!

He pushes him away from it. Val and Earl sit by the counter with the group. They all shake their heads.

Earl: Old Chang, slick as snot, and I ain't lying.

Val: 15 lousy bucks.

Alex: (Drinks his Pepsi) A man who plans ahead...

Saeko: We plan ahead too.

Alex and his friends walk to the table as Burt talks to the folks.

Burt: Look, we arm ourselves, we set perimeters, we stand guard. Any of those snake things show up here, we make them extinct.

Melvin: All right!

Alex: (Chuckles) I'm fine with that.

Billy: Me too.

Jack: Me three.

Nestor: Come on, Burt, get serious.

Miguel: Yeah! You make it sound like a war.

Burt: What have you people got against being prepared? Where's the sugar?

Val: Rambo.

Rei: Yeah. Burt, you, Heather, Alex, Jack, Billy, Peter, me, Takashi and our friends are the only ones who know how to handle weapons well. Everyone else here are just people.

Saya: Yeah. And Alice is a little girl. She can hardly fight. No offense, sweetie.

Alice: It's ok.

Nancy: Wait a minute. Walter's got a CB radio. (Looks at Walter) Why aren't you calling somebody in Bixby? The police...

Walter: No. We can't reach outside the valley because of the mountains. (Looks at Melvin) Melvin, you're next. Come on. Sit down, look scared.

Melvin follows him back to the chair. Heather looks at everyone and speaks to them.

Heather: The phone's out. The road's out. We're on our own.

Nancy: You two are just loving it, aren't you?

Heather: Come on, Nancy. Let's don't get personal about this thing! We gotta do something.

Burt: Heck, yes! (Gets up from his chair and walks to the window) We are completely cut off. We got the cliffs to the north. Mountains to the east and the west. (Walks back to his chair and sits down) That's why Heather and me settled here in the first place. Geographic isolation.

Nancy: Well, there's gotta be some way we can get help.

Nestor: For good's sake, this isn't the moon!

Burt: What are you gonna do, walk the 38 miles to Bixby?

Peter: Heck, no. We'll die of heat stroke from the sun. And those things are out there right now. And chances are, they'll have the advance at night.

Saeko: True.

Miguel: Hey, there's Walter's saddle horses.

Walter: (To Melvin) That's it. (Takes a picture, turns around and talks to the group) You're welcome to them.

Miguel: Somebody could ride to Bixby.

Burt: (Nods) That's not bad. That's not bad. Who's best on a horse?

The locals look at each other, and they look at Val, Earl, Alex, his brothers and his friends. They all look at them and sighs. An hour later, they get the horses ready. Kohta will riding with Val, while Saya is riding with Earl. Alex will be riding with Saeko. Rei will be riding with Takashi. Jack will be riding with Rika, and Peter will be riding with Billy. Shizuka will be staying behind with Alice and Zeke to watch them.

Val: Walter, they better be fast. We don't wanna be stuck on a bunch of canners.

Earl: (Walks to get some guns) Those snake things couldn't travel that fast.

Val: Crap, for all you know, they could fly.

Earl: (Comes back with a rifle and a pistol) Here, what do you want? This colt or Edgar's old rifle?

Val: Rifle.

They both do rock, paper, scissors again. Alice and Mindy giggle at this. Earl uses scissors, and Val uses rock. He wins. He takes the rifle, and Earl takes the colt. Walter comes to him with ammo and cheese.

Walter: Hey, Earl. Here's some Swiss cheese and some bullets.

Earl: (Takes them) Thanks, Walter.

Alex and his brothers load their MP5s and carry them on their shoulders. Just then, Burt and Heather come back in their jeep. They both carry sniper rifles.

Burt: You guys all set?

Alex: Well, ready as we'll ever be.

Burt: Heather and I are gonna drive around. We'll see if we can find that college girl, tell her to get her butt back into town.

Val: Good idea. We'll swing by the doctor's place and see if they went into Bixby or not.

They all get on their horses with partners holding onto their backs. Heather sees their weapons they're carrying.

Heather: Hey, wait a minute, people. Y'all gonna have to take something that packs more of a punch than that 30-30. Why don't you take one of our Browning Autos? Or better than that, why don't you just take my Model 70? Its .375 H&H mag.

She hands her sniper rifle to Kohta. He smiles and takes it.

Kohta: Thanks, Heather. I'm sure I'm gonna love using it.

Just then, they all hear Melvin screaming inside the market. They all turn around, and see him running out of the store with the snake thing all around him. Alice and Mindy both scream in terror as Nancy and Shizuka pull them back and hold them close. Everyone jumps.

Melvin: (Screaming) It's got me! It's got me!

Then, he starts laughing at them. They realize he played a joke on them. They all glare at him.

Walter: Melvin!

Nancy: Grow up!

Shizuka: Melvin, that wasn't funny! You really scared Alice and Mindy!

Burt: Dang it, Melvin!

He walks to him with a stern look on his face. He gulps in fear as he, Walter, and Shizuka glare at him.

Burt: You came that close. Too close. No more games.

Alex, Val, Earl, and their group glare at him too as they're on the horses.

Earl: Melvin, one of these days, somebody's gonna kick your butt.

Saya: And it could be us that will kick it! Now you better stop that now!

They ride off into the desert as everyone watches. Alice and Shizuka wave goodbye to them. Rei waves back at them. They ride through the desert, making their way to the doctor's place. The sun sets on the doc's place. They made it there. They all look around. They see that the doc's car is gone. Val and Takashi walk to the trailer to check inside.

Val: Doctor?

Takashi: Hey, doc. You in here?

They don't see him or his wife. They walk back to the others. Alex and Earl check out the construction house and don't see them working on the house.

Saya: They're not here.

Val: Man, I hate this crap.

Earl: Wait a minute. The car's gone. We just missed them, that's all.

Jack: (Listens and hears music coming from somewhere) Then where the heck's the dang golden oldie coming from?

Rei and Takashi move around on the dirt. Alex looks around and then, he spots something odd. He sees a generator on the ground. It's been tore apart and covered in something. He frowns. Just then, he hears Rei kicking something metal. He looks and sees she's kicking something on the dirt. Everyone walks to where she's standing. They all kneel down.

Peter: What the heck is this?

Jack: You got me.

They all brush away the dirt with their hands. They find a front of a car in the ground. They continue brushing away the dirt to reveal headlights shining through the ground. Music continues playing. Their eyes widen and are in shock. They see that the car is under the dirt. That means that the snake creatures must have pulled the car into the dirt and killed the doctor and his wife. They all look at each other. They all get up and get back on the horses. They ride off and continue making their way to Bixby.