A/N: some Greg/Tony stuff because I can. 2017 movie version

"Mmmm, what a soft pink little mortal. You have good taste, Rudy." Gregory pinched Tony's cheek, giving him a flirty wink.

Tony went bright crimson, babbling a little. "Eh,... thanks!"

'I'd like to taste you, mortal."

"GREGORY!" Rudolph yelled, glaring.

"You promised you wouldn't bite him, not me."

"Hey, it's his neck, better check to see if he wants it."

"Well, do you?"

Tony was silent, blushing furiously.

"Ok, maybe later."

"Gloomy again, Gregory?" Tony playfully asked.

Gregory gave him a baleful look, red tears bubbling in his eyes. He took a breath, but broke down sobbing.

Oh shit.

"Greg! I'm sorry!" Tony gave him his sweatshirt, due to a lack of tissues. Greg just buried his face in Tony's sweatshirt, blood running down it.

Tony just held him like that for a while, for how long he couldn't say. But at some point Gregory had stopped crying.

"You need any blood? Anything else I can do?" Tony asked.

"Nah, but thank you."

"If you don't mind, what happened?"

Greg sniffed, then sighed.

"It's just that you remind me so much of him."


"I had a boyfriend once. Mortal, like you. We really had something. But one day, his sister got attacked and was killed brutally. He blamed me, and then became a vampire hunter."

"That's really awful. I'm sorry."

"You're a lot like him. Sweet, gutsy, clever. . ."

"I wish I could say I understand, but I doubt I could truly understand. But still, I hope you can move on, someday." Tony hesitantly put his hand on Greg's. Greg grasped back, squeezing gently.

"Thank you, mortal."

Lust is inherently vampiric.

Gregory was very in touch with this as he watched the mortal boy who befriended his brother.

Freckles like tiny stars, blond hair like the sun, blue eyes like ocean water. The boy was bold, witty and very nice.

He had entertained the fantasy of pinning down the lad and biting his neck, feeding and taking pleasure from the moans and writhing of his victim.

He had been a teenager for 300 years. 300 years with only his hands for company.

It was time to get some.