"Dad," a woman with dark blue hair and red eyes spoke to a hologram. Her PDA was thin, with a hard light projector nestled in the top corner of the screen. "I have a bad feeling about this mission," she confided.

"I understand," the man on the receiving end replied, "I know you, Aneko-chan, and you will prevail." Aneko smiled and looked through the window of the helicopter as it neared a helipad.

"I love you, dad. If something happens…" Aneko trailed off, "Tell mom and Anna-chan I love them too, alright?"

"I will. You've been the Blue King for the last five years. You'll be alright, I believe in you," Munakata Reishi reassured his daughter, looking every bit the Blue King he once was.

Aneko could hear the woman, Hara-san manning the helicopter shout that they were getting ready to land, and with a last smile to her father, the PDA's projector turned off.

"Don't worry about landing!" she told Hara, shouting over the sound of the copter blades, and she stood up, firmly attaching her saber to her left side. The woman opened the helicopter door, feeling the air whipping around her, and she jumped.

A rush of excitement set fire in her blood as she landed gracefully in front of her Squad 1, the Clansmen not even reacting to their King dropping in literally.

"We of SCEPTER 4 carry out our duties as men of the sword. We do not allow disorder on consecrated land, we do not allow violence in this world, we clear the fog that threatens our boundaries!" Munakata Aneko shouted, and her commander, Sato Nori nodded, turning to SCEPTER 4's Squad 1. The silver haired Blue clansman gave the order, "Draw your swords!" The eight other clansmen made a line, shouting and drawing their swords.

"Aoki, ready!"

"Takasu, ready!"

"Etsuko, ready!"

"Hiori, ready!"

"Ikeda, ready!"

"Sasaki, ready!"

"Suzuki, ready!"

"Rumiko, ready!"

"Maeda, ready!"

Nori's saber was withdrawn smoothly, a slight smile emerging, "Sato, ready." He grinned, awaiting Munakata's order.

Blue glittered over Aneko's saber handle, the mechanism unlocking. "Munakata. Ready! Freeze them so cold, they burn!" The jungle members scattered when blue aura surrounded the Blue Clan, and they split up, blue aura chasing wisps of green.

Aneko ran after the helmetless ring leader, following him into an alleyway, shadowing the Strain while Saito followed directly behind her. She let blue aura flare as she raised her saber when a shimmer of light exuded from her target. She called out to the Strain, "Shiraki Sugita! In the accordance of SCEPTER 4's Strain laws, I order you stop!"

The Strain looked back, a smirk on his face as sunlight glanced off his silvery hair. He stopped suddenly, making Aneko slam into him as silver light overtook her vision.