I bring you the final chapter! For the free choice, I ended up going with Wednesday's prompt "Keeping Each Other Warm" (Day 4) - it sounded like a cute place to end it on :)

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Ned could feel Catelyn's hair tickling his chest and he brushed it aside, noticing the new mark on her neck – the one she had put on him last night. But besides that, her skin was pristine, none of the black and purple marks he had found on her the first time they met.

"Good morning," he greeted her as she opened her eyes.

"It's cold," she murmured and he pulled her closer.

"We can stay here a bit longer," Ned promised, kissing the top of her head.

"They are coming home today," Catelyn said with a smile, kissing his chest. She had seen them last two weeks ago since Robert won three fights that night – Ned was always happy for her when she got to see them, but he always missed her.

For the last eight months, Catelyn had worked with his father, and Dad was able to show the courts that she could take her siblings – Catelyn insisted that they were only convinced of that, because she now had him as soulmate, that she now had a man on her life.

"I've missed them so much, Ned," she said, hugging him closer. "You're going to love them. And Edmure is going to adore you and the guys. Also remind me to threaten them again about Lysa being not even someone they can think about."

"I will."

"I can't believe they are bunking up, just so my siblings to take Brandon's room."

"They love you, Catelyn." They really did, since Catelyn had come to his life, it wasn't just them who had grown closer and given in to their soulmate connection, but she had also captured the trust and respect of his brother and best friend, and she had given them her love as well.

"I love you, Ned Stark," she said, kissing his chest once again, before getting off the bed. Ned kept his position and from the bed, observed as she moved around, looking for her clothes on their closet. "Ned..." she called for him.

"Sorry, distracted… you're so beautiful."

"Get up, Ned," she said with a smile, as she finished dressing herself. Ned finally stood as she left for the bathroom to finish getting ready for the rest of the day. He pulled on some trousers, shirt, tie and sweater – he really wanted to look presentable today – and then fixed his hair in the mirror.

Walking outside, he was surprised to find Robert and Brandon already wake, even if not properly dressed, eating their cereals with Catelyn, as they talked about cleaning up the apartment and preparing everything for her siblings' arrival.

"Morning, Ned."

"Good morning," he said, taking a bowl for himself, sitting down next to Catelyn, getting his milk and then cereals. "I love you too," he whispered in her ear, just before kissing her cheek and starting his breakfast, with her hand in his, he joined the conversation as they figured out how to prepare the welcoming party for Lysa and Edmure.