"Hey.. uh..Mom?" The voice high pitched with nerves. Inko looked at her eight year old daughter from where she sat on the couch. The girl stood in the doorway, shuffling and fidgeting like she didn't know what to do with herself. Not an unusual sight after the girl received her quirk.

Inko placed her book down and gave her daughter her full, undivided attention. "Yes, Emica?"

Green eyes filled with fear and a split second later she ducked her head; her long green hair falling in front of her face. Her thin arms wrapped around her head and face oddly. A sign that told Inko her daughter was very nervous and very embarrassed. "Um.. I- Can I- Are you-? I'm sorry." She squeaked out.

With a small sigh and a smile, Inko stood from the couch and gathered her fumbling daughter in a hug. "What is it Emica? You can tell me anything, I know it might not seem like it now but nothing you can say will make me angry at you."

Emica's hands fell from her head and gripped onto Inko's favorite pink cardigan. "I-" A deep shudder wreaked the small pubescent frame. "Idon'tlikemyname."

Inko drew back without breaking the hug. Emica's hands tightening fiercely. "Sorry dear, I didn't quite catch that." She stroked the unruly green locks apologetically. Inko's daft fingers snagging a knot.

Emica tried again, slower this time "I don't like my name." She flinched expecting the worst. Seconds pass in silence and a sniffle alerted Inko to the fact Emica was crying and she felt her own eyes tear up, sometimes being a sympathetic crier sucked.

"Oh Emica." Inko sighed. Not once stopping the soothing strokes of her fingers. "Is it because of your quirk?" She asked gently while leading the distraught girl to the couch. A nod against her chest was her answer.

Emica Midoriya, quirk interchange. The morning after her sixth birthday, Emica woke up with the body a male. When the earth shattering scream ripped through the apartment, Inko ran into her daughters bedroom and not knowing what to do with her daughter's? Son's? Situation, she rushed them to the hospital in hysterics. That's where they found out that Emica's quirk was.

At will, Emica could switch between the male or female anatomy. Emica was ecstatic when she (he? they?) found out but when the novelty and excitement wore off, uncertainty reared its ugly head. Inko feared each time her child came home crying because of her quirk and hearing through broken sobs how the kids in her class bullied because she didn't quite fit in with the boys or girls. Emica's best friend, Katsuki was there to help but he can only do so much. So after much fretting and a crap ton of googling on Inko's part; new clothes both boys and girls found their way into Emica's wardrobe and a lengthy conversations with Emica about what she wanted came into play.

Things became the smallest bit easier after that night.

"Well…" Inko trailed off looking at the crying girl in her arms. "We can change your name."

The sniffling stopped and Emica backed away. "We can?" Her voice small.

Inko nodded and she let a soft smile adorn her face. "Mhmm. Do you have any ideas already? If not we can always look online."

Wiping away the tears away, Emica shook her head. "Okay. Why don't you grab my laptop while I make us tea"

"Okay." Emica got up from the couch and walked down the hall, towards her mothers room.

Inko allowed herself a second before going to the kitchen.

Inko and Emica cuddled on the couch a mug of tea in both of their hands as they stared down at the laptop perched on Inko's lap.

"How about this one." Inko squinted at the screen. "Oh! It's American. What about Drew?"

Emica shook her head.

"Daichi?" Inko tried only to get another negative.





"Oh! I like this one, how about Rin?"

Emica's nose scrunched up. "No."

Inko sighed, they've been at it for hours and she loved her daughter severely but she was starting to get tired from searching so long. "Honey, it's getting late and you still have school tomorrow. We'll keep looking but it's time to stop for the night okay."

Emica looked like she wanted to start crying again and it tore at Inko's heartstrings. A thought came to Inko as she watched the girl slink off the couch. "Does calling you 'Emica' cause you distress?"

She shrugged. "It just feels gross being called Em-" She cleared her throat. "By that name."

Inko hmmed. "I'll call the school tomorrow and explain things to them. It's just an idea but you can go by our last name before you decide on a first name."

Emica perked up at the idea and nodded slowly. "I would like that." She said softly.

"Alright, dear. Now off to bed with you."

It was over a quiet dinner that Inko heard her childs name for the first time.


"I'm sorry?" Inko asked when the word came suddenly. She looked at her son and just like all those months ago, he was fidgeting in his seat but instead of fiddling with his hands, he was playing with the food on his plate. A blush gracing his cheeks.

"Call me Izuku."

Inko's eyes immediately filled with tears and they spilled over like a waterfall.

"Oh honey." She cried, dashing over to her son and enveloping him in a tight hug, crying on his shoulder. "Izuku is perfect."

Thin arms hesitantly encircled her in a hug. Emica- No, Izuku- buried his face in her stomach. "Really?"

Inko nodded feverishly. "Of course baby. Izuku is such a wonderful name." Pulling out of the hug, she knelt down and held his hands in hers." I can't promise there won't be any slip ups but I'll do my best."

The bright smile she received for her words stole her breath away and she was quick to gather him in a hug once again.

"Thanks, Mom."