"Midoriya" A high pitched scream came from somewheres outside Izuku's room, the sounds of running feet accompanied the voice and soon the knocking on his bedroom door soon followed.

Izuku didn't have time to respond before his bedroom door flew open to reveal a flustered blonde haired girl halfway dressed. "Can I help you Kaminari?" Izuku quirked an eyebrow.

Kaminari lifted her head, a bright blush reflecting from her cheeks. "How in the hell do you put one of these death traps on?" the lightning user screeched, thrusting out a basic beige coloured bra in front of herself like it personally wronged her. Silence stretched out for a minute, then two and then three as Izulu connected the words and the offending clothing article before releasing a full bellied laugh.

Kaminari's arm dropped and she whined pitifully. "You mean to tell me, you have no clue how to put on a bra? With all the 18+ stuff you read. Oh man." Izuku wiped a stray tear away. "Close the door and come here." He beckoned the embarrassed girl towards him, reaching for the bra and holding it up in front of himself to demonstrate. "The easiest way to put on a bra is to set it on the size you want," The green haired boy pointed to the two small loops at the very end of the strap. "This being the largest" And again he pointed to the most inner ones, "And this being the smallest. And just slip it over your head and adjust your um.." Izuku blushed. "Breasts to sit comfortably. Or you can slip your arms in and try your luck with clasping it behind your back."

"You're lucky you have a small chest, Kaminari, bigger breasts mean more trouble with bras." Izuku mentioned off handedly, he sat on his bed as he watched the blonde struggle with the bra but getting it eventually.

"Seriously?" She whipped around. "Why?"

"Well for one, it's harder to find bras in sizes bigger than a double 'D' and when you do, it's usually just plain black, white or skin tone bras so you don't get a lot of options, and with bigger breasts comes more fixing and your bra digs in harshly; plus there's physical exercising, running can literally hurt you, and weighs you down and don't even get me started on boob sweat its the absolute worse and when you're lying on your back-"

"Um Midoriya, we're gonna be late." The blonde interrupted.

Izuku stopped and looked at his alarm clock, which told him there was five minutes until the bell. "Crap,"

On the run too school. Kaminari asked, "So what was that about running?"

"Oh, your boobs bounce when you run and with and it can be painful."

"Poor, Iida." Kaminari muttered under her breath.

Like all quirk accidents, this one happened suddenly and unexpectedly and with a lot of 1-A were tasked with visiting one of the local preschools for the day, entertaining the kids and helping out where they could when one of the children threw a temper tantrum and BAM! Gender swap.

After they managed to calm the child down and the initial panic ebbed, class 1-A was sent back to U.A and into recovery girls office where they were informed the change could last anywhere from a few hours to a week. So far it seemed like it would be a week before everyone was back to normal.

As an unspoken agreement amongst the class; Izuku became the go to person for questions and concerns.

Out of everyone; the students who took the change the best was Katsuki for obvious reasons and surprisingly Ashido, the pink haired girl was ecstatic about the whole situation and took it was a surprising amount of grace and confidence. The ones struggling the most were Iida, Yaoyorozu and Kaminari.

During a quirk assessment, Iida tripped numerous times, skidding a couple of few each time on the final time, Iida picked himself up off the ground and marched his way over to Izuku, who was in the middle of a conversation with some of the girls turned guys about how men's clothes were way more comfortable to wear.

Dirt and stray peices of grass tangled in Iidas clothes and hair. There was a shallow scratch on her cheek and as she walked her chest bounced heavily. "How. In the world do you run with these…. These sandbags on your chest?"

Izuku didn't have any advice for this one so he just shrugged and said "Practice."

The girls giggled behind them, silently sympathizing with their class president.

Kacchan, that's my skirt." Izuku accused the blonde.

Katsuki glanced down to high waisted black skirt he was currently wearing an smirked. "And it looks damn fine on me nerd."

The green haired boy gaped at the blatant confidence for but a moment. "Yes, it does; I want it back before the weekend, and you better wash it." He waved trailing passed his now blushing best friend.

It was a quiet evening in the dorm when it happened.

From up the stairs came a masculine scream of 'todoroki' before a blur of pink flew down the staircase and jumped the dual haired girl. They landed hard, ashido, leaning over Todoroki like some kind of shojo manga.

"Can you make snow?" His eyes glittered in excitement, he leaned into Todoroki's face. Someone in the background, whisper shouted 'kiss' jokingly. The snickering was cut short with a choked cough.

"Why are you asking?" Todoroki questioned, her head flopping onto the floor now that the adrenaline left.

"That doesn't matter," Ashido shook his head, "Can you or can you not, make snow?"

"Can you please get off me?" Tokoroki asked.

"Not until you answer the question!" Shrieked the acid user.

"Yes, Ashido. I can create snow. Now please get off me." Ashido scrambled off the girl and kneeled beside her as Todoroki pushed herself up.

Momo made his present known. "Why do you want snow, Mina?" he asked the question bothering everyone present.

"I want to write my name." He grinned.

"Write your name..?" Momo repeated unsure, meanwhile all the guy turned girls started laughing, understanding what the pink boy wanted to do.

It clicked for Momo. "Mina no!" He yelled scandalized. Blushing to the roots of his hair.

"Mina yes!" Mina grinned back. "This is a once in the lifetime chance, i might not get to do this again!" Mina was bouncing on his knees getting hyped up over the prospect of doing this.

"I suggest we let her, Momo, Mina might go off and find someone else to help her with this." Asui croaked.

"Yea," The others started agreeing.

Save to say, Mina got his wish and was estatic about it.

His things were going missing, there was no if and or but about it, his closet was dwindling down to almost nothing and Izuku had the culprit in mind.

Ochako walked through the common room and the flannel he was wearing looked awfully like the one the gravity user always commented on; joking that she wanted to steal it one day.

Izuku shook his head thinking Ochako bought a similar one and left it at that.

Then, he started noticing his friend wearing pants and shirts, hoodies even that looked eerily familiar to him. Each and every time, Izuku- against his better judgement- brushed it off as coincident.

Or he had until he actually noticed how small his closet became. He did the usual rounds of asking if anyone had it in their own laundry or if any one of his classmates have seen his clothes but not one positive answer. He was starting to loose hope and dreading the call to his mom when he opened his dorm room to find Ochako.

Rifling through the sad remains of his closet.

"You could have just asked." He groaned, leaning on the door in dismay.

Ochako, caught red handed dropped the hoodie he was holding with an 'eep'

"Deku!" He cheered. "I was just…" leaning down and grabbing the cloth from the ground. "Putting this back, yep. I found it in my clothes." He nodded way to enthusiastically and shoved it onto a hanger and roughly dropped it onto the bar.

"U-huh." Izuku straightened up and crossed his arms over his chest, an eye brow raised in disbelief.

Ochako squirmed under the scrutiny. "Okay fine." He burst" But it wasn't just me!"

It was majority of the class stealing his clothes but Ochako, Todoroki, Jiro and Katsuki were the main culprits.

Warning for raunchiness in this one if you don't like you can skip to the next line

"Midoriya, m'dude. Can I talk to you?" Izuku turned around, next for advice was Kirishima it seemed.

"Yep, just let me finish changing and we can talk."

"Alright." To Izuku, Kirishima seemed skittish and nervous about something. He hoped it wasn't serious. A few moments of silence and Izuku finished, green eyes darting about in search of who was left in the change room apart from him and the boisterous red head. Only Iida and Tokoyami were left, Iida struggling heavily with a bra while Tokoyami toes on her shoes. "Do you want to wait until everyone else is gone?" He asked his friend. Kirishima nodded so fast, Izuku worried she got whiplash.

"Iida, did you want help?"

Iida opened her mouth to protest but Izuku cut her off. "You're going to be late at this rate, and it bad for your image of class president to be late." He tried appealing to the rule stickler Iida truely was.

"Yes please." She sighed in defeat

Walking over, the all from one user grabbed each end and tugged the sides together, it was a tight squeeze but he managed to clasp it onto the loosest ring. "Kirishima and I are going to hand back, he has something he wants to ask me." He quietly informed the class prez. "It sounds personal."

Iida nodded, as daft fingers buttoned up her blouse. "Don't stay too long, I will inform Mr. Aizawa."

"Thank you Iida." Izuku smiled. Then he turned to the faux red head. "So now that everyone is gone, what did you want to ask me about?"

Kirishima turned as red as her hair" Right um, so ahh….." She fiddled with her hair, which was out of its signature spikes. "Y'know what, it's not important i can look it up online."

She turned to leave but Izuku caught her wrist. "Kirishima wait. The internet, while a good place for information, is not always correct. I don't want you to find false information and hurt yourself because of it. Please tell me, I promise i can answer to the best of my ability or the two of us can go to recovery girl."

"Okay." Kirishima drooped. "Do you- hav-" She floundered, Izuku prompted her to start at her own pace and to breath. "Do you…. How do you tell if you're horny?"

Oh my. Not the question Izuku was expecting. "Um. Well," Izuku's cheeks warmed "Is there any specific reason why you're asking?"

"I feel wet down… down there. wet and uncomfortable and i don't know if something's wrong with me, im horny or if i peed myself."

"Ooh." Green eyes blinked. His mind ran in circles as he tried finding the gentlest approach. "Kirishima, just because- okay this is going to sound super crass and ugh" Izuku shuddered. "But just because your panties are wet and you feel uncomfortable doesn't mean your horny, you peed or something is wrong. Viginas are complicated? and they leak….. The discharge isn't bad unless it smells bad, looks like cottage cheese or is itchy." The blush was now to the roots of his hair and Izuku feared he was gonna get light headed from embarrassment, was that even a thing?! "Um can we go to recovery girl? I don't exactly feel adequate to explain this."

Gods, Izuku was not equipped to deal with this. He thanks the stars, his mother was god sent.

"Yea, lets go do that." Kirishima scratched the back of her head. Thanks for trying man. I appreciate it." She beamed at Izuku and after gathering their belongings set out to the nurses office for an informative talk.

"Hey Deku how are you doing with this whole genderbend thing er wait- your stuck as one gender aren't you?" Ochako asked, petting Izukus curly green locks

The two of them were sitting in Ochakos dorm studying for their upcoming english test. "I like being the one you all are coming to help with but I've been showing the guys how to put on basic clothing all week and answering pretty invasive questions. I'm glad Mineta got expelled," Izuku flopped sideways to rest his head on Ochako's broad shoulders. "I think this situation would become so much worse with him here." Closing his eyes, Izuku enjoyed the daft fingers scratching at his skull.

Ochako hmmed. "You're probably not wrong, Deku. That's not what I was asking though, i know it's weird and sometimes difficult for us but your so used to switching it must be weird to be a boy for this long."

"It's stressful, I'm not used to being one gender for longer then 12 hours but it's been four days and i feel." Izuku chose to study his hands as he tried to think of the word. Claustrophobic, no that didn't seem right; close but not close enough, caged? "Trapped seems as good as any word for it but not enough as well. My body feels too tight and too heavy. It's uncomfortable. I hope this goes away soon." Ochako stopped petting him and gathered the green haired boy into his arms in a tight hug. Izuku's arms coming around to hug his friend just as fiercely.

"You and me both." They both laughed.

The next day class 1-A awoke to find themselves back to normal.

And thus ends the latest installment of Interchange! if you find any inaccuracies lemme know and ill fix them. thank yuo for reading and a huge thanks to thoes who helped me out on this. Oh and the whole gender swap thing was suggested by FireFlyAshes03 on AO3 so thank you too!