This story is set after the season 5 / series finale Gold Soundz.

When I first saw this episode I was disappointed – it is such a non-ending. When I recently rewatched it I realized how ingenious it is though – it lets you project whatever you want into Annie's final words "Got it". For me as an avid Eyal / Annie shipper what ought to be projected here is clear – an Annie / Eyal happy ending. I have tried to make not too sappy, but leave me your ideas in the reviews if I should inject some more grit.

Disclaimer: I don't own Covert Affairs. Dialogue from my favorite season 3 and 5 episodes marked in italics.

All the weighty conversations of the day were still swirling around in Annie's head. Her conversation with Ryan had gone about as well as she could have hoped for, but she still had the nagging feeling that he did not really get what made her reluctant to say yes to his crazy idea.

Annie had told him "What makes us so great is what makes this so difficult. Our jobs are risky and people I've loved have died doing this kind of work. … I don't want to lose you." her way of telling him she could not see herself marrying him. She could sense from his reply "You can do this job and die and not do this job and die" that he did not quite understand that after Simon the idea of losing someone close to her was overwhelming.

Her conversation with Joan threw her even more off balance. Joan clearly had gone to bat for her "Thank you for coming in. I know you don't work here anymore, so you are not obligated. I'm going to be heading up a major task-force. I'd like you to join me. … You Annie Walker, because you are dyed-in-the-wool CIA." But it was difficult for Annie to accept this now "A few months ago I would have done anything to have this conversation. I risked my health and my life to keep this job." – she understood intuitively that Joan valued her as an operative, but she did not think she understood just how difficult all of what she had been through was for her.

Then Auggie had shown up on her doorstep and really thrown her doubts into high gear. "I have news … I am leaving the agency. I wanted to tell you in person. … I turned in my paperwork to support yesterday. I realized this life gives me a lot, but there's a price. And I don't really know anything else, but I'm ready to try something new. … Natasha and I are going to travel the world together. Be together."

Annie was trying to process his decision and at the same time trying to find the courage to make her own big decision "That's a bold choice …. I just have a lot of big decisions to make. … I know I'm the first one out of the plane. Mission decisions life and death I can do in a split second, but these are … more difficult"

When Auggie said "Close your eyes. Wisdom of the blind…" she closed her eyes "I want you to look inside yourself. I want you to try and feel your instincts talking to you. Your intuition has never let you down before. It won't now. So trust it. Trust your heart."

She smiled and opened her eyes and let out a quick sigh "Got it".

She said her good-byes to Auggie, packed a small carry-on and hailed a taxi to the airport. As luck would have it the next plane to her destination would be leaving in just an hour.