After another amazing dinner of grilled fresh fish and charred eggplant they were sitting in the cockpit sipping their wine. Eyal was silent because he sensed Annie was ready to talk about her future and he wanted to make sure that when she did it was of her own volition. She had his words in her mind "It's different in Israel. Our ambitions are about life, living well, not our careers." when she said "I will not be going back to the CIA."

She had identified with being a spy for the CIA for so long and if anyone had told her that would change she would have been adamant to tell them it never could. But then Auggie had come to her place and told her "I am leaving the agency. … I really don't know anything else, but I am ready to try something new." He had made her look inside herself then, listen to her instincts and trust her heart.

She had seen Eyal in her mind then and known she needed to go see him. What she hadn't known then, but was sure now after 2 weeks on his boat with him, is that this is where she belonged. He had been there for her through the last 5 years whenever she needed him the most. She knew he would always be there for her. He knew her better than she knew herself, knew when to challenge her and when to let her be.

"I love you Eyal, and I want to be with you." she said to him and moved over to kiss him. When she took his hand to lead him below to make love to him there was no doubt in her mind.