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Fanfiction Idea.

A sick OC from the future is sent back to comatose Titanium Rex, before he has an affair with Doctor Deizo's wife. The OC is a meta human with the power to copy and absorb any kind of power (he has gained the powers from the gauntletS so very OP). He succeeds and escapes the heroes. Before he dies from his illness he transfers his mind into a young child clone version of himself that his allies in the future created. Devizo and Debbie find him not knowing he is the one who hurt Rex and adopt him as their son, he gets raised along with Lex (who was born from her mom using Rex's DNA to make her) and sees the other heroes often and becomes a hero. After college he gains lots of new friends with powers More OC's and they join the League with him. Devizo is not a villain, several villains are turning into heroes thanks to the Original OC, and Debbie is not crazy. Life is good. Until Rex wakes up around the time American Ranger is found and Black Saturn and Brad join the League. Now the OC and his friends and other members of the league (cooch and Robobot) must deal with drama, out of touch heroes, and PR nightmare heroes, all while saving the world.

Rules: The main hero has to have a harem of a lot of characters (Heroes, Villains, OC characters, but not Lex). He is very OP as he has the powers of many, many, many, many different heroes and villains from the past, present, and future. Several villains become heroes. The OC stops Rex and Saturn from hurting Ex-villains and ex-members of the League like they did in the original timeline.

Optional: Lemons, but as the show is rated very high it is recommended. The timeline of this story and the original timeline of the chow can meet. Saturn finally becomes a competent hero (human being). Rex and goes rouge for a while after American find out about him and Gloria and his antics get him suspended from the team.

There is no Rex hate, just facts that it is pretty much Rex's fault for most of the problems, villains, and heartbreak in the show.