November 11th is a time to remember the fallen, weather they died for your country or any other. November 11th is remembrance day, and at beacon high school the students remembered. there was the usual power point in form and a video played just before 11 then the minutes silence. a select few stood around the memorial in the school memorial garden, three teachers, the headteacher a student who could play the bugal Ruby Rose and her half sister Yang Xiao Long had also been invited due to the death of Ruby's mother during a tour in Afghanistan a few years ago. The gathering finally desperesed and break began, Ruby sat with Yang on a bench near the small memorial and watched the passers by, some stopped by the stone with its mounted plaque but few stayed long, finally a girl with long wight hair in a pony tail that was likely against regulations (but no one would question since the girls farther was a powerful local businessman), the girl knelt in front of the memorial.

Weiss looked at the wooden cross planted behind the plaque and taught of her sister, Wynter, hopping that she would come home safe from whatever backwater she was currently serving in. Wynter had joined the army to escape there farther but Weiss was always worried that Wynter may be running straight in to an early grave, saying a final prayer for her sister Weiss stood and walked off towards the library.

Ruby noticed not long after Weiss had left that a Black haired girl wearing a bow walked up to the cross, Blake, that was her name she was one of Yang's friends.

Blake stood in front of the memorial and thought of all those she had left behind in the past, her friends, family and even Adam. She managed not to cry but she wasn't far off, she remembered the cousin she had lost in war and the friends and family she had lost to discriminatory acts of violence, she didn't want to think any more, she turned and saw yang and her sister Ruby sitting and watching her.

"hay Blake, wanna go get something to eat" asked Yang

"sure" said Blake "hall or outside seating area"

"hall of cause" replied Yang "its November"

the two of them walked off leaving Ruby alone, she sat there for a minute before finally heading over to do what she did every year, she took carefully from a plastic box in her bag a red rose and placed it in front of the plaque, then walked away towards the maths block for her next lesson.