Chapter 1:

In the far reaches of space stood a man, gazing out in the vast expanses of space and watching the distant galaxies, nebulas and comets trail by him. He stood around six foot one, and was dressed in an all-white suit with combed black hair and glowing blue-white eyes that screamed of power unrivalled. Just being in his vicinity would give you that impression he was not a being to be crossed, let alone challenged.

This was the Beyonder, an extremely powerful cosmic being that very, very few could rival, in this universe and the multiverse.

And right now, the all-powerful, all-seeing, almost all-knowing Beyonder was… to put it simply, bored.

"Hmmm, what to do, what to do…," the Beyonder said as he cupped his chin and glanced out into the universe to see what was going on, specifically on Earth. After a few moments of seeing the current state of things on the little mud ball of a world that he's taken a fancy to on many occasions, the Beyonder prepared to pull out and look at another world, when he had a thought come to his head.

"Hmmm." Frowning, the Beyonder took a closer look at Earth, looking at a certain species in particular. This species were what humans referred to as 'mutants'. The Beyonder was fascinated by mutants, and by extension, humans. So weak, so young, so childish... and yet, of all the species that he had encountered, they seemed to rank as one of his most favourite. Simply because of their ability to adapt to change. Almost any human, be they the small beings called infants, to the grown-up adults, could learn how to adapt to change, given the right tools and resources.

"Adapt..." the Beyonder muttered, frowning. Then, a smile appeared on his face. What he was going to do could be his possible greatest mistake or biggest investment. If he played his cards right, he could alter certain events that could possibly destroy the Earth, universe and possibly, the multiverse.

"Plus, I am bored," he added as an afterthought. One second, he was on the distant moon that he was standing on. The next, he was gone.


Space, 31st century, unknown spaceship...

Nathaniel Richards, later known as Kang the Conqueror, was looking at several holograms depicting recent historical events from the 20th-21th century. He was looking at the studies of Egypt, inspecting the tombs and pyramids.

"Hmm, the work done by Victor Von Doom is extraordinary," Nathaniel commented, waving his hand to disperse the hologram. He smiled, ideas flowing through his head. "Soon, En Sabah Nur. You will be mine."

"Yeah, I'm going to have to ask you to reschedule that," a voice rang out.

Nathaniel whirled, his mind moving at the speed of thought to activate each of his defence systems. Advanced plasma rifles and guns popped from the ground, along with missiles, droids and other machinery. "Show yourself, intruder!"

"Oh, come on, make a person feel welcome," the voice continued, before the Beyonder appeared in the spaceship. He looked around at the advanced weaponry aimed at him. "None of that, now." With a wave of his hands, each and every piece of technology suddenly vanished.

Nathaniel blinked, stunned, before glaring at the being. "Who are you?! What are you doing on my-"

Rolling his eyes, the Beyonder crossed the distance between him and Nathaniel in nanoseconds, before placing a hand on Nathaniel's head. The Beyonder removed his hand, looking at Nathaniel, who gasped and held his head in pain, images and words flowing through his mind. Kang the Conqueror, Apocalypse, the Avengers... perfection.

Nathaniel gasped again, squinting his eyes, as if he was looking at a bright light. He looked at the Beyonder warily. "What do you want?" he asked, unsure as to what the being before him wanted, and why he showed him those images.

The Beyonder smiled. "What I want... is entertainment. Simple as that. But for you, you could have an heir. Although, Apocalypse is one choice, but I'm sure what I've provided for you would be a... suitable replacement. So, Nathaniel. Do we have a deal?"

Nathaniel stared long and hard into the Beyonder's blue-white eyes, before finally saying, "I'm listening."


Thousands of years from the present, Ancient Egypt...

En Sabah Nur wandered the desert, tears spilling down his grey skin. His mind was a whirlwind of emotions, the most prominent being sadness and anger.

"Why?" he whispered lowly, the howling winds whipping by him as sand flew through the air. "Why did they abandon me?! Just because I look different?!" En Sabah Nur's mutant powers started to go out of control, distorting the sandstorms around him. "I'll make them pay! They will all pay!"

"Do not worry, my child..." a voice said, clearly heard through the dusty winds.

En Sabah Nur whirled around, furiously wiping his tears and looking for the mysterious voice. "Who are you?!" At first, he thought that he was going crazy, but no. He knew he heard the voice. He wasn't going crazy.

A hand was placed on his shoulder. He smacked the hand away, looking at who had touched him. His eyes widened upon seeing the figure. "Pharaoh Rama-Tut," he whispered, shocked at the person in front of him.

Pharaoh Rama-Tut had reddish skin, tanned from his time in the deserts of Egypt. The only pieces of clothing that he wore were brown sandals, and a simple loincloth. An Egyptian crown adorned his head, showing his position and power. White veins circulated his body. In his hand was a simple staff. His face showed a stern visage, evident by the stress marks across his face. And yet, he had a kind smile on his face.

"En Sabah Nur," the pharaoh simply said, smiling. "I have been looking for you for a long time, my child."

En Sabah Nur blinked, confused at the pharaoh's words. Yet, he didn't think much of it. He was still surprised that he was here. "W-What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to help you," Rama-Tut said, frowning. "I know of the... events that you experienced in Aqaba."

En Sabah Nur snarled, eyes alight with power and anger. Seeing this, Rama-Tut placed his hand on the boy's shoulders.

"There, there," the pharaoh comforted, before hugging the boy slightly. "It is alright."

En Sabah Nur was shocked at the actions of Rama-Tut, wondering why the pharaoh was comforting him. And yet, he didn't mind. He wrapped his arms around the older man, sobbing quietly.

As he was comforting the boy, Rama-Tut's eyes shone with cruel intent. "There, there..." he continued to comfort. Patting the boy on the back, he removed himself from the hug, he smiled warmly. "Come with me. I can show you that your 'curse' is nothing but a gift. I will protect you. Those Aqabans won't ever hurt you again, that I promise you."

Joyful that someone actually didn't treat him with disdain for his 'curse', En Sabah Nur nodded quickly, unaware of what was going on in the 'pharaoh's' mind.


Current Present, Puerto Rico...

Leonardo Sebastian ran. He ran as fast as his stubby, seven-year old legs could carry him. Normally, if he was running, he'd either be playing tag with one of his friends, or trying to play football. Now wasn't the case.

Oh, no. He was running for his life.

The reason? The mob of people running after him, carrying clubs, pitchforks, spades and knives.

"Damn monster!" "Die, freak!" "May God curse you, demon-spawn!" Were the shouts of the mob as they gained on the boy.

Now, one might wonder why a crowd of adults and some young children were chasing and trying to kill a seven-year old boy. And the answer is quite simple. At least, for the mob.

Leonardo was a mutant.

He found this out... quite painfully. It was just two days ago, he was considered 'normal' at the time.


Leonardo was playing football with his mates, Mateo, Samuel, Ricardo and Steven. His eyes were alight with childish excitement as he kicked the ball towards the goal that Steven was blocking. Steven slapped the ball away with his meaty hands, wincing as he did so.

"Aww, no fair!" Leonardo pouted, stomping his foot. So annoyed was he, that he didn't see the delayed slide-tackle from Samuel. Leonardo cried out as he fell, getting dirt on his clothes.

"Haha!" Mateo laughed along with Ricardo, as Samuel was grumbling about now being covered in dirt from his slide-tackle.

Leonardo looked up, tears prickling his eyes. He sniffled. "Shaddup!" he yelled, annoyed at being made fun of.

"What is it? The fourth time that you missed a shot," Steven taunted, walking up to the group. He grinned, his one of his front teeth missing. "All of us made the shot. You're the only one rubbish at the game!"

"No, I'm not!" Leonardo shouted, annoyed at all the constant bullying from his friends. It was always like this. He always got picked on, and he knew it wasn't his fault. Steven was a good goalkeeper, despite his age. He usually watched his older brother play all the time with his team.

"Haha! So lame!" "He can't even make a decent shot!" "What a joke!" were the taunts that came from the boys.

Annoyed, Leonardo yelled, frustration building up in his body. "I'M NOT A JOKE!"

While his shout wasn't very impressive - given his high-pitched voice - what followed afterwards was. The boys were suddenly pushed back by an invisible force. Each of them landed on their butts, wincing and crying as they did so.

Leonardo was confused, wondering how each of them fell back like that. He didn't push them. Did he?

Their cockiness gone, each of the boys shakily got up. "Y-You pushed us! You used magic!" Mateo accused, pointing a stubby finger at Leonardo.

Frowning, Leonardo said, "There's no such thing as magic, stupid! And I didn't push you!"

"Then what was that?" Steven pressed on, freaked out. He looked like he was about to cry.

"I-I don't know!" Leonardo answered, annoyed at being accused.

"D-Diablo!" Samuel suddenly shouted, pointing at Leonardo.

Seeing this, the boys joined in, their young minds following the suggestion. "Diablo! Diablo! Diablo!"

"No, I-it's not true!" Leonardo yelled, now scared. There was no Diablo! No magic! He didn't push the boys! He didn't!

He ran away to his house, the screams of the other boys following him.


Leonardo ran home, tears spilling from his eyes. He banged on the door rapidly. A few seconds later, his father came to the door, alarmed at the state of his son.

"Leo, what's wrong?" his father asked, scooping his son into his arms and hugging him.

"The boys, t-they b-bullied m-me!" Leonardo managed to say through his sobs, soaking his father's shirt.

Frowning, his father brought him indoors, taking him to the living room. His mother sat there, worried.

"Eduardo, what is the matter?" his mother asked, standing up to look at their son.

Eduardo put his son down, looking at his wife. "Maria, he says that some boys were bullying him!"

"Bullying?!" Turning to look at her son, she hugged him. "Do not worry, Leo. Those boys won't harm you again. Why did they bully you?"

Before Leonardo could say anything, there was a rapid knock on the door. Confused, Eduardo walked to the door, his family behind him.

When he opened the door, he saw four parents standing at the door, Mateo, Steven, Samuel and Ricardo behind them. Eduardo frowned. "What is going on?"

"My son says you're son used magic!" Matthew, the father of Steven, growled, arms crossed and glaring at the boy behind the door.

"What? Magic?" Eduardo had an angry frown across his face. "Are you joking, Matthew?"

"It's true!" Samuel backed up his friend, pointing at Leonardo. "Diablo!"

"Stop saying that!" Leonardo shouted, angry.

"Calm down," his mother tried to say, shielding her son. Looking at Samantha, the mother of Ricardo, she pleaded. "Samantha, please! You know my son, he's innocent!"

"I am only listening to what my son has said," Samantha replied, frowning curiously at Leonardo.

"Mama, he's cursed! Demon!" Ricardo yelled, pointing at Leonardo. "He pushed us back with his magic!"

As the other boys joined in and called him other names, the parents didn't do anything. Growling, Leonardo balled his fists. "I didn't do anything!"

At that shout, another invisible force pushed the parents and children back, letting them land on their backs. Samuel hit his head on a nearby rock, falling unconscious. Mateo and Ricardo got scrapes and friction burns. Steven received the least amount of wounds, only a few scrapes. The parents received similar wounds.

Jaw dropped, Leonardo looked at the scene before him, stunned and horrified. "I-I..." he tried to say, but couldn't.

"L-Leo..." The boy looked around to see his parents staring at him in horror.

"I, I didn't mean to-" "D-Diablo." The word cut off Leonardo's speech, his mind trying to digest the word his father had called him. He saw his parents staring at him with fear and uncertainty.


The next day, Leonardo was arguing with his parents. He kept on denying he did anything, and saying that he did not possess any magic. His parents - who believed him before - now accused him of the exact same things the boys did. When he pleaded for his mother to believe him, she slapped him across the face, stunning and wounding him.

Leonardo landed on the ground, slightly crying at the pain and shock at the fact that his mother hit him! When he cried and weakly begged his mother to stop, she exploded. She shrieked at him, cursing him in Spanish and lamenting at the fact that her womb produced him. Leonardo kept on crying at the curses and words, pleading for his mother to stop.

This infuriated his mother, who advanced on him and started slapping and punching him. Leonardo could only cry, covering himself to protect his body from any more abuse. Each strike jarred his brain, breaking his skin. When it looked like he was about to pass out, his mother suddenly stopped. It took a few seconds for Leonardo to look over his arm, only for a slap to come his way.

This time, Leonardo was knocked unconscious, the pain too much for him.


Leonardo awoke an hour later, blinking the spots out of his eyes. His stunned mind took a few minutes to collect himself. All he saw was white. He later realised that he was in a rucksack, the same rucksack that his parents used to collect food.

He screamed, trying to move out, but it was futile. He panicked, his sudden shortage of oxygen becoming apparent. He screamed and yelled and tried to kick, but he couldn't get out of the bag. He could only hear the muttered whispers of his parents, along with the rev of the engine.

Things escalated quickly after that. Leonardo was hyperventilating during the entire ride, worried he was going to suffocate. It was a miracle he was still alive. Suddenly, his world turned sideways as the sack he was in was pulled from the back of his family's car. He kept on kicking and screaming, but he only received several punches to the side for his actions. He eventually kept quiet, his whimpering gone silent.

His memory got fuzzy after that, likely due to the blunt force trauma to the head. He was yanked out of the rucksack, and tied to a wooden chair. His woozy brain finally managed to register the fact that he was in the old church in town, which was catered to by the local priest.

He looked around, seeing his parents sneering at him. He also saw his so-called friends standing there, putting up false masks of cockiness and anger. There were other adults there, all spitting at him and cursing him.

He finally managed to register the fact that the local priest was there, his black robes a contrast to his usual white ones. His grey hair moved with his shaking head, muttering under his breath. Taking a deep breath, he brought out a bible from his pocket and started reading from it.

Leonardo tried to speak and plead with the priest to stop, but he wasn't listening. In fact, the only thing the priest did was throw holy water at him. Leonardo coughed, getting some in his mouth as the prayers continued.

He panicked, feeling the holy water the priest kept on throwing at him, the sneers of his friends and the adults, the frowns and curses of his parents... It was too much! He had to get out of here! He had to!

He wriggled and struggled, doing his best to break free. His desperation, his desire to be free and run away, came in the form of the familiar invisible movement, pushing the priest, the adults, and the children back. This also had the effect of breaking his bonds, the sheer force snapping them.

Leonardo didn't waste any time. He got out of the chair and ran, ran away from the church and the people, tears streaming down his cheeks.

End Flashback

Now, he tried to run frantically, desperate to lose the approaching crowd. He saw the village border, and suddenly excitement filled him. He could run away, get far away. H-He could live on the streets, away from his parents! Anything to save him from-

A rock managed to trip him, halting his thoughts and making him eat dirt. Ice coated his veins, fear gripping his heart. No, no, no, no, NO!

"So," a voice said behind him, making him crawl over the dirt and see who had spoken. It was an elderly man, with a pitchfork in his hands. "No where to run, demon."

Eyes wide, Leonardo started to sob. "P-Please. S-Stop this," he begged. "I didn't do anything! Please! I-I didn't mean to!"

The audience paused at seeing this, doubt and guilt starting to creep into their features. Just as it seemed like they were about to listen to his words, a voice called out, "No!"

Someone stepped forward; that person being Maria, his mother.

Leonardo's heart was ripped in half, seeing his mother the one who was denying his freedom. The relief from all this pain.

"I don't know what you're playing at, demon," Maria spat, fury and disgust written across her features, "but you're tricks won't work on us anymore! I can't believe I ever loved you, you who used your magic to bewitch us!"

Leonardo's tears kept falling at the heartless words. He couldn't handle this. He'd rather get hit and beaten up than hear those words spoken to him.

"Kill him!" Maria shouted, knife raised. The crowd followed afterwards, cheering.

The first weapon to pierce his skin was the knife from Maria. It sunk into his chest. Fortunately, or unfortunately if you look at it, it wasn't fatal. The crowd joined in, all of them joining in on torturing him.

What followed was absolute hell for Leonardo. He was punched, kicked, stabbed, smacked, and damaged further. Blood flew and soaked the ground. His tears and snot mixed with the crimson liquid, staining the ground and the weapons and limbs of the people attacking him. They cried out in joy, happy that the demon was being beaten to death.

Leonardo was in a new world of pain. Pleas didn't work, tears and begging didn't work. He... was going to die.

No, he weakly thought, his mind succumbing to the pain. Leave me alone. Stop.

No one listened to his cries. Not God. Not the people. No one.

Weakly, his vocals damaged from his wounds, he yelled, "STOP!"

At that moment, the invisible force appeared again. Only this time, instead of pushing the people away, it pierced through them. Limbs were separated as blood flew. Bones broke, skin ripped, and body parts flying everywhere. It was like invisible swords started cutting into the crowd, killing them one by one quickly.

The massacre finished as quickly as it started. The aftermath was dead bodies lying in pools of blood. All of them were mutilated in different ways, from stabs wounds to big holes inside them. The most brutal was Maria, who was at the forefront of the assault. She was an unrecognisable corpse of flesh and blood. It looked like she was pierced and cut all over the place.

Leonardo witnessed all of this. All the deaths. All the carnage. All the fearful looks on their faces. They seared into his brain, the images burning in his mind. He suddenly felt incredibly weak, exhausted from the events from the two days. The last thing he saw before he went unconscious was an floating purple being.


En Sabah Nur, now dubbed Apocalypse, floated down to the ground, surveying the massacre before him. He didn't flinch or look away from the bloody and fleshy mess that littered the floor. He was only interested in the boy in front of him. He read the lingering surface thoughts of the boy, named Leonardo Sebastian.

So young, yet experiencing the same things I once faced, he mused sadly, looking at the boy. He smiled warmly. Soon, my child. You will no longer be faced with these pathetic humans. You will be my heir. Perfection.

Scooping up the boy in his arms, Apocalypse teleported away. Leaving the bloody scene behind.


Unknown laboratory, Lab-A1...

Leonardo swam in the tank, hooked up to advanced Celestial technology. He was unconscious, but healed of all the damage that he had received from the mob. His mind was in turmoil, the images playing in his head even as he slept. He was fully naked, a breathing mask and tubes hooked up to his body.

Observing the boy was Apocalypse and Kang the Conqueror, the latter holding several vials of blood and liquid, and a containment box. The two were silent, still looking at the boy. Finally, Apocalypse spoke. "You are sure that my heir will not die during this process?"

"Positive," Kang nodded, looking at the boy with a gleam in his eyes. "The Beyonder showed me the potential the boy has. On his own, he is a force to be reckoned with. After this..." Kang chuckled, imagining the power that he would wield. "He'll be unstoppable. The perfect being."

Apocalypse nodded, also eyeing the boy with greed in his eyes. "Perfect..." He looked to Kang. "Begin the process. My technology will aid in the recovery and processing of the blood present."

Nodding, Kang brought out the vials in his hands and pushed them into different slots, connected to a machine that linked to Leonardo. Each vial had different names on them, though some had initials: F.R., W.M., L., J.H., F. Followed with that, he placed two distinct vials of chemicals inside the slots of the tubes. One was labelled 'Combat Chameleon Serum', while the other was simply labelled 'Sentry Formula'. Finally, Kang placed the liquid metal, which he discovered was dubbed 'Proto-Adamantium' in the tubes hooked up to Leonardo.

The time-traveller looked to Apocalypse, who simply commanded, "Begin gene-splicing."

The tubes of blood, chemicals and mystery metal flowed through the machine and into the tubes hooked up to the boy. As soon as they entered the boy, he started thrashing about, as if being electrocuted. His eyes snapped open, now pure white as Leonardo screamed. His body started to morph slightly, going from skinny, to muscular to lanky. His head twitched, like he was having a seizure.

Pain was all that he experienced as he cried, tears of pain mixing with the water in the tube. He was experiencing more pain than he had with the mob that attacked him. It hurt! It hurt so much! It was like he was lit on fire from the inside, dropped in a bath of acid, and had each of his organs ripped out.

Leonardo's mind went blank from the pain, going unconscious again even as his body morphed rapidly to accept the added blood, chemicals and metal bonded it to him. Just as it looked like it was about to die, something happened.

Leonardo had no idea of his mutant powers, nor was he even aware that he had the X-gene. However, both Kang and Apocalypse had no idea of his full powers. The Beyonder only told them that his power was adaptation and evolution-processing. What he didn't tell them was that he had another power: energy manipulation. This was the power that allowed him to push back the boys in the football field, and what allowed him to kill the chasing mob. However, this power was severely underdeveloped and untrained, and as such, could not do much without training. But now that it was amped-up with the blood of powerful mutants and beings, as well as the advanced and powerful chemicals now adapting inside his body?

Both Apocalypse and Kang only had a few seconds before they were hit with a gigantic explosion of pure energy and power. Leonardo screamed as his eyes flashed from blue, to red, to gold, and then to white. This process continued before the colours mixed in a kaleidoscope of colours. He roared, the explosion increasing in power as all of the built up power was released.

The laboratory that he was held in was destroyed in the following explosion. Not only that, but the surroundings were also obliterated. Wildlife, animals, earth, were all destroyed.

Meanwhile, in New York, people screamed as the explosion was released into the air, deafening them. The clouds cleared and parted as every bird in the vicinity and nearby died instantly, annihilated by the explosion of power.

Buildings shook and shattered, collapsing and killing numerous people. TVs went static before being shattered. The oceans shook and rumbled, causing boats to fly up from the seas and land directly into the ocean, killing sailors and cruisers.

Up flying in the air, the massive black floating object known as the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier shook and tumbled, nearly tumbling below. Aboard, an African-American in a black trenchcoat and dark clothes and an eyepatch on his eye was barking orders to nearby men and women. "Somebody investigate what the hell is going on! Hill, I want surveillance on the nearest epicentres of each earthquake! Run damage control on each and every nearby civilian. Now!"

Inside the house labelled 'The Xavier Institute for Gifted Children', a bald man screamed in pain, quickly removing a metal helmet on his head as it sparked and fizzed, before exploding. He yelled in pain as blood dripped from his nose and eyes, the sudden psionic energy off the charts!

"Professor!" a beautiful African-American with long white hair yelled, running to tend to the bald man, a hairy, short man following behind her.

In a small neighbourhood, a young red-headed girl cried out in pain as blood dripped from her mouth, nose and ears and collapsed, not hearing her parents cry out to her. In the recess of her mind, a fiery and powerful entity that came in the shape of a phoenix screeched, looking as if it had surprise written across its features. As well as... fear.

In space, rips and tears in the fabric of reality were formed, threatening to destroy the nearby planets. The space-time continuum looked as if it was going to collapse.

The explosion of power looked like it was going to continue, until suddenly, it halted. It was as if time itself had paused. Then, the explosion vanished, disappeared instantly. The tears in reality closed, the earthquakes stopped, buildings stopped shaking. The Earth itself looked as if peace suddenly washed over it.

In the unknown and now non-existent laboratory, Leonardo floated there. The tank and tubes connected to him had been destroyed. He hung, suspended in the air with his head bowed, and eyes closed. All the wounds from the tubes injected into him healed instantaneously in a matter of milliseconds.

He continued to hang there for a minute. Two minutes. Three minutes. Finally, he snapped his head open, opening his eyes. His eyes glowed with the kaleidoscope of white, blue, red and gold. Leonardo didn't say anything for a moment, before his eyes settled on blue. Suddenly, he disappeared, space distorting slightly.


Years later, Antarctica, Unclaimed Territory...

Thing were progressing quite well in Magneto's opinion.

Xavier remained occupied with Mystique's Brotherhood, leaving him unable to hinder the Acolytes missions. It also left Magneto free to focus on his greatest undertaking. Asteroid M would be the haven from which he and the chosen could guide mutantkind to their bright future.

Of course, things had not been easy even without Xavier's interference. Getting the more mundane equipment and materials had been tricky. Then there were the classified prototypes that generated atmosphere, gravity, and a stealth field. Which was a humongous task to achieve.

But by far, the most challenging part of Asteroid M were the needed calculations. The easiest of these being the velocity and vector needed to insert Asteroid M into a stable orbit. The complexity only rose from there, with a hundred other details complicating things further.

As his latest simulation ended in yet another failure, Magneto swore in disgust. The tiniest flaw in these calculations would invite an ecological disaster of unforeseeable proportions. Which Magneto could not allow, if his people were to inherit the earth then it needed to be able to support them.

Resetting the simulation parameters, Magneto revisited the idea of bringing in an outside consultant. His normal consultant, Mister Sinister, was more of a geneticist than a physicist. Thaddeus Sivana Sr. could have been a viable choice if he did not make the devil appear trustworthy. Then there was A.I.M, the jack of all trades in the black market sciences.

His communication suite hummed to life, signifying someone had entered it. Turning around, Magneto's eyes lit up in recognition. "Mystique," he greeted the blue-skinned shapeshifter.

Mystique's lips twitched. "Erik. I hope all goes well."

"One can hope," he responded dryly. "Has there been any development with your Brotherhood?"

Mystique scowled, shaking her head in disgust. Her red hair bobbed with the action. "Hardly. Toad is nothing but a lazy, incompetent fool. Lance is arrogant and doesn't take corrections, and that's not even covering Pietro's file."

Magneto scowled at hearing the mention of his son. "What of him?"

"He's too cocky," Mystique summarised, frowning. "Hotheaded, short-tempered, flies off the handle too much, and plenty more that I'd rather not spend time listing."

Magneto snarled, annoyed. Then he calmed down, trying to relax. "This is unacceptable. That naïve fool, Xavier, is already filling his school with more children, and filling their head with utter rubbish. I refuse to allow him to best me, due to the utter incompetence of several teenage boys." Sighing, he mentally went over several ideas, finding one particularly useful. "It looks like we'll have to do some recruiting. We need to guide our brothers and sisters to the right cause."

"And where exactly are we going to find them?" Mystique queried, an eyebrow raised.

"I think I have a solution," a voice said. Magneto and Mystique turned quickly, seeing a person standing in the suite. Mystique's hand went to her handgun, while Magneto narrowed his eyes.

The unknown person was a tall young man who looked to be sixteen. He had an incredibly handsome face, with chiselled cheekbones and smooth skin, which spoke of Spanish descent. His long black hair reached his shoulders, tousled near the end. He also wore a white T-shirt with a leather jacket over it. This, however, did nothing to hide his incredible physique. His muscles were toned and strong, almost looking as if they were going to break his clothes. It looked even more impressive than any Olympian athlete, even under those clothes. Ripped jeans adorned his legs, along with red Converse hi-tops.

Despite his appearance, he seemed calm. Almost too calm. As if there was nothing in the world that could bring him down or challenge him. What showcased this were his eyes. They were a warm brown, and yet screamed of absolute power and coldness. They had a dark tint to them, as if he had experienced great horrors and tragedies.

"Who are you?" Magneto immediately asked, using the surrounding metal to wrap itself around the unknown teen. And yet, just as the metal reached him, it fell as if it was wet paper. Shocked, Magneto tried to manipulate it, but found that he couldn't.

Mystique looked as if she was about to fire her gun, but it suddenly turned to dust in her hands. Shocked, Mystique lowered her hands, fearful.

The teen smiled, showing his perfect white teeth. "My name is Leonardo Sebastian. I heard that you needed a recruit."

Done. Whoo, am I glad I managed to write this down.

So, if you didn't already know, this fic idea was offered to me by a Guest reviewer (think he goes by Marvel fan, now), which I managed to put down.

This is the prologue chapter, so next chapter will seem different and more displaced than this one. To help you guys, I'll answer some obvious questions:

1) The Beyonder has interfered, and recruited Kang the Conqueror and Apocalypse to produce this 'perfect being'. My OC named Leonardo Sebastian. Why? Because he was bored. Plus, this is well within his power.

2) Leonardo's mutant abilities are as follows:

Energy Manipulation - this is one of Leo's original mutant abilities. He can absorb, direct and manipulate energy, both in its purest form, and other forms of energy. This can be used in the form of concussive blasts, energy projectiles, energy shields, and energy limbs. It originally starts out as invisible energy limbs, like Lucy's/Kaede's vectors from Elfen Lied. These 'limbs' can cut, punch and tear through solid material. The only downside to them is that if Leo wants to put more power in them, they become more visible and easier to dodge. The speed and power also depends on Leo's concentration. When fully mastered, this would make him Omega-Level, possibly even beyond.

Matter Manipulation - [Locked]. [Self-Explanatory]. A by-product of his manipulation of energy.

Telepathy - [Self-Explanatory].

Telekinesis - [Self-Explanatory]

Teleportation - [Self-Explanatory]

Precognition - [Locked]. [Self-Explanatory]

Astral Projection - [Self-Explanatory]

Pocket Dimension Creation - [Locked]. [Self-Explanatory]

Reality Warping - [Limited]. [Self-Explanatory]

Hex Powers and Chaos Magic - [Self-Explanatory]

Adaptation and Evolution-Processing - Leo can adapt to any surroundings, environment, and mental processing. His evolution-processing is an ability in which he can ingest or drink a person's blood to gain their powers/X-gene and potentially enhance them. Similar to Rogue's power, only he can keep the powers indefinitely. The only downside is that he needs to ingest the person's blood.

Psychometry and Good Luck Probability Manipulation - [Self-Explanatory]

Healing Factor - [Self-Explanatory].

Proto-Adamantium Bone Claws - [Self-Explanatory]

High Talent for Technology/Machines - [Self-Explanatory]

Super Strength

Super Speed

Super Agility

Superhuman/Enhanced Relflexes




Healing others.

Photographic Memory

Photographic Reflexes.

3) Leo will start out as a villain first, since he's joining Magneto, but will eventually become an anti-hero.

4) Leo's also messed up and very unstable and insane. Like, mix Deadpool's insanity, Carnage's depravity, and a mind touched by the Darkhold. If any of you get House of M vibes, good. You're notified.

5) Harem is as follows:

Jean Grey/Marvel Girl/Phoenix, Emma Frost/White Queen, Anne Marie/Rogue, Betsy Braddock/Psylocke, Laura Kinney/X-23, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, Ororo Munroe/Storm, Selene Gallio, Susan Storm/Invisible Woman, Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Amora/The Enchantress, Mystique, and Jessica Drew/Spider Woman. None of these girls are being removed. One or two more may be added, but that's it.

6) The story will start off from the X-Men Evolution show, and continue onwards.

Well, that's it. I'm posting the chapters one by one, so I won't respond to reviews for the first few chapters.

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