I know y'all are disappointed that this isn't an actual chapter. I'm disappointed in myself too. But I wanted to tell something to you guys. Now, before you can jump into assumptions, I AM NOT ABANDONING THIS STORY! This is my baby, my precious, I love it to death. I'm not about to let it go. I just don't like the plot holes the size of Galaxy One in my story. Plus after several re-reads, I came to hate chapter two. It completely ruins the entire vibe of the story. I've been working all my spare time from HS (and summer school) to edit chapter 2, and after watching the second season, I decided to rewrite the entire story. The introduction to FS will change, some extra plot points will be added to chapter 1, and due to chapter 2 being entirely rewritten, chapter 3 will go through a huge change too. And, hey, maybe I can even squeeze Chapter 4 in there! And to my 9 followers and 3 favs, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Y'all are awesome. Anyway, AHAM out!