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Epilogue: Rewind

There was a quiet whirring sound nearby, like the gentle purr of a motor. It eased Krista out of sleep. She stretched, trying to remember why she was in a bed and not on the cold unforgiving ground of Titan.

Then, all at once, she recalled everything. The Statesman. Thanos. Wakanda. The Snap. The Dusting. The Aftermath. Titan. The Gauntlet.

With a gasp, she sat up, blinking away any trace of sleep. And she looked beside her in the bed, freezing in shock.

Loki was there. Lying on his front, bare-chested – and probably naked underneath the sheets – sleepy peacefully. She made sure it wasn't a dream by reaching for a strand of his jet black hair, and it elicited a sleepy moan from him.

The smile she produced could have lit a thousand cities for a year at least. Ecstatic with joy, she launched herself at her husband who was now alive, again, and she woke him from his slumber.

Startled, Loki turned around and sat up, pushing her away before he realised who exactly had just assaulted him. His surprised turned into mischief, and he smirked. "Well well, Krista Eriksdottir, did you wake up with a sudden need to throttle me?"

His voice, his eyes, that smile, and the heart that beat steadily under his ribs – she made sure of that too – made her hug him as tightly as she could. "You're here. You're alive, you're here."

Loki huffed in mocking surprise. "I thought we'd settled that yesternight, already, my love."

Of course. Warlock had warned them. Nobody else than the few who'd been present on Titan would remember. As far as Loki was concerned, none of the horrors she'd been through had happened.

She gently entangled herself from him and, noticing the lack of a ring on her finger, she smirked herself. "Loki, didn't you intend to ask me to marry you, today?"

The shock on his handsome face made her laugh. It was strange, to laugh, after such a long time living through despair and constant anger.

Her laugh doubled in intensity when the door to their chambers slid open and Thor ran in, tackling his brother and sister-in-law – although technically, not anymore – to the mattress.

Loki mumbled a half-concealed "Alright, what is going on?" that passed unnoticed in the bubble of relief and happiness that had formed around them.

An hour later, Krista, Loki, Thor, Brunnhilde – who'd received her fair share of awkward hugs as well – Heimdall and Bruce had gathered into the ship's main room to discuss what had happened. In length, and in torturous details. Loki had gone from pale to livid in a matter of seconds, as did Heimdall who, for all his wisdom and powers, had not seen any of this coming, but silence fell once Thor mentioned Baldr and the truth behind his death.

For a few moments, those who had known the God of Youth reminisced his existence and sacrifice, putting a final flourish to the mystery that had long plagued his brothers, who'd taken the blame.

And then Bruce gasped suddenly, and launched a loud "Natasha!" that made Krista chuckle.

"She's alright," she said, certain that her words were true. "And we'll see her soon enough. I suppose that Stark or Barton will have filled the others in."

"I must say," answered Loki with a far-away look in his eyes, "for all the bad blood there is between us, I would not have wished Barton any of what happened to him." He met Krista's gaze, and she was in that second reminded that there was something that she should talk to him about.

But how did one tell one's husband that they were pregnant, when technically the child had been conceived only a few hours prior?

She pushed the thought to the back of her head, and laced their fingers together. She was loath to let him slip through them ever again.

"So," she said with a cheeky smile while turning to Thor, "I believe you have to be crowned again! And after that, wouldn't you mind marrying us? Again?"

Thor's booming laughter mixed with Heimdall's, and then Brunn was grabbing her hand and pulling her out of the room.

"Hen night!" the Valkyrie shouted, and Kris laughed even louder.

That evening, all was well. Thor was officially King of Asgard again, there was no trace of any ship belonging to Thanos anywhere on the radar, and Loki and Krista had been handfast again.

It was a bit surreal, to get through all of that again, and being one of the few to know why it was surreal.

A few hours after Thor's crowning, they'd received a transmission from Earth from one Iron Man, surprisingly congratulating the 'Danish Girl' and 'Reindeer Games' for their union, and inviting the Asgardians to land at the Avengers' facilities.

Things were looking good. That's what Krista thought of as she watched Loki embrace his brother with a big smile on both their faces. Everything was mended, she had her loved one back, she was expecting their child, and she was soon going to see Nathan again.

Everything was perfect, and yet…

"Your Majesty, there's a transmission coming," one of the pilots announced as Thor toasted the couple's health for the thousandth time.

He raised a hand and a brow. "Let us hear it!"

Music rose then in the air, as if someone had plugged in a stereo. Krista's lips turned upwards as she recognized a song from the infamous Jackson Five, but aside from Bruce, no one caught the reference.

Then, amidst the music, rose a voice that had never sounded so happy and that none expected to hear again. "Hey Asgardians, mind if a few Guardians join your party?"

A ship appeared then at the window, and when she walked to it, Krista clearly saw Nebula facing her, a green-skinned woman next to her. And piloting the ship, was Rocket.

All was well indeed…

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