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Author's Note: Well here it is. The final part of this story. Am I entirely happy with the end result? Sorta. I originally wanted to write this in the first person from Asriel's perspective but no matter how I tried I couldn't make it work. Oh well. Every time I checked this story's metrics and saw the new views, followers, and favourites, it filled me with Determination. It helped me see this story through to its end, unlike my other works which sadly lay abandoned or on indefinite hold. I enjoyed writing this Undertale fic and I may write more in the future. I hope you enjoyed reading this story. I wish you a great day!


-=-=-=-=- PART XI -=-=-=-=-


"Hey." She greeted when she saw him.

"Hey." He returned, turning around to see her.

They stood apart on the shingle beach. It felt like forever since they last saw each other. The weather had warmed and the snow had melted. A light breeze blew through, causing small ripples in the pond. Frisk smiled and ran toward Asriel. She threw her arms around him and he did the same. The two had been mostly apart for the better half of a month and they treasured any moment the had together. They broke their embrace and the two moved over and sat beneath the tree that had their names carved in it.

"So…" Asriel began, "how've you and Dad been getting along?"

"I've been really bored and Asgore has been normal cheery self," she explained, "How've you and Toriel been?"

"Mom tries to keep me busy so I can't find the time to go see you."

Frisk didn't have a response for that. A sad look crossed her face.

"She's just being overprotective." He said, subconsciously rubbing the scars on his forearm.

He noticed what he was doing and stopped. He glanced over and saw the guilt in her eyes.

Asriel set a hand on her shoulder, "h-hey. Look. It wasn't your fault. You weren't the one in charge of your actions. We both know that."

She looked away. "I know, but…" she mumbled, "I still feel like… like I didn't put up enough of a fight. That I didn't even try to resist."

Asriel pulled Frisk over and leant her on his shoulder. "You did resist though."

"Ugh. I know. It's just… ugh. I hate feelings. Feelings suck. I wish I was a Vulcan."

Asriel chuckled. "Oh come now. Feelings don't suck. If you didn't have feelings, sure, you wouldn't feel sad, but you wouldn't feel happy either."

"That shrink Alphys has me seeing said damn near the same thing."


"Ayup. He has me write my feelings and thoughts down in a journal."

"Huh. That's very Night-in-the-Woods-ish."

"Yeah. I haven't really written much. I mostly doodle in it. Wanna see?"


She pulled from her pocket a little spiral-bound notebook and handed it over to Asriel. He flipped through the pages, seeing drawings wherever they could be fit in. They littered the margins and spaces between the paragraphs of vaguely written emotional tirades. Pictures of tanks, trains, starships, robots fighting werewolves, and a drawing of… him. The attention to detail was staggering. His stubby horns, the errant tuft of hair on the top of his head, the way he smiles. She noticed his lingering on the drawing and snatched the notebook from his hands. He looked over and saw that her cheeks were flushed.

"That one was pretty good," Asriel commented.

"S-shut up!" Frisk snapped, embarrassed.

"No really. It was very nice."

"Yeah, whatever." She mumbled.

"So does it help?" Asriel asked after a few seconds.


"The journal, does it help?"

"Uh…" Frisk pondered for a moment, "I guess? I mean, I don't write stuff out that thoroughly."

"I noticed," Asriel replied dryly, "I must have seen the phrase 'I'm bored and sad' at least a dozen times when flipping through it."

"To be fair, I've been mostly bored and sad. Asgore doesn't have much to do around his apartment."

Asriel in response to this he grabbed his backpack and pulled a pair of teal objects from it. Frisk's eyes lit up when we saw them. He passed one of the objects to her and she took it as quickly as she snatched the notebook. She held the object and flipped it open eagerly. It was her 3ds. She beamed joyfully. She couldn't find it when she was collecting her things for her stay at Asgore's. Here it was though, right there in her hands.

"I brought the charger and some of your favourite games too," Asriel remarked.

She beamed as she turned the device on and Asriel followed suit. They played the hours away and day shifted to dusk. The battery life dwindled until the devices gave their signature warning of their impending shut-down. They called the game they were in the middle of a draw and shut them. Asriel checked his phone. Multiple missed calls and texts from his mother. He was going to get an earful when he got home. He sighed and returned the phone to his pocket. Frisk laughed.

"Yeah… I'm gonna get chewed out too."

She leant her head on his shoulder and slid her arm around his back.

"I don't care though. I needed this."

Ariel slid his arm around her waist and pulled her in a little closer.

"Yeah… I did too."

The looked down at her and she looked up. A strange feeling fluttered around in Asriel's stomach as he looked into her soft, brown eyes. A strange look came to her. Their faces grew closer until her eyes were all he could see. Her gaze was magnetic. A heat rose to his face and his cheeks were tinged with a blush. He longed to draw closer. His want for her was overwhelming. Everything had stood still. Naught a sound but their breathing was heard. His heart pounded with desire in his chest. They drew closer, their eyes closed. At the last moment, he turned away. It didn't feel right to go through with it. Frisk felt his hesitation and pulled away. The two parted without another word on the matter. Despite the ensuing awkwardness of the near kiss, despite the truly harrowing month, despite everything that threatened to drive the two of them apart, Asriel and Frisk were now closer and stronger than ever.