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Note: This take place in the main Marvel comics universe.

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Prologue: Secret Origin

The Moon Cell Core
Hakuno P.O.V

Darkness, that's all what I can see as my sight faded and I descent deeper in the water. Long time has passed since I entered the Moon Cell core and made my wish, I will probably be erased sooner or later. Although I would rather its be sooner than later, waiting here knowing that I'm going to die and not being able to do anything about it is just the worst.

I'm not even sure if !%& is still by my side or if %#$ has been erased. !%&, %#$ real name is !$% and %#$ is the servant who was by my side since the very beginning and the one I fell in love with… Sigh… who am I even talking to? I am alone now, no one here to save me, save me like always. I really wish I could have seen the outside world even if it was just for a moment… but I guess my luck has already ran out.

All of sudden I felt like my body being torn apart and my entire body gone numb… I guess this is the end. I wonder if there is an afterlife for an NPC like me or if I would just be erased from existence. Well, at very least even if I disappeared there is someone alive who will remember me…

Homurahara Elementary
st P.O.V

"Ha…wa…p!" All of sudden I heard a very loud voice waking me up from my dream.

"Five more minutes…" I mumbled and tried to go back to sleep. Instantly I started hearing someone stomping towards me.

"I said, wake up!" I heard the voice again but this time it was much closer and louder, I immediately jumped up in surprise. I looked up from my desk to see a woman wearing a green dress with a yellow and black stripe shirt. It's Ms. Taiga… and she seemed pretty angry. Oh great now I'm in trouble.

"Pfft…" I heard some of the students stifle a laugh and I turned toward them with a glare, then I turned towards Ms. Taiga to see her still angry. Please something save me.

"Seriously, this is the third time this week. Ha-"


"That's will do!" I exclaimed as I heard the bell ringing. I took hold of my backpack and jumped to my feet and started to run out of the classroom.

"Hey, wait!" Ms. Taiga yelled but I ignored her and continued running. While running I spot a girl with brown hair in a twintails and have brown eye and she's wearing the Homurahara Elementary school uniform, overall she looks like me just with her hair in a twintails. She's my twin sister Haruka Kishinami.

"Haruka, let's go!'' I said as I grabbed her hand and continued running.

"Wait, Sis! Why are we running?" She asked while I dragged her of out the school, and then I slow down and let go of her hand once we were far enough from the school. "Seriously, what did you do this time?" She asked again in a tired tone.

"I didn't do anything!" I exclaimed and she raise an eyebrow at me. "Okay, maaaaybe I slept for few minutes, but that's because of the you-know-what." I said while looking around to make sure no one around us to hear.

"I told you staying late and experimenting with your you-know-what was a dumb idea. Also, mom already told us not talk about THAT!" Haruka said with a concerned look on her face.

"Come on, you and Mom worries too much. Nobody will hear us if talked quietly, and even if they did what are they gonna do? We are mu-" Before I even finish my sentence she covered my mouth, and then she gave me a serious look.

"Sis! Don't even joke about this!" She said and then removed her hand from my mouth. I still don't get why we are not supposed to talk about us being Mutants, but it doesn't matter. Soon enough we won't have to hide it anymore, or at the very least that's what mom says.

"Ugh, Fine… you're really no fun sometime." I said and continued our way home. Sigh… Seriously, just when I got superpowers, everyone suddenly started telling me to never use them. I mean, I know a lot of people hate Mutants, but I'm pretty sure if I became a popular superhero they will start to like me.

Kishinami Household
st P.O.V

"Mom! We're back!" I yelled as I burst through the door. I looked around to see a woman with a brown eyes and brown hair in a ponytail and she was wearing a purple skirt and a sleeveless white blouse. She's my Mom; she's sitting on the couch with a worried look on her face.

"How many times have I told to not burst through the door like that? Seriously, you are gonna break the door at this rate." Mom said as she turned toward us, she looked like she's tired. She has been like this ever since our power manifested.

"Well if I broke it you could always fix it.'' I said with a smile and walked toward the couch ad jumped on it.

"Sigh… We're not made of money, you know? Seriously, one day you'll be the death of me…'' She said as she put her hand on the back of her head. "Also, go change your clothes."

"Fine, mo-'' Before I finished my sentence I was interrupted by the sound of the phone ringing.

"I will get it!" Haruka exclaimed as she walked toward the phone and picked it up and after a few second she turned toward Mom with a confused look on her face.

"Mom, there's a foreigner guy on the phone talking in English." She said to Mom. Mom eyes immediately widened and she rushed to Haruka and took the phone from hand, and before she replied she looked at us.

"Umm… Haruka, take your sister upstairs and change your clothes." She said and Haruka walked towards me and took my hand and proceed to drag me upstairs.

"Wait!" I yelled but she ignored me and continued taking me upstairs.

"Seriously, you didn't have to pull me by the arm." I said while going downstairs after we changed our clothes.

"I already told you, Mom probably wanted to take that call in privacy." Haruka whispered.

"Well, you should have said that from the beginning." I said with a pout and she sighed to herself. When we reached down I saw Mom closing the phone with a smile on her face. "Sooo, who was that on the phone?" I asked her and Haruka immediately nudged me on my arm.

"That was the Xavier Institute. They were calling to discuss your enrollment." She said while still smiling.

"Xavier Institute?" I asked in confusion. I feel like I heard that name before.

"Oh, the Xavier Institute is a school for Mutants; they will help learn how to control your power and other stuff like that." She said and I immediately remembered where I heard that name before, it's the place where the X-Men work. Wait…

"Wait, isn't that America or something?" Haruka questioned before I could ask the same thing.

"Well, yeah…" Mom replied as her smile faded.

"Ehhh! But I don't want to go there! You didn't even tell us beforehand!" Haruka complained and Mom sighed at her, and then crouched and put her hand on our heads.

"Listen you two, I know this is hard for you, having to leave home and go to foreign country, and having to leave your friends behind. It's tough I get it, but this is for your own good." She trailed off while looking at both of us with a soft smile. "And it's not like you're going there alone, I will be there with you." She said as she ruffled our hairs and then stood up.

"Sigh… Fine…" The fifth grader said with a defeated look on her face. "So, when are we leaving?" she asked her with a sad tone, and Mom suddenly looked nervous.

"Tomorrow, seven in the morning…" She said with a nervous smile, and Haruka immediately pouted angrily and stormed upstairs to our room.

"Sigh… Could you please go and talk to your sister?" Mom said while burying her face in her hand and groaned.

"Yes, sir!" I said while smiling excitedly and started to walk upstairs but I stopped and turned around once I heared Mom talking.

"Okay, you're alarmingly happy for what's going on right now..." She said in exhaustion.

"What? I don't know what you're talking about! Anyway, I'm going to talk Haruka, bye!" I said and rushed toward our room.

"Hey… Haruka? Are you okay?" I said as I walked inside our room and saw Haruka in her bed covering herself with a blanket. I walked towards her and sat at the edge of the bed. "Come on, it's not THAT bad! I mean it's not like we're gonna stay there forever!" I said while looking at her.

"How do you know that?" She asked with an annoyed tone.

"Well, Mom said we'll be there until we learn how to fully control our power." I said with an awkward smile and she removed the blanket from her face.

"And how long is that gonna take? It will probably take us years! I mean it's so sudden, Mom didn't even give me a time to prepare and say goodbye to my friends." She said while pouting.

"Haruka… You know that you can use the phone to call them, right? Also, you literally have only two friends and I'm one of those two." I said while looking at her with a blank look on my face.

"I have more than two friends! And anyway you're only saying that because you actually want to go there, because you want to see the Avengers or whatever!" She yelled while still pouting at me.

"What!? I don't know what you're talking about! I don't even like the Avengers!" I said with an awkward laugh.

"There's an Avengers poster and a Ms. Marvel poster on the wall over your bed!" She said dryly while looking at the wall on the other side of the room and I sighed in defeat.

"Look Haruka, I know that you don't like this whole superpower thingy, but you don't have to worry, I will be there with you, I will always be by your side. So, you won't be lonely." I said with a smile.

"…Do you promise?" She asked with sad eyes.

"Of course I do! I mean, we're twins and it's like a rule for us to stay together until the end of time. And besides, you're the best young sister anyone could ask for. So, of course I will always be with you!" I said with a bright smile my face.

"I guess you're right…" She trailed and a soft smile appeared on her face. "Also, I'm six minutes older than you. So, I'm the older sister." She continued and I ignore her.

"Anyway, once we learn how to perfectly use our power…" I said with a smile as I extended my hand and pointed at the pillow on the other bed. I concentrated a little bit and used my psychic power to make it slowly float towards me. "We will make the greatest superhero duo!" I said with a wide grin as the pillow reached my hand.

"Can't you think of anything besides being a superhero?" She questioned in exhaustion.

"Nope! I mean, come on! It's the age of heroes and we have superpowers, psychic power specifically! So, it makes total sense that we should become superheroes!" I said enthusiastically.

"Sigh…I guess I'm gonna call Jinako and tell her that we are gonna leave tomorrow." She said and started walking outside the room and closed the door behind her.

"See! I told you, you only have one friend besides me!" I yelled trying to tease my ten years old twin.

"Shut up!" I heard her yelling from outside the room. Once I made sure that Haruka was far enough, I walked towards my bed while looking at the two posters with a smile on my face.

"Ahh, I just can't wait to see the Avengers in flesh a-" Before I could even finish my sentence Haruka suddenly burst through the door.

"Sis, Mom said to stop fan-girling over your stupid posters and start packing your stuff!" She said while giving me a blank look.

"Weren't you going to call your one and only friend that isn't me?" I said while giving her a smirk.

"Mom said we should pack our stuff first. Also, make one more joke about me having only one friend and I will tell Mom!" She yelled with a pout on her face.

"oh,come on! It was just a joke! And anyway who need friends when you have an adorable little sister like me!" I said while giving her big smile.

"Sigh… Just start packing your stuff." She said tiredly and I started to pack my stuff with a groan.

Moon Cell Core
Hakuno P.O.V

"$%... Are you still here?" I said while still floating and being erased, hoping that my servant is still in here, but no response. Then again I can't even hear my own voice, so maybe she answered and I didn't hear it.

"Huh?" I exclaimed as I came to the realization… I don't even remember who my servant was anymore… I see. Not only am I being erased but my memories are being erased too… Well, it doesn't really matter. I'm gonna die either way. What's losing a few memories gonna change.

Kishinami's Household
st P.O.V

"Urgh! Not that dream again…" I grunted as I woke up from that weird dream again. Ever since I got my power I have been having these dreams where I'm floating in the sea and something is trying to erase me from existence or something. Haruka also have those dreams, Mom said it's might have something to do with our power. Sigh… It's still 3AM, I better go back to sleep.

"I can't sleep…" I said and then sighed to myself. I got out of my bed and walked towards Haruka's bed. "Umm, Haruka? Are you awake?"

"Yes…" She said as she opened her eyes and looked at me. "Did you have that dream too?" She asked with a concerned tone and I nodded.

"Umm… Can I sleep with you tonight?" I asked her timidly and she sighed to herself.

"Sigh… Sure, why not." She said with a little smile and moved a little to the side to make a place for me.

"Yay, you're the best sister ever…" I said tiredly and crawled into her bed. "…Even if you're only doing this because you can't sleep too." I continued as I crawled into her bed.

"Just go back to sleep…" She said and closed her eyes trying to go back to sleep and I followed suit.


"Gaaaah!" We both screamed in surprise as someone slammed the door open, we looked at the door to see it was Mom.

"You two wake up! We will be late for our flight!" She said loudly.

"But it's still too early!" I said and then looked at the clock to that it's still 3AM… Huh, it was 3AM a few minutes ago, the battery must be dead or something.

"It's five in the morning, I told you two that we are leaving at seven. So, prepare yourself and make sure you didn't forget anything." She said and walked away, we both sighed tiredly as we got out of bed, and suddenly Mom came back. "By the way, it's really adorable that you two still sleep together." She said with a smirk and I groaned as she left again.

"Let's just get this over with…" Haruka said and she seemed like she still don't want to go.

"Sigh… This will probably be a very hard day…" I whispered with a tiered sigh. Well, it doesn't really matter! We're going to New York City, The home of the Avengers and the home of Ms. Marvel! I just can't wait to get there.


Tokyo Airport
st P.O.V

"I still can't believe that we're going to New York…" Haruka said still annoyed by the fact that we're leaving. Mom was currently talking with one of her friends; her friend was a woman around the same age as her. She has a long black hair in twintails and blue eye. She's wearing a red sweater and a black skirt. Her name was Rin… Umm, something. I don't know, I don't remember her last name.

"Oh, come on. We already talked about that, and you agreed to go." I replied to her while still looking at Mom and her black haired friend.

"Yeah, but… I don't know. I just feel like something bad gonna happen once we get there. I mean, we don't even know how to speak English." She said while fidgeting nervously.

"You worry too much sometimes, you know that?" I told her with a sigh as I saw Mom coming towards us.

"Come on you two, we're leaving." Mom said and toke holds of both of our hands and started to walk with us.

"Mom, we can walk on our own, we don't need you to hold our hands. We're not kids anymore!" Haruka complained with a pout, and Mom ignored her with a sigh. I looked at her face to see that she looked pale and worried about something.

"Mom, are you okay…?" I asked her and she looked at me with a smile.

"I'm fine, don't worry." She replied and even I could tell she's lying. Both Haruka and I exchanged a worried look as we continued walking with her.

Moon Cell Core
Hakuno P.O.V

"So, that's it, huh…" I whispered as I felt most of my body disappearing. I guess this is as far as I can go. I was kinda hoping that I will be able to see the real world, but this isn't bad. I mean, I was able to win the Holy Grail War, and I was able to stop the war from happening again, and I was even able to save #!&*. Heck, I managed to find friends and a lover in this hellscape. For someone who isn't even real that's actually was impressive. So, I guess I don't really regret a lot.

*Thump* *Thump* *Thump* *Thump*

"Then why…? Why am I still afraid?" I questioned out loud. Why am I even afraid? It's not like there is anything left for me, and there's no place for me to go to anyway, after all I don't have a body in the outside world, heck I don't even remember the name of the people I care about. So, why am I still scared? Why is my heart still beating fast?

"I… I-I don't want to die…" I stuttered as I started to feel my body shaking… is this what everyone I defeated felt like before being erased? I don't want to die like this, alone and scared!

" #%$... Are you there!? Please, if you're there answer me!" I yelled desperately hoping that my Servant will answer as my heart started to beat faster and faster…

"Please, someone… anyone please help me!"

st P.O.V

"Urgh!" I groaned as I started to wake up and opened my eyes. I immediately closed my eyes again as I felt pain soaring through my body and strong wind hitting my face. I slowly opened my eyes again and I saw… myself falling from the sky towards the ocean...

"What the!?" I exclaimed as I started to look around myself in panic. What's happening? One moment I was with Mom and Haruka in the plane and the next I'm here falling. "What's happening!?" I questioned in fear as tears started to pour out of my eyes. I looked up and gasped in shock as I saw the plane falling from the sky with smoke coming out from the side.

"What's going on!? Please, someone… anyone please help me!" I yelled in fear as I closed my eyes and braced myself for the impact.

"Huh" all of sudden my body started to move by itself as my eyes opened one their own and my right hand extended in front of me and I whispered.

"add_invalid()" I whispered an incomprehensible words and suddenly my body was engulfed by a red light and everything went black.

Hakuno P.O.V

"Ouch!" I exclaimed as I opened my eyes with a groan. "What happened?" I questioned as memories rushed back to me. One moment I was in the Moon Cell being erased and the next I was falling from the sky to my death, and then I used my Formal Wear to nullify the force of the impact…

"Where am I anyway?" I asked myself and looked around me. I was in a white empty space with nothing in sight… am I dead? Is this where dead people go? "Huh?" I said as I spotted a little girl lying on the ground… and she looked like a ten years old version of me. Okay, this is getting weirder and weirder every second.

"Gaaaah!" All of sudden the little girl woke up with a scream almost startling me. She looked around her with a scared look. "Mom! Haruka! Are you in there? Where am-" She stopped talking the moment she spotted me and ran towards me but stopped once she was close enough and gave me confused look.

"Mom…? Why do you look younger?" She asked in confusion, and then her confused look turned into fear. "Y-You're not Mom… Who are you?" She said and took a step back in fear… and now she's about to cry.

"Umm, don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you. For that matter I'm not even sure where this is exactly. So, please don't cry." I told her awkwardly with a soft smile trying to make her calm down, and I seem to succeed.

"W-Where are we? Why do you look like Mom?" She asked with a stutter while looking at me warily.

"Well, the answer for both questions is I don't know." I answered her questions while still trying to be friendly, and a sad look appeared on her face. "Listen, I might not know where are we or what's going on, but you don't have to worry I will help you." I said to her while ruffling her hair. I sound confident but I really don't know what to do with this situation.

"R-Really?" She questioned me and I immediately nodded my head.

"Anyway, while we are at it lets introduce ourselves, my name is Hakuno Kishinami, what's about you" I asked her and she seemed extremely confused for some reason.

"Hakuno Kishinami…? But that's my Mom's name…" She said and now it's my turn to be confused.

"Umm… Okay, now I'm starting to get a headache…" I said while rubbing my head. So, her Mom looks like me and has the same name as me? What the hell is going on exactly? "So… What's your name?" I asked her while still rubbing my head in confusion.

"Oh… H-Haruko Kishinami…" She said while still looking at me in confusion… Where the hell am I?