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"Foreign Language"

Chapter 3: New day, New Home

? P.O.V

"Beyond this rift lay the Zero Dark, the domain of the Umbral Star fragment." The brown haired man said as I stared cautiously at the rift in the air in front of me. "Normally a system manager like me will never be able to go there, but it's possible thanks to your assistant and the Regalia." He explained calmly.

"If you say so…" I said not sure if I'm able to do the task he entrusted with me or not. "…but why couldn't I bring #&*$ with me?" I asked in curiosity. Honestly, I would feel more comfortable with her on my side.

"That's not possible, the enemy will sense us if we bring a powerful Servant, and no Servant no matter how powerful they are could ever defeat the Vanguard of the Umbral Star." He replied while looking at the ring on my hand. "The only way to win is to use the Regalia to slay the monster while it's asleep." He said while pointing at the Regalia and I clinched my fist.

"Right… Let's go…" I said while looking at the rift warily and then extended my hand towards it.

Hakuno P.O.V

"Urgh, Was that a dream…?" I muttered as I rubbed my eyes and sat up. "Umbral Star? Regalia?" I mumbled in confusion as inspected both of my hands, and there was no ring on either hands only my gray Command Seal on the back of my hand. What was that dream about? It looked real…

"So, you finally woke up! Good Morning" I heard a very familiar voice said and the puzzlement on my face was replaced with a small smile.

"Good morning, Haruko…" I said to her and then my smile disappeared once I realized where she was. "Umm, Haruko… What are you doing?" I asked with a sigh.

"I'm training." She simply answered while continuing what she is doing.

"Yeah… But why are doing that twenty feet in the air?" I told her while rubbing my temple.

"Well, since I realized that I could use my power to make myself fly I decide to train on my flying ability!" She said sounding excited for some reason.

"Sigh… It is okay to train and all, but maybe you could try a less suicidal training?" I said with an exhausted sigh.

"Oh, come on! There is no need to worry I've got everything under control." Haruko said out loud and then closed her eyes.

"This is only the second time you tried doing this, it's dangerous." I told her warily. A fall from this height would either kill her or break a lot of her bones.

"Like I said I've got everything under control. So, we will be fine… Well, as long as someone doesn't throw up inside my head again." She said dryly.

"You are not gonna let that go aren't you…?" I said with a sigh. I really can't deal with her sometimes.

"Hey, you!" I suddenly heard a voice and Haruko looked down to see a black haired girl around Haruko's age. Haruko immediately started to float down to the ground slowly.

"You're talking to me?" Haruko said once she reached the ground.

"You're the only one here. So, yes…" She simply said and Haruko didn't answer for some reason.

"Haruko? Are you al-" I was interrupted by her suddenly yelling.

"You can understand what I'm saying!?" Haruko exclaimed loudly in surprise, and I finally realized that the black haired girl was talking Japanese.

"Yes, is there a problem with that?" The black haired girl questioned while raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, no! It's just that you're the first person I can understand here." Haruko replied with smile.

"Oh, yeah. Mr. Summers said that you only speak Japanese." She said while scratching her cheek.

"Mr. Summers?" Haruko said in puzzlement.

"Yeah, he asked me to look for you and take you to him." She said and started to walk away while gesturing for Haruko to follow her and Haruko started to walk with her. "I'm Hisako Ichiki by the way!" She introduced her with a smile.

"Oh, I'm Haruko Kishinami. Nice to meet you!" Haruko said very cheerfully… She has been very cheerful ever since we got here. "Sooo, you're a mutant too, right?" She said sounding alarmingly excited.

"Yes, everyone here is a mutant… I think" Hisako said nonchalantly.

"Can you show me your power!" The brunette exclaimed eagerly and a troubled look appeared on the black haired girl face.

"I don't know…" She said and put her hand behind her head.

"Please!" Haruko pleaded probably making a puppy dog eyes, the girl flinched and looked away with a blush for some reason and then sighed.

"Sigh… Fine. Just stand back a little." She said in defeat and Haruko took a few step backs.

"Couldn't you just ask her what her power is instead of asking to show it?"I asked with a sigh.

"But that will spoil the fun, seeing it first is more fun than hearing about it!" She exclaimed excitedly in her mind and I sighed again.

"Well, here I go!" Hisako said with a grunt, and suddenly something transparent started to wrap around her body. By the time it finished the black haired girl was wrapped in a two meter tall bulky transparent blue armor, and the girl small body was in the middle of it. Can she even move in that thing?

"Wow! That's so cool!" Haruko said and immediately started to poke and prod at the transparent armor. "Can you move it!?" She asked with awe in her voice.

"Yup!" Hisako replied and started to move both of the armor's hands with ease as if the armor was part of her body. Suddenly the armor disappeared and she landed on the ground. "Anyway, let's go Mr. Summers is waiting."

"Oh… I wanted to test how durable it is!" Haruko said in disappointment.

"Yeah, let's not test that… Let's just go." She said with an awkward laugh while scratched her cheek and started to walk towards the mansion entrance.

"Ugh… Fine." She grumbly said and started to follow her.

The Headmasters Office
Hakuno P.O.V

"So, umm... why am I here? Did I do something wrong." Haruko asked timidly while setting on the chair in front of headmaster's desk. In front of her was the man called Cyclops from yesterday sitting on the chair, and on his side there was a woman. The woman had a long blonde hair and blue eyes, she was wearing an open sleeveless white trench coat and underneath it she has crisscross fabric that barely covers anything outside of her chest. She also wore a tight white pants and white boots. She introduced herself as Emma Frost.

"No, we just have a few question to ask you." The blonde woman simply answered with a serious tone. Her voice was echoing in here. It's like when Haruko talk to me in her mind.

"Huh? I can understand what you are saying! And I'm hearing you inside my head?" Haruko said as she finally realized that and put her hands on her ears in confusion.

"Yes, I'm telepathically translating what I'm saying in your mind." She explained calmly. So, she is a psychic too?

"Cool…" Haruko mattered under her breath.

"Anyway… There is no nice way to ask this. So, I will just be straight forward…" She trailed off with a sigh. "We asked you to come here, because we wanted ask you about the accident two years ago." She continued and Haruko flinched and looked down.

"Oh…" Haruko started fidget nervously.

"It's okay if you don't want to talk about it." She said and Haruko shook her head.

"No, it's fine…"

"So… Can you recall what happened on that day?" The blonde woman asked and Haruko rubbed her neck.

"Well… I don't remember very well. A-All I remember is me entering the plane and the next thing I know I was falling from the sky." She answered with a stutter. I hope they don't ask how she survived the fall, because I don't think it's a good idea to tell them about me.

"Can't you remember anything from when you were on the plane?" Emma said after giving the man on her side a glance.

"No, no matter how much I try I can't remember anything from inside the plane." Haruko replied uncomfortably while rubbing her neck.

"I see…" She muttered to herself and put a hand to her chin seeming to think about something.

"Haruko, maybe you…" I was saying but stopped once I saw the woman eyes widened and instantly start to walk towards Haruko.

"Emma what's wrong?" The man asked in confusion as Emma knelt in front of Haruko and ignored him.

"Stay still, this won't hurt." She said and Haruko nodded at her. The woman then put both her hands on Haruko's head and closed her eyes. Huh? What is she doing?

"Whoa!?" I exclaimed as something hit my legs from behind and made me fall back and instead of falling on the ground I fell on a chair. "What's going on!?" I said and all of a sudden hands came out from the chair and started to hold my arms and legs. I struggled to free myself but to no avail.

"So, would mind telling me why are you hiding in one of my students mind?" Suddenly I heard a voice and the blonde woman materialized in front of me and she was looking at me with cold eyes.

"Umm, I…" I was about to say, but then I realized that I have nothing to say. I don't really know how I got here. "Err, I don't know?" I said without thinking and her cold look turned into a full on glare and she started to extended her hands towards my face and I closed my eyes.

"Wait!" I heard Haruko shout and when I opened my eyes she was standing between me and the woman. "Haku isn't a bad person! She is my friend!" She said while standing in front me defensively.

"So, you knew she was here." She said while still looking at me suspiciously.

"Y-Yeah, I'm sorry for not telling you sooner!" She yelled with a stutter.

"It's okay…" She trailed while giving me a weird look

"So… can you let me go now?" I said warily while still trying to free myself from those weird hands. The woman stared into my eyes for a while.

"Sigh… Just to be safe." She said and started to walk… right though Haruko as if she was a ghost.

"Huh!" both I and Haruko exclaimed as she approached me and placed her finger on my forehead. "Urgh!" I grunted as I felt a head splitting headache for few seconds before it disappeared… and then I fell to the ground as the chair disappeared from under me.

"Haku are you alright!?" The brunette asked in concern as she came to my side.

"I'm alright… I think." I muttered as I rubbed my wrist where the hands where holding me.

"Don't worry she will be fine. I only was making sure she isn't a threat." The older woman simply said and she disappeared probably going back to her body.

"I thought she was gonna kill me for a second there..." I said with a sigh of relief.

"Oh, come on! She's an X-men, she would never do that!" Haruko said with a pout.

"I don't know…" I trailed off and touched my forehead the same place she tabbed me. The way she looked at me before Haruko showed up, she looked like she is ready to end my life if I made any wrong move.

"Huh? What do you mean?" She asked while giving me a confused look.

"Nothing… You should probably go back to control your body…" I replied to her as I got back to my feet.

"Oh, Yeah! Good point!" She said and then closed her eye to focus and after a few seconds she disappeared, and I started to see what she sees again. "Ugh, that's always feels weird." Haruko said and rubbed her face and then she flinched once she looked around her. "Ahem… I-I mean, d-do you have more q-question." She stuttered in an embarrassment as she looked at the two adult in the room.

"No… You can leave." The woman said and Haruka immediately stood up and walked towards the door, but stopped once she reached it and turned around.

"Umm… Ms. Frost… C-Can I ask a question?" Haruko asked timidly while looking at the ground.

"Yes?" The woman said while raising an eyebrow.

"Did… Did anyone beside me s-survive the plane?" She asked and I flinched at her question. The woman eyes widened and she went silent for a few seconds.

"Sorry… You're the only one who survived." She answered with closed eyes.

"Oh…" Haruko went silent and without saying anything she immediately turned around got out of the room.


Haruko's Room
Haruko P.O.V

"Haruko… Are you alright?" I heard Haku say after we reached my room and I threw myself on the bed.

"I'm fine…" I replied as I clinched my fist.

"…You're clearly not." She said and I rolled over to look at the ceiling.

"I-It just that I thought I already got over it, but finally hearing a conformation…" I trailed of as I bit my lower lip and covered my eyes.

"Haruko… Come here." Haku said softly after going silent for a while.


"Just come here." She replied and with a sigh I closed my eyes and started to concentrate and when I opened my eyes I was in the white void and Haku was in front of me sitting on her knees.

"What do you want?" I asked her sounding a little bit irritated, and immediately regretted talking to her like that.

"Sit here." She said while patting the ground in front of her and I did as she asked with sigh and suddenly… she wrapped her arms around my body.

"Huh? Wha!" I said in confusion as she started to rub my head while still hugging me.

"I-I didn't know how to make you feel better. This was the only thing I could think of." She said and I bit my lower my lips.

"I… Thanks…" I said and then reluctantly hugged her back.

"Do you feel better?"

"Yeah… but could we stay like this little longer…"I asked her timidly.

"Yeah…" She answered and I nuzzled into her.

Headmasters Office
rd P.O.V

"For the record I still think we should have told her." Emma Frost said as she sat on top of the desk while looking at the man at the chair.

"Like I said, telling her right now isn't a good idea." Scott said as he stood up and walked towards the window.

"It will give her motivation." She said with a smile.

"She doesn't need that kind of motivation." He said while looking out of the window. "What about the girl inside her? Do you think she have anything to do with this?" He asked while leaning on the window.

"No, her memories from before the accident were a jumbled mess, but from her memories on the island it doesn't seems like she have anything to do with this." She answered him as her smile was replaced with an annoyed look.

"I see…"