Hello and welcome to the first chapter of Night in the Fortress 2, or at least my version considering this is a joint fanfic with ShadowLord563 and if you wanna go see his version head on over to him, anyway let's dive right on into the first chapter shall we?

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A camera man could only watch as a large mini-gun was placed onto the table he was sitting at, its weight making the table creak from how heavy it was.

However it was the person who was sitting across the other side of the table that the camera man was here for, the person in question was a rather well built crocodile who didn't seem To be in his early twenties, and he wore the standard clothes for his class as the heavy weapons member of his team bullet belt and all, this is Steve Scriggins the heavy, when he placed the gun down on the table he sat in front of the camera man and began talking.

"Okay so, Let me lay it down for ya, i'm the heavy weapons guy of my team, not a big surprise considering none of those "ladies" could handle what I'm packing" he said in a way that made him come off like some kind of jock from a famous football team.

"I mean look at this baby here" he said as he grabbed the handle of his gun and shook it slightly a bit for emphasis "this bad boy weighs a 100 and 50 kilograms and fires about 10,000 custom bullets a minute, a gun like this would drain your bank account as fast as it spits out bullets ya know what I'm saying" he said as he gave a toothy grin to the camera man, who we'll just call bob for now.

Bob just kept recording the conversation As per ordered "I must admit that's really impressive" he said "and how do you feel about using this gun on the opposing team might I ask"?

At that Steve just busted out laughing and said "feel, dude I'll tell you this much the only thing I feel when using my gun is the satisfaction I get from mowing down those pansy ladies, like I said, those ladies can't handle what I'm packing" with that he rolled the barrel of the mini-gun a little before he adorned a serious and slightly furious look as he spotted something on the barrel of the weapon.

"what the hell, who touched Sascha?!" He said as he inspected the gun more closely "dammit I bet it was Mae or Gregg, I am going to freaking kill them for this! Nobody touches my gun but me! And sometimes Lori considering we're on better terms with each other".

At that Scriggins just leaned back into his seat and got comfortable as he also adorned a thoughtful expression as he stared out a nearby window "ya know... some people think they can just outsmart me to win, well I got news for them and that i can't be outsmarted and you know why?" He asks as he pulls out a bullet and shows it to bob with a cocky grin "because I haven't met a guy who can outsmart a bullet".

-Dustbowl 4:50 pm

*Wwwwhhhhiiiirrrr* *Brakakakakakakakakakakakakakaka*

the sound of a mini-gun whirring to life and unleashing it's contents roared on the battle field as the fighting raged on and the user of said gun was laughing all the way "HAHAHAHAH! Yeah that's right you pack of wussy ladies! Go and cry to your mamas!"

All and all, a usual day for Steve Scriggins the heavy.

And there you have it, this is basically a parody of the tf2 universe with a nitw twist, and I when I'm finished with the 'meet the team' chapters I'm free for any chapters based on a SFM that you would prefer for me to make, anyway please leave a review and have a nice day