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We find our female members of the team inside Lori's lab/Doctor room (AN: like the one in meet the medic) all talking together, with Selmers sitting on a nearby box against the wall with the eyelander and bombinomicon (who had magiced his way to the demoman for their usual poetry sessions), Mae who was being bandaged up by Lori, and Bea who just came out of the shower and was getting dressed for a reason that had Mae laughing.

"I still can't believe you got jarated again by the other Gregg, that's like what, six times now?" the Scout said as she belted out into another fit of laughter.

Bea could only glare at Mae as she finished buttoning her shirt and said "it's not funny. You try getting hit by a jar full of urine and get covered by it's contents, 'shudders' I did not regret stabbing that blue bushman, I respect Gregg as a friend but the experience I just went through is not a pleasant one" the Spy said as unpleasant memories came back to her.

Mae just laughed a bit more before Lori flicked her in the head as the medic finished bandaging her and then proceeded to wipe her hands clean of blood. "Mea don't laugh at Bea, also you should really consider being less reckless on the missions we go through. I would prefer not to fix you from 100 degree burn wounds every time you fight the other team's Casey, the first time was enough"

Mae could only roll her eyes at the warning and got settled on one of the chairs in the room and pulled out a soda (a regular one as the team had made it extremely clear she was never to drink another Bonk cola unless she was fighting, the sugar rush she gets for them was for fighting only), she then noticed Selmers writing up another poem and asked "hey Selmers, what're you and the ghost duo working on this time?"

Selmers just looked up at her teammates and said "oh nothing, just another poem me and the guys came up with, you wanna hear it?" When she got a yes from everyone she began reading,

"Our battle only rages.
All through the ages.
Cued by a single word.
Which cuts like a sword.
And so we rush through our stations.
And continue our battle full of explosions,"

When she finished the other three members of her team gave their positive opinion on the poem in their own way, with Mae going woo loudly, Bea just clapping with a pleasant smile on her face, and Lori just sighing blissfully "oh Lori, your poems never cease to be pleasant to hear"

The bomb expert just smiles st the pleasant feedback she was getting and said "heh thanks, me, Eyelander and Andrew worked a little bit on that after our last mission, glad you guys liked it."

Eyelander then spoke up as the haunted sword floated in the air in a ghostly manner, "hey when your a haunted sword or a magic book on bombs and you're not chopping off heads or just outright killing something you gotta find some other form off joy to have in the meantime" he said.

Andrew just nodded (somehow) and said "true that, being stuck with Merasmus is a existence crisis all on its on when he's not using me to blow something up so I just get my satisfaction out of making poems. Plus at least Germ uses me often when he has to save that old fart from the mafia so there's also that" the book said wistfully.

Lori could only chuckle a bit as she got comfortable on the couch she had placed in the room when she finished cleaning her hands off, "oh yeah I remember that, Germ always says that Merasmus gets caught up with the mafia, which happens a lot whenever he mentions the wizard, and it's always a different one every time too, there's the American mafia, the Japanese mafia, the African mafia, and who can forget the ninja Pygmy mafia?" she said as she thought back to a time where the Soldier of the team came back looking like he ran through a Indiana Jones movie "Speaking of which where is Germ? I haven't seen him since we got back from our mission."

Mae just snickers as she gives the medic the awnser for her question "oh don't worry about him, turns out merasmus got into trouble with the Russian mafia again so he went to save the old farts ass again. Honestly I wonder why he even bothers to help that old coot considering he keeps getting himself into trouble" she says as she chugs her soda down.

Bea from her position at a table got comfortable and started cleaning out her gun and sharpen her knife, which was really well decorated all things considered, and spoke, "Germ said he does it because he's Merasmus' roommate so he feels obligated to save him whenever he's in trouble, plus he also says that it's so he doesn't have to pay rent for the magician" she answered in her usual bored tone of voice as she pulled off some rather impressive skills with her butterfly knife.

"Haha don't know why he worries about rent" Mae said with her usual grin on her face "after all, all the amount of money we get from our job sets us up for life anyway, I mean I make about 10,000 dollars for completing a mission with you guys and I'm already on easy street" she said smiling as she got into a more comfortable sitting position with another soda In hand.

Bea just sighs as she settles her knife down on the table and had a wistful look on her face as she spoke "that's something we can agree on. I really appreciate that you found this job when you did Mae-day" she said as the nickname got a few chuckles out of Lori and Selmers and a huff from Mae, "with all the money I make now I can at least support my dad a hell of a lot better than when I was working in possum springs".

"Oh yes I really gotta admit this is one of the best decisions I made in my life" Lori suddenly spoke up with a cheerful look on her face "I mean all the deaths from gunfire, rockets, bombs, and flamethrowers aside, I say this line of work really got me into a more creative side of my life. I mean who knew I was so good when I'm working on someone laying on an operating table" that last bit got a few slightly unsettling looks from the other girls, especially considering Lori had all too cheery look on her face when she said it but they where more use to her tendencies by now.

Selmers only nodded in agreement for choosing this job and said "heh yeah, I gotta admit that blowing stuff up is a pretty good rush whenever I'm doing it, and besides Bea has a point, anywhere away from possum springs is a hell of a lot better than being in possum springs am I right?" the Demoman asked with a knowing look.

"Amen to that"


"That could not be more true"

And so the four just hanged out for the rest of the day, and all is well with our favorite mercenary team as usual.