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"Seriously, Potato bread?" Casey asked. "If that's not a commie thing then I don't know what is."

"Casey, leave my husband alone," Sarah said, thwapping him on the shoulder as she walked by. "The store was out of regular bread." She went over to the cabinet to get a glass.

"Should you be doing that, Wa-Sarah?" Casey asked, avoiding one glare over the name but not the second.

"Just because I am eight and 9/10ths months pregnant does not mean I can't do whatever I want," Sarah replied, opening the cabinet. She paused.

"Good morning dear," Chuck said coming into the kitchen.

"Chuck, water," Sarah said in a strained voice. Chuck grabbed the glass from her hand, went to the sink, and got Sarah a glass of water.

"Potato bread, Bartowski?" Casey asked.

"Casey, they were out of regular bread," Chuck replied, putting the glass next to Sarah, walking over to Casey.

"Chuck, my water," Sarah said, shock on her face.

"It's right there, dear," Chuck said, pointing towards it.

Sam walked into the kitchen, and paused. "Mommy, did you pee yourself?" Chuck and Casey's eyes both widened and turned toward Sarah. Sarah was still standing there, in shock.

"Don't faint," Bartowski," Casey growled, looking a bit pale. Sam left the room, and came back with Chuck's keys and wallet.

"Take Mommy to the hospital now!" she said to Chuck, shoving the items into his hand.

"Give me that," Casey said, taking the keys from Chuck's hands. "Bartowski, is you go bag ready."

"By the front door," Sarah told him.

"Sam, get the bag, put it in the car, then come back and get your father," Casey told Sam.

"Belay that order," Sarah told Sam, making her pull up short and Casey turn to her. "You get Chuck, I'll get to the car myself."

"How do I get him there?" Casey asked. "He's freaking unresponsive?" Sarah grinned. She wasn't sure if it was in spite of the situation, or because of it, but she grinned. "Christ!" Casey said, his head falling backwards.

"Annnnnd, we're walking," Sarah said, starting for the door. Casey blew out a breath, grabbed Chuck's hand and pulled him toward the door.

"Mom, is it okay if they're tall together while you're pregnant?" Sam asked.

"I have no idea how to answer that," Sarah admitted.


Chuck stared at the baby boy he was separated from by the large window. He had finally snapped out of his stupor and had been there with Sarah during the birth. He was currently on duty, watching his son, making sure no one took him. Sarah and Ellie had both given him a strange look, but Casey nodded signaling he understood. His son. His and Sarah's son. Not that Sam wasn't their child, but this one was their's together.

"Is mom still gonna love me?" he heard the voice beside him. He reached down, pulled Sam against his leg and squeezed her.

"Have you asked her that?" Chuck asked.

"No," Sam admitted.

"Why not?" Chuck asked.

"Because I think she might yell at me if I do," Sam admitted.

"I think you have your answer," Chuck told her.

"Do you think Uncle Casey will have to move back in and help out?" Sam asked.

"No, Sam," Chuck said gently. "I was in a bad place when your mother-"

"Jill," Sam said. "Sarah is my mother." He looked down at Sam, saw the look on her face, and nodded.

"Message received," Chuck replied. "When Jill," he paused, and Sam nodded approvingly. "Left us, I was hurt and could barely look after myself, much less you, so Casey helped us out."

"But you have Sarah now," Sam said. "And she can help."

"It's not just that, Jill hurt me, and I wondered if I was good enough to love, and wondered if I could be the father you needed." Chuck snorted. "Turns out, I could, it just took two amazing women to show me."

"Me and Sarah?" Sam asked.

"Yes," he said, reaching down, tickling her. "You and Sarah."

"Dad!" she said, concern on her face. "You have to watch Ben!"

"Who's Ben?" Chuck asked.

"Ben Bartowski," Sam told him. "My brother."

"We're naming him Ben?" Chuck asked, as this was news to him.

"Mom and I decided," Sam replied shrugging. "She said something about you agreeing, and aunt Ellie said that it would take at least six weeks." Chuck started to turn red. "Do you think you could go ahead and agree now? I don't want to confuse him for the first six weeks of his life."

"Okay," Chuck replied. "We'll call him Ben."

"Great! I'll go tell Mom!" and with that, she skipped off. Chuck turned back, and the nurse inside, rolled her eyes, picked up his son, and brought him to Chuck.

"I'm going to push the bed down to the room, if you want to carry him," she told him.

"I would love that," Chuck said. He looked down at his son's face. "Hey little guy. I love you."

Ben made a noise and then promptly passed gas.

"We might want to hurry, those first bowel movements are particularly nasty," the nurse told him. They went to the room and found Casey standing outside.

"Let me hold him," Casey said, making Chuck's eyes go wide. Chuck handed Ben to Casey, and the big man told the baby gently into his arms.

"Casey," Chuck began.

"Quiet, Bartowski," Casey told Chuck. "My nephew and I need to bond." The nurse started to say something and Chuck just shook his head. A second later, Ben made a face and Chuck thought his nose would fall off his face from the offending odor. "I think this one is lactose intolerant," Casey said, his eyes watering. Chuck couldn't help but roar with laughter.

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