Sarah Kerrigan finally gets what she deserves

(Chapter One)

Kerrigan POV

Kerrigan glared at the Temple of Ulnar. She had to admit that she was impressed and she was not easily impressed. The temple was bigger than TarKossia, her homeworld. The temple itself had the shape of a rhomb.

The Queen of Blades could sense could feel the Void energies, fluctuating from the gigantic structure. Although she was considered the most powerful being in the whole Universe, she was still stunned by them. These Xel`Naga wielded more power than she could ever dream of.

Kerrigan looked herself at the Zerg pool. Her once-red hair had been transformed into gray tentacles that were covering her head. Her boobs were purple. Her body was covered with plates. She had huge claws. There was a pair of wings coming from her back. These wings were covered not with feather, but with blades. She used them to tear her enemies apart with ease.

Dispite her changes, she was still considered sexy by human standards.

"My Queen. Do you feel well" asked Izsha. Izsha was her most important adviser and the Queen of blades relied heavily on her.

"I am fine Izsha" answered Kerrigan. She had a huge army of Zerg that followed her every order. She was no longer the scared red-head ghost. She was now the Queen of Blades and every entity in the galaxy with enough common sense trembled before her. She had killed the Overmind, the Protoss Matriarch and many others. She couldn`t afford to show any sign of weakness.

"Is my drop-pod ready" asked Kerrigan impatiently.

"It is."

"Good! I will enter the temple. Zagara, you will be in charge in my absence"

"As you say, my Queen!" said the Brood Mother. She was very ambitious and because of that she was glad to take command over the Swarm while Kerrigan was away.

"All right. I am going." Kerrigan entered her drop-pod and with its help she managed to land on the surface.

Artanis POV

Artanis had just won the battle against Amon`s forces. It had not been easy and they barely managed to win but nonetheless THEY HAD WON.

He was now preparing to enter into the temple when suddenly he received a message from Vorazun, the Matriarch of the Nerazim and his second-in-command.

"Highrarch, we have detected a large number of Zerg flyers hanging over Ulnar."

He was not happy to hear this news at all. The Zerg had destroyed Aiur, the protoss homeworld, five years before that. Could this be a counterattack from Amon`s slaves.

"Are they part of Amon`s brood?" asked Artanis. He tried to hide the fact that he was a little afraid.

"No, they are part of Kerrigan`s Swarm." Answered Vorazun.

Artanis was shocked. What would Kerrigan seek here, on Ulnar. She was probably seeking the Xel`naga too. The wretched Queen of blades had to stopped at all cost.

He hated Kerrigan with all his passion. She had caused misery and destruction for his people. He would gladly see her suffer for her crimes.

He entered temple. He had to find the ancient Xel`naga before Kerrigan.

Kerrigan POV

Her drop-pod landed near one of the gates. She used her psionic power to destroy the gate and infiltrate the temple.

Kerrigan then found herself standing in a big hall. There were runes and depictions of some really strange creatures on the walls. The Xel`naga surely knew a lot about art.

One hour later Kerrigan entered a gigantic hall. There was light everywhere and the floor and walls were covered in plates. The most spectacular thing, however, was a huge green crystal at the center. It was at least eight foot high and it was shiny.

This was the most beautiful thing Kerrigan has ever seen.

She went straight to it and looked at her reflection.

"This crystal should be mine" she whispered to herself.

The former ghost touched the beautiful diamond with her palm.

Immediately after she did that there was a white flash that blinded Kerrigan for a second. The Queen of Blades had to close her eyes. When she opened them, she was now seeing everything in green.

"Strange" thought Kerrigan and tried to continue forward only for her to realise that she couldn`t move her legs. In fact she was feeling that something hard was pressing her body FROM ALL SIDES.

She tried to move her arms and rotate her head but to no avail. The only body parts she could move were her eyes and her mouth.

"What the hell is happening?" shouted Kerrigan. "Why can`t I move. Someone is going to pay dearly for that"

Then, suddenly, she realized what was the reason for her misfortune and it really terrified her. She had somehow been trapped INSIDE THE CRYSTAL. This was the reason why she couldn`t move herself and why she was seeing everything in green. For the first time in many years she screamed in despair.

Her loud scream echoed across the hall.

To be continued