as many of you know a hero has died his name, Stan Lee maybe gone but his presence and his mark of the world is not gone,

hear me marvel fans a great loss has happened and dreams of meeting this legend was lost... but there still hope am making a Tribute, a Challenge, The Stan Lee Tribute Challenge were you make a fanfic of meeting him and if you want your OC's, this may not be what you want but this maybe the next best thing, but it's your choice I too wanted it to meet him… the man that help make Spider-man and the other Marvel heroes that this man brought to life give us hope I like to repay him by making this,

in hope of him somewhere someplace happy knowing that someone out there is making an doing something that honor knowing that we care and thank him for all he done am not asking you as a person or someone that makes fanfics but as a fellow marvel fan its ok if you don't do this or take part in it

I just want to make something to thank him by like I said he maybe gone but he left a mark on the world and now we hope that a fellow fan one day might take up his Legacy we may never hope to leave up to his Legacy but we have to try so the next generation will remember what he all taught us and giving us so we may teach the new generation