One shot

It was early. The sun hasn't yet started to show through the curtains, though Carmilla knows it isn't far. She had been lying in bed a while, but was interrupted by a faint sloshing noise. She sticks her finger in her ear and wiggles it as if to clear it, like something was stuck. She turns to Laura to see if she hears it as well, but she's still fast asleep.

Carmilla sits up, careful not to disturb her love, and listens some more. The closer she pays attention, the more she is able to hear its rhythm. It's quick, more like a flutter than anything.

She's sure it's something she's heard before, but can't quite place it. She scans the room, fumbling over the possibilities, and pauses when she realizes it's source.


Carmilla lowers herself back under the sheets, snakes her arms around her wife and watches her, the steady rise and fall of her chest. Surely, her heightened senses could prove to be useful.

With Laura facing away from her she places the side of her face to Laura's shoulder. She hears the beating of her wife's heart, she can hear the sprouting of goose bumps on her skin as she drags her hand down her arm, over her stomach and onto her upper thigh.

The flutter is there, too.

Everything feels the same, it all sounds the same, her smell, she places a kiss on Laura's shoulder that also tastes the same. She runs her hand back up from her thigh to her stomach and-

Her heart skips a beat. Well, if she had a beating heart she would imagine that'd be the time it would skip.

It worked.

Carmilla freezes as Laura stirs and turns onto her back, though she's still very much asleep. Her loves unruly hair is now splayed across her pillow, Carmilla laughs at how her usual bed head is less bed when she's actually asleep.

She hovers for a moment, taking in what so many years ago she'd almost lost.

Carefully, she pulls the blanket back, exposing her arms and abdomen to the cold air. She lifts up Laura's t-shirt and places her ear on her lower belly.

The flutter is brought to life, it's music to Carmilla's ears and her eyes fall shut. After all these months of failed attempts it finally worked, she can't believe it took her all this time to realize. She hums as a smile spreads across her lips.

Should she tell Laura right away or put together something cute? Would it be bad to tell her at all or should she let Laura find out on her own?

She feels movement underneath her and Laura's hands find Carmilla's head and Intertwines her fingers in her hair.

She looks up to meet Laura's sleepy smile, "Good morning, cupcake."

"Carm," she laughs, "what are yo-"

"Shhh," Carmilla grabs one of Laura's hands from her hair and places it on her stomach, "I'm listening to the baby."

She was too excited to wait.