A/N: I was literally in the middle of doing something and I randomly had this idea and I had to write it down. I didn't have any intention to continue this story, and I don't want to promise that I will add anymore after this either. I hope you guys enjoy, its just super short and fluffy but who doesn't love some fluff? Also. For anyone reading my other fic, I'm so sorry I haven't updated in such a long time, I'm actually writing a few different things but stay with me I'm not abandoning!

Laura's eyes shoot open. Had she heard her wife correctly? Clearly, she is still asleep, she must have misunderstood, but when has she ever woken up to Carmilla cooing her stomach?

Still lying on her back, she attempts to calm herself. She exhales and stares on, only to be met with ceiling tiles. In that moment, the only logical thing she can think to do is count them, it made perfect sense to her. Only it doesn't take her long to figure out how many are above her, then the hall, maybe she can calculate how many are in the whole house if-


One hand is still in Carmilla's hair, and the other…

Her stomach flips and she closes her eyes again.

Carmilla has Laura's four fingers in her grasp but she uses her free thumb to stroke her stomach. A baby, Carmilla is listening to her baby. Aware of how keen Carmilla's hearing is, she has no reason to doubt her, she also has no reason to doubt that Carmilla is fully aware of her full-blown panic at the moment. Her heart is racing.

"The baby." Laura whispers. It wasn't a question, it was an echo. She wanted to taste it, and with it, if she had misunderstood Carmilla, she would have the opportunity to correct her. But she didn't.

She feels her love nodding against her skin and she squeezes her eyes shut, tears falling down the sides of her face, pooling right above her ears.

She untangles her hand from Carmilla's, only to place it back in her hair, cradling her head again while she continues to listen.

"I wish you could hear it," Carmilla breathed, "it's the most exquisite sound, like he's speaking to me."

"He?" Laura choked, though it was more of a wet laugh, "we're having a boy? You can really tell?"

"The heart beats sound a little different," Carmilla laughs, shaking her head realizing what she'd done, "oh, Laura, I didn't mean to spoi-"


She tightens her grip and she's sure Carmilla could feel her crying beneath her, but she didn't care. They had been trying for almost a year, she was beginning to think something was wrong. She exhales again, trying not to hiccup as blinks away more tears.

And now they're having a son.

They had talked about how they should do it, if they'd want IVF so their baby could be Carmilla's as much as it is Laura's, but Carmilla refused. She had insisted that their baby live a nice and normal, human life. To go to school and have friends, to enjoy their twenties and thirties and not have to move when people realized they weren't ageing.

She didn't want her baby to live the same life she had.

Laura agreed only if they could find a donor that resembled her wife.

Camilla stirs for the first time since Laura had woken up, pulling her out of her memory. She sits up and they look at each other.

Laura giggles, their foreheads touching, "My hair's all wet and stuck to my face."

For the first time that morning they get to look at each other. Completely aware of the lives they had fought for, their sense of normality in the hectic world they live in, they had gotten everything they had dreamed of, and more. They are both overjoyed.

Fits of laughter erupt in the bedroom and Carmilla pulls Laura up and into her lap smothering her in kisses. Her eyes and nose, cheeks and forehead, they're lips are salty from tears and it's never been more okay.

They kiss again, but this time it was slower, and Laura adjusts herself so she's straddling her wife, only breaking the kiss when Carmilla pulls away.

Pure joy in her voice, "I heard him."