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Suddenly Obi Wan Kenobi found himself in an entirely different place. He was sitting in what seemed like a very comfortable reclining movie theater chair. He had two blankets at his feet and cup holders on the arm rests on both sides. However when he tried to stand up he found he couldn't.

Obi Wan looked around. On his left was Ahsoka in the same position as he. Next to her was Senator Padmé Amidalla wearing a maternity dress.

I didn't know Padmé was expecting a child. We have more important issues to worry about right now, however. Thought Obi Wan.

On his left was Anakin. To the left of Anakin was Master Yoda. Obi Wan managed to look behind them. He saw then rest of the Jedi council, and behind them was Chancellor Palpatine in a much more uncomfortable looking seating arrangement.

Obi Wan could change position but still could not get up out of the chair. Not matter how hard he tried his muscles would not listen. It appeared as though everyone around him was having the same problem.

He was about to ask Anakin and Ahsoka if they knew how they got to the strange place but then something at the front of the room caught everybody's attention.

At the front of the room was a wooden stage with dark blue and black curtains that matched the light blue walls. On the stage were two humans. A woman with dark skin and curly black hair spoke into a microphone. "Excuse me. May I introduced, Her Majesty the Crystal Queen".

The black curtains on the back wall of the stage opened up and behind the curtains was a large wooden double door. The door opened and behind that stood a beautiful young woman in a silver gown and tiara with her long brown hair with a purple streak tide in a bun with a white flowers in it.

She walked forward. The woman with the black hair curtsied and a man with light skin, brown hair and a green shirt bowed. Then she walked forward and spoke to the audience.

"Hello. I am the CrystalQueen." She gestured to the two other people. "They are my right and left hand, Rebecka and Jason." I have something I need to tell you. You are all fictional characters, in a fictional story".

Everyone in the audience gasped, and then settled down.

We just found out we're not real. Shouldn't we be more surprised? wondered Ahsoka.

"You accept the fact that you are fictional so easy because, well, you are fictional characters. There's really no other way to put it" said CrystalQueen, clearing up most people's confusion.

"However you are not characters in just any story. The franchise you are characters in is a 10 movie, 3 TV show, multi-video game, novel, comic, saga with a lot more on the way. And that's only the canon stuff. It is probably the most popular franchise of all time. It even has an entire subsection of Hollywood Studios at Disneyworld!"

Anakin had no idea what Disneyworld was but from the way the Queen said it he guessed it was a pretty popular place.

CrystalQueen realized she probably should've left out the part about Disneyworld, and then kept talking. "I am going to show you your saga but there are a couple things we need to explain to you first".

"In real life humans have not yet discovered life beyond beyond our own planet. The fact that it takes place partly in space with alien species and other planets makes the setting unique" said Rebecka. "Also the force doesn't exist in real life by the way. The saga is about a thousand times away from being scientifically accurate".

"We will provide you with food and drinks. However while you are with us you will not need to get up, eat, sleep, drink, stretch around, or use the bathroom. This will allow us to watch several hours of content all at once" said Jason.

''You can speak out or vocally react, but if you are going to become disruptive or must be paying close attention to the screen you will be prevented from speaking the same way you are being prevented from getting up and leaving right now" he finished.

"Most importantly," said the CrystalQueen "This enormous saga did not come out in chronological order. First was a trilogy that takes place 20 years in the future to you"

Interesting, that is thought Yoda.

"Episodes 4-6. Most call them the original trilogy. In my kingdom we call them the Churchill Trilogy. 10 or 20 years later they made your trilogy, episodes 1-3. You were just about to start Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith"

Obi Wan did not like the sound of that title.

"Or As I like to call it "The one where everything goes to Hell". Well, that's the cleaner version of what I like to call it anyway" she added.

Everyone laughed, although they were a bit worried about what that entailed.

"Most call this trilogy the prequel trilogy, in my kingdom we call it the Roman Trilogy. About 10 years later, they made episodes 7 and 8, we are still waiting on episode 9. Most call this the sequel trilogy, in my kingdom we call it the Julia Trilogy. Anything else I will tell you how it fits in as we watch it. I'm going to play them in order of release" explained CrystalQueen .

"Any questions so far?" asked Rebecka.

"Okay, so we're all characters in a big franchise? Well, what's it called? asked Padmé.

"Star Wars" said CrystalQueen.

"Anything else?" asked Jason. "No, okay. Let's begin the film that started it all. Star Wars: Episode 4: A New Hope".