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Lillian was lying beneath her favorite canopy tree, with her legs straight like a candlestick, and arms beside her as she stared at the white clouds shifting in the sky. The scorching sun brightened everything in sight, giving her that warmth she loved so much. A smile etched her lips, taking in the beautiful scenery.

Birds with brilliant feathers tweeted so sweetly as all kinds of flowers began to bloom around her. She could see and smell them so clearly. Butterflies, encircled her awaiting her gift. With a flick of her finger, their wings thrived and altered into a much more exotic color, that any human would find unique. Mother nature was heavenly.

"No, you're wrong. Mommy is much stronger than daddy. Just like how I'm stronger than you." She could hear a little girl's voice coming closer, and closer to her.

"It goes to show that you know nothing, Serena. Our father is the supreme. Mom isn't and if you really think you're stronger than me, you're delirious." Another voice spoke.

"No, he's not. Grandma is supreme."

"Not for long."

Serena glared at her brother. "You're an idiot."

"That's enough you two," said a deep, husky voice, stopping the two kids from bickering. "Serena, go to your mother. I need to have a word with your brother."

Serena gave her father a brief look but nodded and danced her way to Lillian with a cherry smile plastered on her petite face, as she called for her mother.

Lillian sat up from where she laid on the grass and as her daughter neared she opened her arms, welcoming the bundle of joy. After the short embrace, she pulled away and tucked a long strand of blonde hair behind her daughter's ear. She beamed down at Serena, cupping her small rosy cheeks with so much love and care. Her gaze then drifted towards her husband and son who seemed to be in a deep conversation.

The two held a remarkable resemblance as well as personality wise. Gabriel, her eldest son was three years older than Serena and both were very clever for their age. Gabriel was a splitting image of Micheal. They both had the same cheekbones, haunting blue cerulean eyes, and strawberry blonde hair. Lillian's eyes were very blue but Micheals ones were extraordinary that whenever she looked into them sent shivers down her spine.

Serena also looked very much like her father. The only trait she got from Lillian was her blonde hair, beautiful smiles and high-spirited nature.

"Mommy, can I ask you something?"

Lillian glanced down at her daughter. "Of course baby, what is it?"

Serena's eyes stared ahead at where her father and brother stood, and then they landed back on Lillian. "Why are you, and daddy different colors?"

Lillian furrowed her brows in confusion. Micheal had a rather lighter complex than her, but their skin color were both fair. "What do you mean, darling?"

Serena shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. "You're white and daddy is surrounded in black," she whispered quietly as if she didn't want Michael hearing her.

"You can see that?" Lillian asked astonished. The only people she knew that could sense good and bad energy was Misty and her mother. She once held that power but she had buried it long ago.

Serena nodded, then her eyes widened into large saucers.

"I also saw him hurt you, mommy. I don't want you to go away. Promise me you won't ever leave us," her daughter said her eyes held so much sadness in them which made Lillian frown.

"Serena, listen baby. Your father is not a bad man. Yes, he did do terrible things in the past which he isn't proud off but he's trying to change. He wants to be good. And I don't know how you got that crazy idea, but I would never in a million years leave you or your brother. I love you both too much," Lillian replied with a sweet chuckle, giving her daughter's nose a soft poke.

Lillian then stood up, picking Serena off the ground as she linked their hands together. They sauntered over towards Micheal and Gabriel who were no longer talking but were now staring at them. Michael's gaze was piercing as always and Gabriel just looked bored.

"Ravishing as ever, my love," Micheal spoke, giving Lillian a wink.

As she stared at him so lovingly, everything then began to swirl into a pool of darkness. She desperately grabbed her daughter in her arms, but it was no use, Serena was quickly fading into a fog of black smoke, along with her son and then Micheal.

No no no no no! She screamed, covering her face as she cried into her hands.

She had no control over what memory came next, but that particular one had been her favorite.

Lillian listened to the sound of her cries. She hated reliving this hell. It was a complete torture. She wanted it to stop, but she didn't know how. The tears they wouldn't stop falling. As she continued to sob into her hands, a bellowing voice bounced off of the walls, catching her attention.

"Lillian, why don't you stop trying to change me!" Micheal growled furiously as she felt her shoulders being gripped tightly.

Lillian slowly peeled her hands away from her face and came eye to eye with her husband who looked just as ready to murder someone in cold blood. Micheal's hair had grown a little, his voice a bit deeper, and his face looked as beautiful as the day they met. He had her pinned against the wall in an empty room, his legs on either side of hers with his face inches away from hers.

This was the last memory they had together, and the most painful one as she recalled. She could remember it as if it was yesterday. This particular segment was what had broken her, awakening something that didn't exist before.

Lillian and Micheal had been together for almost seven years. There was something about Micheal that intrigued Lillian. Of course, she knew of the bad omen that followed the boy but she somehow became attached to him. She wanted to know him. She wanted him to live freely and forget about all the wrong-doings he had done in the past. She believed that anyone that was capable of love was worth saving.

Micheal had lost all his family, including the most important one of them all. His grandmother, Constance who he loved so much but because of the bad things he had done. She committed suicide from the stress, that Micheal did not know he'd caused her. And the thing that hurt him the most was that even as a ghost, she no longer wish to see him.

The day Lillian met Micheal was the day her mother was summoned by the warlocks.

No male had ever succeeded in becoming the supreme, it had only been witches. So when the warlocks found out about Micheal's powers, they immediately put him through a couple of tests to evaluate him on his abilities. And to their disclosure, Micheal had passed each and every one with high standards. His powers were beyond those of a warlocks.

The warlocks then called for the supreme also known as her mother Cordelia, who brought along three other witches, including herself. The Warlocks believed that Micheal could become the first male supreme, and so they asked Cordelia to let him take the seven wonders test to prove their thesis.

But Cordelia refused, not knowing anything about the boy. However, after Micheal brought Queenie and Maddison back from the underworld. She permitted him to perform the test because what he had done was not normal at all. Cordelia had tried to bring Queenie back but she had failed.

After Micheal had completed the sixth wonders. He had one more test left and it was known to be the hardest. Cordelia had asked him to do something that not even she could do, and that was to bring back one of the most spiritual witches in her Coven, Misty Day. Who was stuck in her own solitary hell when she had failed one of the seven wonders of becoming supreme. The warlocks did not agree, claiming it wasn't fair but Micheal accepted the challenge and had succeeded in bringing back Misty.

Having no other choice Cordelia had told Micheal that he was the new supreme. But in truth, Cordelia had no interest in naming him the new supreme. From the moment she met him, she could tell there was something not right about him. Even Misty had warned Cordelia of the evil that surrounded the strange boy. When he had taken her out of that horrible place, Misty felt something dark about him which had scared her.

Cordelia only agreed to let Micheal do the test was to see how powerful he really was, and the results she had seen left her stunned to the core. But there was one thing she knew. Micheal Langdon was no ordinary warlock. His powers were beyond anything she had ever seen before. Micheal had dark powers.

Out of distrust, Cordelia sents Madison and Lillian to find out more about Micheal Langdon's past, back to where it all began. The murder house where Micheal was born. One of the warlocks, Behold, also had his suspicion about Micheal. So in secret without the other warlocks knowing he goes with Madison and Lillian to find out the truth. And what they discover wasn't what they had expected.

Micheal Langdon was definitely no warlock, he was the antichrist who was sent to end the world. He was the devil's son.

Lillian knew he was a monster but she wanted to help him change. Not expecting to fall for him, marry him and bear his children.

However, right now, Lillian felt nothing but animosity towards Micheal. She wanted to hurt him, make him feel the pain he had inflicted upon her. But she couldn't even if she wanted to. This was after all just a memory. A plain stupid memory which she had no power over. It was just a repeat of the past.

"Micheal, calm down. You're hurting me," she heard herself say. Her weak voice was almost inaudible.

He ignored her, putting more pressure on her shoulders.

"I'm a monster, Lillian. I'll always be a monster." Micheal hissed.

Lillian tried so hard to hold back her tears, but couldn't. They fell in big drops as they traveled down her cheeks.

She sucked in her bottom lip, feeling it quiver beneath her teeth.

"I love you, Micheal," Lillian said, hoping it would knock some sense into him but it didn't. It had only made him angrier.

"That's the thing Lillian, your love is worthless and pathetic to me," he gritted out.

"No, you don't mean that please Michael, we have two beautiful children. Don't throw it all away. Don't let the dark conquer you. Fight it. You're strong, I know you are." Lillian pleaded, lifting her shaky hands to cup his cheeks.

He gave a dark chuckle and slapped her hands away. "I don't need someone to tell me what I already know, of course, I'm strong. I'm the fucking antichrist!"

Micheal took a step back, placed a hand over her head and chanted beneath his breath. His voice was hard and cold. She didn't understand any of the words that came out of his mouth. But she knew whatever he was doing was wrong. Very wrong. Lillian remembered the emotions that surged through her at the time. Shock, fear, and sadness. She tried to move but there was a strong force that made it impossible to do so. It was as if she was paralyzed. And then the pain came. Hot, excruciating pain. Her head felt like it was being fried to death.

'Stop it!' She had yelled.

"You brought this upon yourself Lillian," were his last words to her.

Lillian's eye's flickered wide open as she gasped for breaths. Her eyes hastily darted around and saw her mother Cordelia, Madison, and Myrtle standing around her. She was inside a black coffin. What was she doing in a coffin?

Lillian was then suddenly pulled into a suffocating hug. She looked up to see her mother, who was holding her tightly as if she was scared that if she let go, Lillian would disappear from her.

"Oh, my poor girl. We've been searching all over the place for you. I'm sorry it took so long. Misty said she couldn't feel your energy anymore, even I couldn't. It was as if you were erased from the face of earth." Cordelia said, cupping her daughter's face. "But that never stopped me from looking for you." Her eyes held so much emotions as she spoke. "Days went by, then weeks, months than a year. I was beginning to lose hope that I'd never see you again, but then a week ago I felt you..." she paused and grimaced. "All that sorrow and pain, I knew it was coming from you. I don't know how it was possible but I'm just glad it helped me find you. I can't imagine what you went through Lillie, but we got you out of it." That name, Lillian hadn't heard it in so long. Her mother and the coven were the only ones that called her that. Lillie.

"Mother," she cried into Cordelia's shoulder.

"It's okay, baby. I'm here."

Lillian then pulled back and looked around desperately. "Where are they? Where are my babies?" She asked in distress.

"We don't know Lillie." This time it was Mrytle who spoke. "I think, he has them."

Lillian narrowed her brows as she clenched her fist. As she got out of the coffin, she almost fell over if it wasn't for her mother's hand on her arm. There was also that feeling she had never felt before, that hot flash of anger.

Micheal that evil son of a bitch! She thought.

"Lil, you should also know that your hubby is already planning to put this world to ashes," Madison said as she peered down at her nails.

"What do you mean?" Lillian asked confused as she glanced at the most spiteful witch in the coven.

"It's the end of the fucking world, bitch," Madison replied with a bored look.

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