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Chris had called the teams back down to the MainLodge. He waited for them outside.

"Greetings, guys!" Chris called as they approached him. "How was planning? Nah… I'm just kidding! I don't care. Anyway, bring up your extra scripts."

Kitty, Scott, and Trent walked the scripts up to Chris.

"Great! Now I saw that you guys already selected sets! Which is great and all, but how come only the Goats found themselves a ring and the Roosters a rope?"

"Have you seen the props?" Gwen asked. "It's disgusting there."

"That's not my fault! It's Dawn's and Sammy's! The junk pile was blown around the island so we fit as much as we could in there."

"So where's the rest?" Sammy asked.

"I'm not sure. I didn't dump it there myself."

Lindsay had a flashback which made her jolt back a little.

Cody noticed and turned to her. "Lindsay, are you okay?"

Lindsay looked at him. "I'm okay… who are you, again?"

"Excuse me!" Chris yelled. "I wasn't finished!"

The contestants looked back towards him.

"Thank you! Now, DJ is willing to make you each one serving of food to be used as a prop. I want you guys to go in there, if you'd like to, and order what you need. Then go back to your trailers and get into costume while the interns set up your three sets. You have one hour until we call you back here!"

Heather turned to her team. "I'll go inside and order the food. What should we get?"

"Something simple." Bridgette replied. "Ask him to make a plate of scrambled eggs and a really small thing of melatonin powder."

Heather nodded. "I'm on it. Meet you guys back there in a bit."

Heather walked up to the door of the MainLodge as well as Cody.

"Greetings, Heather!" Cody said in a very fake yet proper British accent. "How are you on this wonderful evening?"

"I'm feeling absolutely divine and I hope you're swell." Heather said playing along.

"Yes, I am doing rather swell tonight." Cody responded. "Allow me to get the door for you."

Heather smirked and walked in, closing the door leaving Cody outside.

Cody walked back in and continued with the accent. "That was quite rude of you, wasn't it?"

Heather rolled her eyes. "You can stop now." She said in her normal voice.

They walked up to DJ, who was sitting inside of the kitchen. "What can I get for you lovely humans?" DJ asked, extending the joke and doing the accent himself.

"Our team will take a warm cup of your finest blend." Cody responded. "But be careful with this one. She's been a thorn in my side ever since we came through the door."

DJ shook his head. "It must be the heat that's getting to her pretty little head."

"What is happening?" Heather blurted out. "You guys are annoying."

"You love us." DJ responded.

Heather smiled and crossed her eyes. "Oh, shut up."

"Well, as I said, I need a cup of coffee." Cody replied. "If you're able to, could you put it in a mug on a little plate?"

DJ nodded. "I'll get that ready!"

"Thanks." Cody said as he left.

"Make us a plate of scrambled eggs for us with a small jar of melatonin powder."

"What do you say?" DJ asked.

"Please make the food, and quick." Heather demanded.

"Please and..."

"Being on my good side is enough thanks." Heather snapped. "Now, you have work to do and so do I. See you soon."

DJ watched as Heather left. "Well, she's not wrong…"

Sammy and Mike dug through the wardrobe together, finding old ripped shirts and sweatpants.

"These will be great for the scene!" Sammy exclaimed. "We'll look like we've been there for a long time."

"I'm just happy I found this leather jacket. The cool evil prince sounds like the role for me." Scott noted.

Courtney smiled. "You look like a greaser."

Scott smirked. "You look like an acorn."

Courtney rolled her eyes. "You'll have to try harder if you want to insult me."

"This is perfect!" Mike exclaimed, pulling out an old Halloween costume.

"What is it?" Carrie asked.

"It's a guard costume! Extra… extra large!"

Owen gasped. "Good! I can't wait to try it on!"

"How about you guys go and get dressed?" Carrie asked.

"Mike and I have to do something real quick." Sammy responded.

"We're going to rub dirt on our clothes and then put them on." Mike replied.

"Okay." Dawn said. "I'll go with you, Sammy, and then Mike, Scott, and Owen can get dressed in the cabins."

Sammy nodded. "Okay!"

The 5 of them left, leaving Carrie and Courtney in the trailer.

"So, you guys seem like a really nice team!" Carrie observed. "You guys get along so well."

"We've been steady ever since Jo and Sky were out of the team."

"Wow… that's very recent. What happened?"

"Just stuff. Anyways, how was it like on the Crying Catfish? Like you guys were on the edge of strangling each other. Right?"

"Oh… um… no." Carrie answered. "We were a pretty good team."

"That's not what Trent said." Courtney said. "He was so happy for you."

Carrie laughed a bit. "Why?"

"He said that you were going into panic over the team. How you almost wanted to quit."

Carrie nodded her head. "I see… well, that was a very hard time. But it's okay now."

Courtney nodded her head as well. "I'm glad you're feeling better."

Carrie Confessional:

"I knew Courtney was lying! So I had to go with it. Now, I'm sure that she knows I'm on to her. But if she doesn't come forward with whatever she's planning, then Dawn, Sammy, Owen, and I will vote her out."

Courtney Confessional:

"Either I just got completely lucky by guessing she wanted to quit, or she's on to me! Why couldn't you keep your mouth shut, Courtney? Things are finally going good!"

An hour had passed already and Chris had called the contestants back so they could put on their scenes. They met up at the large open field where Chris had 3 sets up. It was 5 in the afternoon and the sun was going to set at 7-ish.

"Okay contestants, why don't you come over here for a special show!" Chris announced.

The contestants were in costume already as Chris walked them over to the seating area. He walked up the stage with a microphone in his hand. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…"

"Well, leave it to Chris to be this extra." Heather whispered into Bridgette's ear.

"Please put your hands together… for our amazing judging panel! She's strong, she's mean, and she thinks that Debrah is dumb! It's Eva!"

Eva walked out as Chris put the microphone up to her face.

"Anything you'd like to say?" Chris asked.

"Get this microphone away from me before I snap the hand that you grab your discount coffees with."

Chris jolted the microphone back. "Thank you… Eva. Now for our next judge, he's EVILLLL in his head but pathetic in real life! Welcome Max!"

Max walked out onto the stage.

"Anything you'd like to say? No? Good. Didn't care." Chris said without giving Max a chance to speak. "Next up is miss tan in a can with hair that's as hard as a rock! It's Anne Maria!"

Anne Maria walked out. "I might as well give you a beat down for this!" Anne Maria yelled. "You NEVER disrespect the hair or the tan!"

"Please keep this hideous beast away from me!" Max called. "This scoundrel is a threat to my health."

"Oh I'll show you a threat to your health!" Anne Maria yelled as she pushed Max off the stage.

"And our final judge is… Dave!"

Dave walked out with his eyes directly on Sky. "Long time no see." He said.

Sky Confessional:

"Dave!? Uggh! We can't lose the challenge tonight because I need to get an episode past Jo! But I know for a fact that Dave will target me if I don't think of something soon."

"Okay everyone, Dave, Eva, Anne Maria, Max, and I will be your judges tonight. Running Roosters, you're up first. The other teams can sit backstage and finish getting ready."

Dave met up with Sky backstage. Sky looked around to make sure nobody else was watching them.

"You're up next, huh?" Dave asked.

"You didn't see the last episode?" Sky asked.

Dave shook his head. "All I know is that Jo got eliminated."

"Really? Well then, I should be honest with you." Sky said.

"About what? Everything?" Dave questioned.

"I don't want you targeting the Roosters." Sky said.

"Why? You don't want to get out?" Dave questioned.

"No! I just switched teams and Jo and I have put them through enough."

"So what team are you on?"

"Giggling Goats. I have to go though. For support in our scene."

Dave nodded. "Okay, you've been so helpful."

Dawn walked out on stage. "It began a month ago. Wife Fallon and Husband Liam took a privately owned yacht to sea. They crash landed on an island near Ethiopia, where they were found on the shore and taken by the guards of the island. The prince took them into his own custody and locked them away…"

The curtain opened up as Sammy and Mike layed on the ground in the dungeon, covered in dirt and fake scratches all over.

"This can't be how it ends!" Sammy yelled. "I'm… so tired."

"Don't fall asleep, babe." Mike exclaimed. "You might not… wake up."

Owen walked into the set. "The prince is here to see you!"

Mike and Sammy tried to sit up. Better revealing the rope tied on their hands.

"Tell him to get… lost!" Mike yelled. "Look what you've done to me and my wife! What did we do to deserve this?"

"You got stranded on my island!" Scott said walking in. "You're dismissed, Adam. You don't need to see this."

Owen bowed to Scott and walked off set.

"What do you want with us?" Sammy asked. "We've been through enough."

"You're right." Scott said. "You have. I'm going to leave this door unlocked. If you get out, out of my castle, and off the island, I'll let you live. But make sure you keep in mind that you've been here for a month with no food or water. You're extremely tired and every second is one closer to dying. Tick… Tock… Tick… Tock…" Scott closed the door as both Sammy and Mike tried to sit up.

"There's no use! I'm too weak!" Mike exclaimed.

Sammy began to doze off to sleep.

"Fallon! Wake up!" Mike yelled. Sammy's eyes opened a bit to see Mike hovering over her.

"Liam, there's no use." Sammy insisted.

Mike leaned over and kissed Sammy gently. They seemingly melted together as they both cuddled with each other. They died as the curtains closed.

The judges applauded as Sammy, Mike, Dawn, Owen, and Scott sat on the edge of the stage. The interns were seen in the background preparing the next set.

"Wonderful job, everyone." Chris said. "We're all going to give you a rating one through twenty. A perfect score would give you 100 points. Max, you're up."

"The acting was so exquisite!" Max said. "The evil prince made the story even better. Considering he's a ginger and all."

"That's exactly why we casted him." Dawn noted.

"I'll give you a seventeen out of twenty. The acting was swell and I'm a sucker for death! That is… fake death."

"Okay! That's a cool seventeen from Max!" Chris exclaimed. "Anne Maria! Your turn."

"The hair wasn't great and Dawn looks a bit too pale for my liking. Anyway, the acting was good and I kinda wished Mike took off his shirt and showed his hubba bubba Vito."

"I no longer have that ability." Mike stated.

Anne Maria sighed. "Yes, such a shame. I know. I'll give you a score of sixteen out of twenty. But next time, less talking and less shirt."

"Thank you, Anne Maria." Chris said shifting in his chair. "Now, Dave! Your turn."

"It was good! I enjoyed it and thought that you guys did a good job. Eighteen out of twenty for me!"

"That's a high score from Dave!" Chris exclaimed. "Eva, your turn!"

"I don't get it!" Eva yelled. "This was stupid! For one, why is there a stupid prince? You're on an island and there was no other royalty. King? Queen? Let's be real here? Who made up the storyline anyway? Were they dropped on their head? And were Fallon and Liam rolling around in the dirt? And where are they from? They were sailing in a yacht and ending up in Ethiopia! I hate this! That's why I'm giving you a score of 10! Because that's how many brain cells you killed after I witnessed and processed what just happened. Hot garbage!"

Chris nodded. "I'll give you a score of fifteen. It wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen but it wasn't not horrible. The death made it a bit better but that's it."

Dawn, Mike, Scott, Owen, and Sammy nodded.

"This gives the Running Roosters a solid score of… 76 points!" Chris announced. "Up next, the Crying Catfish!"

Heather walked out on stage. "This story follows the Bennet family. There was a father named Avan, a mother named Victoria, and two daughters, Ariana and Elizabeth. They lived in a small house in the countryside. The entire family seemed to turn upside down after the loss of Leon, their oldest son who died in a car crash. As the more time went on, the more Ariana and Liz grew to resent their father after his entire personality did a 180. He was mean, loud, and abusive after the loss of Leon."

The curtain opened up. Trent was sitting on the couch with his feet on the coffee table. He wore an unbuttoned black shirt, a white t-shirt underneath, and a pair of jeans.

"Get my food and hurry up!" Trent yelled. "I'll do the same thing I did last night, but I'll bruise more."

Gwen and Bridgette were seen frantically getting his scrambled eggs ready.

"Are you sure about this, Liz?" Bridgette whispered as Gwen began to sprinkle on the melatonin powder.

"I know what I'm doing, Ariana!" Gwen snapped. "This will knock him out soon. And hopefully, forever."

"You don't want him to die, do you?" Bridgette asked, keeping her voice down.

Gwen sighed. "I honestly don't care. After he's passed out, we're taking his car and running away."

"But what about mom?" Bridgette asked.


Gwen gulped. "We don't have time. Let's talk about it later."

Bridgette and Gwen walked out as Gwen set the plate in front of Trent as they both backed away.

"OUT OF HERE!" Trent yelled.

Gwen and Bridgette rushed back into the kitchen. They heard a car door shut and the beep of it locking.

"Mom's home!" Bridgette exclaimed. "She wasn't supposed to get off of work yet."

"She'll ruin the plan!" Gwen exclaimed. They peeked through the door to see Emma coming in; she sat down next to Trent on the couch.

"How have you been, honey?" Emma asked Trent as she put her hand on his lap. He rolled his eyes but still leaned in as Emma tried to kiss him. The kiss was sweet and simple.

"Those stupid children of ours made chalky eggs!" Trent complained as he put the plate back on the table. "Ariana! Liz! Get in here!"

Bridgette and Gwen rushed into the living room as Trent stood up.

"Yes, father?" Bridgette quickly asked.

"What did you put in my food?" Trent yelled.

Gwen gulped. "Tender, love, and care?"

Trent picked up the plate and threw it in between them. It shattered on the wall behind them.


Bridgette began to fold under pressure. "IT WAS ELIZABETH'S IDEA! SHE WANTED YOU TO STOP ABUSING US!"

Emma stood up and gasped. "ABUSE? Avan, is this true?"

Avan nodded his head. "You know what? It is! I'm sick and tired of them and my whole life is falling apart and I have nothing to live for."

"You still had us, Dad!" Gwen yelled. "Why weren't we enough for you?"

Trent glared over at Gwen. "Because both of you are useless! You tried to kill me and you're going to pay!" Trent said as he walked up to Gwen's face.

"AVAN DON'T!" Emma yelled.

Trent punched Gwen in the face as she fell to the ground. Bridgette began to run to the kitchen and to the back door.

"Oh no you don't!" Trent yelled as he grabbed Bridgette by the pony tain and yanked her down. She fell back and hit her head on the floor.

Emma looked up in shock as she tried to go back to the front door.

Trent glared over at her and grabbed a broken shard of the plate. "There can't be any witnesses."

"AVAN! NO! STOP! AAAAAAAH!" Emma yelled as the curtains closed.

The judges clapped even louder as Emma, Trent, Bridgette, and Gwen walked out and sat onto the edge of the stage.

"Wow!" Chris exclaimed. "That is how you put on a show! You guys nailed it, but it's time to hear from our judges. Max!"

"I have one question for the daughters. I didn't care enough to learn your names."

"Yes?" Bridgette asked.

"Are you guys hurt in any way?"

"Kind of hurts that you don't know our names." Gwen replied. "But we're physically fine."

Max nodded. "Very well. The stunts were done well and your plan against Avan was diabolical! I'll give you an eighteen out of twenty. Nicely done."

"Anne Maria!" Chris called.

"I'm not going to lie, I was impressed! You all had me on the edge of my seat and I wanted more! I'm going to go with the pale munchkin over here and give you an eighteen out of twenty, myself."

"Okay, Dave! Your turn."

"I don't have anything bad to say! You guys had stunts, a great backstory, and although you had to put the kiss in the scene, you made it a background thing. I thought you were original and that you guys pulled through well! A perfect score from me." Dave exclaimed.

"Eva! Your toughest critic!" Chris yelled.

"It was good. You made it where I wanted to beat the bad eyebrows off of Trent and that's hard for you to do. Sixteen out of twenty from me!"

"Okay!' Chris said. "I'm going in the middle of Eva, Anne Maria, and Max and giving you a seventeen! You brought the show and you had me on the edge of my seat! You guys are now in the lead of the Roosters with a total score of 89 points! You're safe from elimination!"

The group of 5 hugged each other as Trent wrapped his arm around Gwen. They left the set.

"Finally, the Giggling Goats!" Chris announced.

Sierra walked out onto the stage. "A man named Jeff was going out for a business meeting with his boss at a coffee shop. This is how it went..."

The curtain opened up to Lightning sitting at a table with Blaineley across from him. Jazelle could be seen sipping on a cup of coffee, watching them.

"Jeff, I don't see why you called me here." Blainely said. "You know that you can't bribe me with anything."

"Alexis, don't think too much about it." Lightning said as a waiter walked up.

"Hello, my name is Steven and I'll be serving you today." Harold said walking up to them. "What could I get for you?"

"I'll take a cinnamon bun." Blaineley said. "Don't worry, I can pay my bill. I don't need a man watching over me."

Lightning chuckled. "I'll take ice water."

Harold nodded. "I'll be right back."

Blaineley laughed as Harold walked away. "Free, huh?"

"I'm not poor. I'm just thirsty." Lightning said. Eva was seen cringing at his line.

"So why did you call me here, anyway?"

Lightning grabbed a ring box out of his pocket and set it on the table. "You're a strong woman, Alexis. I really like you, in fact, I'm in love!"

Blaineley looked at the ring and then back at Lightning. "Yes, I'm a sucker for rings that come out of those grocery store machines. Why do you want this?"

"I'm in love with you, Alexis." Lightning stated. "We have chemistry, whether you want to deny it or not."

Blaineley shook her head. "I'm sorry, Jeff. I can't."

"Why, Alexis? This is everything that we both need."

"No." Blaineley said. "It's what you want. You're fired. I don't know how it'll be a comfortable work place for me with you there. Effective immediately." She walked off set as Lightning sat at the table, alone.

He took a few looks at the ring and put it back in his pocket.

Jazelle walked up to his table with her coffee. "So, I'm guessing that didn't go well?"

Lightning looked at her then back down at his hands which were folded on the table.

Jazelle smiled and took his hand. "My name is Kirby. What's your's?

"I'm Jeff. My boss just denied my proposal."

"Judging by the ring you had, it wasn't a business one." Jazelle said as she began to caress his hand.

"Well she's not my boss anymore." Lightning stated. "She fired me."

Jazelle smirked and stood up. "Why don't you swing by my place tonight? I usually give promotions."

Lightning stood up and walked over to Jazelle. "I'm the boss around here."

Jazelle shook her head. "If that's what you want to believe."

Lightning rubbed his hand on Jazelle's face gently and kissed her. Jazelle wrapped her arms around his neck as they pulled away.

"Give me your phone." Jazelle told him.

Lightning handed her the phone as she smiled.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Here's my number." Jazelle said, handing him his phone back. "You should call me sometime."

Lightning blushed as the curtains closed.

The judges clapped again as Jazelle, Lightning, Blaineley, Harold, and Sierra sat down at the edge of the stage.

"Nicely done." Chris stated. "Let's see what our panel has to say. Max!"

"I thought the betrayal from Alexis was great! She took Jeff's heart and squeezed it hard until it popped. Kirby was looking at Jeff the entire time as if she was planning something and it was fun to watch. Sixteen from me."

"Okay, Anne Maria!" Chris said.

"It was… okay. Nothing too dramatic, but not a waste of time to watch. I'll be generous and give you a score of seventeen."

"Sweet!" Chris exclaimed. "Dave! You're up."

"I found it to be useless and rather boring. Five points from me."

"FIVE!" Jazelle yelled. "THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE FOR US?"

Dave shrugged. "I've seen better."

Chris adjusted himself again. "Eva! The person who I thought was the most brutal critic."

"It had no substance. No stupid backstory and it wasn't that interesting. I'll give you a score of fifteen. It was decent… enough."

"I thought it was good. Not sure what's up their butts, but I enjoyed it. I'll be nice, since you already lost, and give you a nineteen! Bringing your total score to a sad and low 72 points! The Catfish win and the Goats have to eliminate a player tonight!"

Sky Confessional:

"Look, I feel bad for the Goats… and for lying to Dave… but I did what I had to do. Not only for me, but for my team!"

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