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Hey there, beautiful readers. I've got an exciting crossover for you. Lucifer meets Jack Frost. Insanities are sure to follow but there's a surprise theoretical twist here because what exactly is Jack? How is his existence possible? Follow the story to find out.

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Chapter 1: Where is Jack?

"Where is Jack?" North's voice boomed from behind him.

Bunny stared at the empty space before him, speechless from anxiety.

"I need Jack. Where he go?" North's strong Russian accent sounded from even closer now. His steps were loud and approaching swiftly.

Bunny's heart beat faster and faster.

'No, it couldn't be,' he thought. 'Not possible, right?'

"Bunny," North boomed right into Pooka's ear causing him to jump. "Jack was here, no? Where he go?"

Bunny slowly looked at North with wide eyes.

'Should I ask him?' he thought. 'What if he says that it's possible?'

"Bunny!" North repeated impatiently. His brows were scrunched up, his gaze was intense while his hands rested on the hilts of his swords from habit. "What is wrong? You're acting strange."

Bunny looked back at the empty space before him, gathering the courage to ask the question.

"Hypothetical question, mate," he finally stammered. "Your snow globes - just how far can they transport someone?"

North lightened up a little. "Anywhere. There is no limit how far."

"Uh-huh," Bunny looked nervously from the empty space to North. "And by anywhere, you mean anywhere, even not necessarily on this world? Hypothetically, of course."

North narrowed his eyes at Bunny's odd question. He didn't like where this was going.

"There are limits as to which world you could travel to, but yes, they can transport to more than just our world. Bunny, what is this about?"

"If, hypothetically, one were to say, Go to hell! just as the portal opened, that wouldn't open a portal to Hell, right mate? That can't be possible…" Bunny trailed off hoping for a negative answer.

"Bunny," North said quietly, coming nose to nose with the Pooka. "What did you do?"

Bunny swallowed feeling bile in his throat and looked back at the now empty space where earlier he saw Jack falling through a portal into a dark realm.

"I didn't just send Jack to Hell, did I?"


Lucifer entered his apartment, utterly bored. The sounds of the club music died down as the elevator door closed and he went over to his bar to pour a drink. Just as he brought it to his lips, he heard a whooshing sound of wings.

He turned around to check which of his siblings paid him a visit and smiled, seeing his favorite sister, the Angel of Death.

"Rae-Rae, what a lovely surprise."

"Hey, Lu," she said casually while walking around his couch to settle on it.

"What brings you here?"

Lucifer approached her and took a sip of his drink. She didn't visit him often so he was most intrigued.

"I've heard a rumor of strange happenings in Hell, Lu. I think you should check it out," she said while hugging one of the couch pillows.

He rolled his eyes. "Why should I care?"

"Well, didn't you leave because you were bored there?"

She looked up at him from behind her large glasses. He shrugged and took another sip. She did have a point but he wasn't convinced yet. He'd had enough of Hell. Los Angeles was much more fun.

"The word is that Hell got a makeover. I just thought you'd be curious," she said, petting the pillow as if it was a cat.

Lucifer had to admit, she got his attention.

"What type of makeover?"

"That's up to you to find out, you dope," she said all chirpy. "Anyways, got dead people to pick up. Smell ya later."

Lucifer looked at the balcony where his sister flew out of and grinned. He didn't have anything better to do tonight.

"She's right. I am curious."

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