Gory details

A follow on to Todd gets a Job.

Rated T.

I don't own Stargate or any of its characters. But, I do get to play in their Universe.

Chapter 1

The cell was in the deepest bowels of Atlantis. The walls of the cage were heavy slats made some ultra strong super conductive material. For all the prisoner knew, it was the same stuff that the Star Gates were made of. Not that he wasted much time thinking on this. The hunger was too great to do much other than contemplate his impending death. It was still a long time off but, the agony would only increase. The food that the Lantians were feeding him wasn't fit for an Iratus bug, let alone a Wraith. Well... perhaps an Iratus bug would find it nourishing, they were much farther back in his particular evolution line up. However, for him, it barely took the edge off his hunger and he was slowly slipping into the abyss. All things considered, it was a sad ending to a life that had spanned more than 10,000 years. He turned towards the entrance as he heard the footsteps. Sheppard was probably here to goad him some more. This is what he got as his reward for aiding them in defeating the super hive bent on conquering earth.

. John Sheppard strode into the brig and up to the cage.

"Good morning Todd, how are you today? Enjoying your stay? How's the food?" He smirked at the Wraith.

"John Sheppard… I expected better from you. I did after all give you the intelligence to prevent the destruction of your home world. I can understand your reluctance to have me wandering the halls of Atlantis but to be fed the "food" you provide is worse than death." Todd replied.

"Well, you know we aren't about to feed you people. Not ever our worst death penalty is comparable to having the life sucked out of you. I'm sorry ape doesn't tickle your taste buds but that is what is on the menu. But all that aside, there is a visitor who would like to speak with you in private." John commented.

Stepping back from the cage, Sheppard touched his earwig and said "Send in Mr. Smith."

The door opened with its usual hiss and a nondescript individual walked in, dressed in a plain off the rack suit. He turned to Sheppard and waved him and the guards out of the room. He waited until the doors were sealed before speaking.

"Hello Todd... My name is Mr. Smith. I have a proposition for you." He said.

Todd didn't say anything. He just waited for "Mr. Smith" to make his pitch.

Mr. Smith pulled up the chair that the Colonel had placed there for him and sat down.

"I expect you must be extremely hungry by now. The reports I've read suggest that what we can feed you is only delaying your end. Your time is running out."

Todd sat in silence, and waited for him to continue.

"I believe my associates and I have a solution to your problem. One that will see your health restored and at the same time aid our nation and our world in ridding itself of various current… shall we say "annoyances". We think that your unique abilities could be used to clean up a lot of messes, while giving you the sustenance you need to live. Do you wish to hear more, Todd? "

Todd studied the rather plain human before him. His face gave no clue as to what he was thinking, but inside he was mulling over the possibilities. After a moment he spoke.

"Continue, Mr. Smith, I'm listening."

Mr. Smith paused before talking, reaching into his jacket and pulling out a packet of cigarettes. He pulled one out and lit it with an old zippo lighter. On its scratched and scarred surface could be seen a faded crest. If one were to study it closely, the words "De Opresso Liber" could just be made out.

"Ok Todd, here's the deal. We want you to work for us, as a freelance assassin. We will take you out of this cage from time to time and send you into hotspots around the world. You will be briefed with the best intelligence we have, and your mission will be to take out certain individuals who are generally a nuisance to the United States, or our allies. While doing this, you will be able to feed on those you are sent to kill, and your living conditions will greatly improve."

Todd said nothing. He considered what had just been said. After some moment he spoke for the second time.

"You have my attention. Tell me more."

"For obvious reasons you will remain here on Atlantis, while not on a mission. But we will improve the furnishings and other things to make your life more bearable. We will give you access to our world wide web, so you can see what Earth and it's people are like. And we will give you more than enough missions so that you will never feel hunger again. We will beam you out of this cell onto one of our orbiting ships, and drop you on site the same way. We will be able to monitor your actions with our sensors, and retrieve you when the mission is completed, or if you are in danger of being trapped.

Todd asked a question. "Are your sensors advanced enough to distinguish my lifeform from any other I may be surrounded by?"

Mr. Smith looked at the alien and grinned. "We can see and differentiate between you, other people and even determine sex and relative age. We will also be implanting a subdermal beacon to aid in beaming you back up to the ship. This is the same device all of our Stargate teams have implanted and they work very well. About the only thing that would stop them from working is if you got shot in that exact spot or were subjected to a fairly intense EM field."

Todd sat back and contemplated the man in front of him. This was obviously someone from an Intelligence agency, some sort of Black ops group as Sheppard would say, and seemed to be quite sure of himself.

"When must I give you an answer?"

Smith's expression changed from easy going to hard in an instant.

"I guess that depends on how long you think you can keep on living while eating ala monkey. Your strength is failing, you've lost a lot of weight and you look like crap. Not that you looked any great shakes when they locked you up in this cage. It's up to you how long you have. I can wait." With that he stood up and walked to the door. He knocked and the marine guard opened it to let him out.