Gory details

A follow on to Todd gets a Job.

Rated T.

I don't own Stargate or any of its characters. But, I do get to play in their Universe.

Chapter 2

Mr. Smith left, and Todd leaned back against the slabs that made up his cage. His hunger gnawed at him, a feeling of burning up as the energy within him ebbed. He didn't have much time. Perhaps as much as a month before he would cease to exist. But the time factor was much more critical than that. He had only a few days to decide before he became too weak to be able to do much of anything. His condition was now worse than that which he'd been in when Sheppard was imprisoned with him by that Genii bastard Kolya.

He sat thinking, wondering if this might be used as a way to escape. No, there wasn't any point. He was alone on a world with more than 7 billion people. While he could feast until he burst, it wouldn't be long before someone came to put him down. Probably the SG teams, with their life signs detectors. With a beacon implanted, he'd be easy to find.

After an hour or so of back and forth inner debate, he decided that it was this option or death. He motioned the guard forward.

"Tell John Sheppard that I will do as Mr. Smith asked."

The guard nodded, and spoke into his earwig.

Todd leaned back again, expecting Sheppard to arrive and gloat. However minutes turned to hours and Sheppard did not appear. Just as he was getting ready to speak to the guard again, he saw the room around him flash to white light, and he found himself now looking at a metal room, with several armed men pointing weapons at him. He did not move. Mr. Smith stepped forward.

"Hello Todd, welcome to the Apollo. Please hold your hands in front of you. We can't have you walking about able to drain someone of their life force yet."

Todd did as requested and one of the guards stepped up and placed a waist band on him. From this short chains ran to a gauntlet that encased his feeding hand. The other side was simply a manacle. To be honest, he hadn't expected less.

"Ok, Todd, let's get over to surgery. Time to implant the beacon. Just so you know, we will be putting you under anesthetics for a short time while we do that and also implant a security device." Mr. Smith said over his shoulder as he walked down a corridor ahead of the group that surrounded the Wraith.

"What security device are you speaking of?" Todd asked.

"Very simply put, we will be implanting a small charge along your spine, up by your shoulder blades. The procedure is similar to what your kind do with runners, but ours is designed to blow a chunk out of your spine. A second device is implanted into your skull and will turn your brains to mush if you misbehave." Smith replied.

"I see." What else could he say to that? It wasn't like he had any choice.

They arrived at the ship's surgery and entered. Inside, two surgeons and a nurse stood by a table with straps. The guards took up stations are various points around the room, making sure not to have the medical people in the line of fire. One of them removed the restraints and backed away.

One of the doctors told him to remove his coat and shirt, then lie face down on the table. Todd shrugged, and complied. For now he was resigned to anything they chose to do to him. It wasn't like he had any choice. Living was his primary concern now. Once on the table the restraints were pulled tight and they put a mask over his face. Very shortly thereafter he was asleep.

He awoke some time later, laying on his stomach. His body felt weaker and he could tell that the incisions were not healing as fast as they would if he'd been at full strength. He lay there conserving his energy, and waited. Half an hour later, Mr. Smith appeared.

"Everything went as planned. Your beacon is transmitting as it should and the security package is in place. That being the case there will not be any need for the hand restraints." He said as he held up a small remote. "There are several people who have this remote. At the first sign of trouble they will press the execute button and your life will be over. Keep that in mind."

Todd nodded his head, saying nothing.

Mr. Smith continued. "Now, in a few minutes we will be transported down to our facility and your training and briefings will begin. Given that you will be going into hostile territory, you may well have access to foreign weapons during your mission, so we will be training you on that and on explosives. Sabotage is also going to be a part of your missions so you will get training on the various types we use and what our main opponents use."

Todd asked him "When will I be sent on my first assignment? My strength is rapidly failing. I need to feed."

Mr. Smith thought for a moment before replying. "Can you handle two men in your present condition?"

"Yes, if I kill one and feed on the other."

"Ok, Todd, let's get you some dinner. Follow me." With that, he turned and left the room, heading for the briefing room. Once there, he put up a satellite photo on the large screen. It appeared to be a two man observation post, set back just inside a stand of trees. It was an infrared scan, and showed two men quite clearly, one sitting back against the wall of the dugout, while the other scanned the front with binoculars.

He turned to Todd who was studying the image.

"We can do this two ways. One, we can put you down a short distance away from the OP and you can walk in, or two, we can put you right in the dugout, behind the observer and off to one side of the other fella. If you take out the guy who is sitting quickly you could then nail the other before he could get to the rifle you see leaning against the back wall. Which do you prefer?"

Todd thought about it for a moment, considering his depleted strength and slower response times. Then he looked up at Mr. Smith.

"Put me into the dugout. I can cripple the observer immediately and deal with the seated man in a moment. Once he is dead I can finish off the other man as well."

"Very well. Once you are finished we will transport you back aboard and pull the bodies out as well. We can dispose of them later. This way there will be no clues left as to what happened."

"Very well, I am ready."

"One more thing. You will need this so you can communicate with us. It's the same as our SG teams use. Put it in your ear, and touch the side when you want to transmit." Mr. Smith told him as he passed over the small radio unit.

Todd inserted the earwig and pressed the side. "Can you hear me?"

Mr Smith gave him a thumbs up. He recognized it from watching John Sheppard. He heard the technician at the console in the transporter compartment acknowledged verbally on the radio link.

"I am ready." He nodded to Mr. Smith. Smith passed the word over the link. "Execute One, into the dugout."

The briefing room faded out in a flash of light, and he reappeared in a dark musty room, dimly lit. He had landed with the observer to his left, back towards him and the relaxing man in front and to his right. Instantly the Wraith thrust out his left hand sideways, the heel of his hand striking the observer just under the skull, moving in an upward motion. The binoculars flew out the open port and the observers' face bounced off of the wooden lintel of the observation slit and he sagged to the ground. As he did this, the man seated against the wall staggered to his feet, total disbelief on his face. The expression didn't last long as Todd's left hand came around and ripped the battledress from his chest. In a flash the right hand, his feeding hand, clamped down on the man's chest.

Todd literally ripped the man's life force from him, and he went from a healthy fit young man to a shriveled mummy that looked to be a hundred years old in less than 60 seconds. No finesse here, he was starving and the life energy flowed into him, easing the burning within. He felt himself drawing away from the abyss. He would continue to live.

He released the corpse and turned to the other man, slumped to the floor, blood running down his face from his crushed nose. Tearing the battledress away from this one's chest, he punched his feeding hand down and this time took a bit more time to drain the body of its life force. This one lasted a lot longer, regaining consciousness and screaming in agony. Finally the withered mummy stopped all motion and noise, gone.

Todd sat back on his heels. He looked around the dugout, noticing the magazines and newspapers. There were cans of food in a niche dug out of the back wall and he could faintly smell the latrine dug into the ground some distance away. He sat for a few minutes, letting the energy work its magic as his body responded and regained strength. The incisions on his back would be gone in minutes, and he felt much more like himself. Reaching up to the earwig, he pressed it, and spoke.

"I am done."

He watched the two cooling corpses disappear in a flash, and then he was gone as well.

The briefing room on the Apollo came into focus. His handler studied him for a few moments.

"You look much better now. Shall we transport to our facility now?"

Mr. Smith then signaled the technician and they both disappeared in the characteristic flash of light that Asgard tech produced.