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It was really hard to do anything considering that in the last chapter they were just crying their eyes out.


So I'm just gonna leave this part to your imaginations or whatever.

Here's that one existing part in the junk I wrote.

The camera panned up, revealing two people typing away at the computers, Hank Pym and-

"Janet van Dyne?!" Tony, Scott, and Natasha gasped.

"But she disappeared years ago!" Natasha said in disbelief.

"I feel like it has something to do with you. What were you doing all this time?" Clint asked Scott. He shrugged.

"I used to be a respected scientist, I had my name on the sides of buildings," Hank told his wife.

Tony coughed. Everyone else rolled their eyes.

(long time skip)

"So… I might be stuck in the quantum realm forever?!" Scott panicked. "I've been there once and it was not fun."

"You've been to the quantum realm?" Shuri's eyes practically jumped out of her head.

"Shh!" the voice interjected. "Listen up, this is important. In a week Thor's ship will be attacked and the Infinity War will commence. Xandar unfortunately has already been decimated, as I was an idiot and didn't realize it. Thor and Bruce are currently trying to save Asgard and in a few hours Asgard will be destroyed and the Asgardians will make their way to Earth(short author's note: I say this because I very much doubt that they would be able to reach Earth in only a few days and I needed a good excuse for why Thor and Bruce aren't there among other reasons)."

"You know what's going to happen next."

"Find Strange, he lives at 177A Bleecker Street in New York City's Greenwich Village neighborhood. He'll understand. He might be able to locate Thor and the Guardians. Go from there. You'll appear in exactly the same spot and the same time you left."

A few gasped as a blue light encircled them.

"This feels weird," Peter squirmed.

"Good luck Avengers."

And with that, they all vanished.


Tony landed roughly on the floor and winced.

"Ow..." Tony groaned, reaching up to grope the air for something to grab onto, catching Dum-E's mechanical arm. The bot beeped in concern, hoisting Tony up.

"I'm fine, Dum-E, no broken bones," he patted the bot. Tony scanned the lab. Everything was as he left it. Still messy, cluttered, and filled to the brim with unfinished projects. Part of him wondered if it was all a dream, or a delusion who knows how many days he was down here.

It wasn't a dream, Tony thought to himself. It wasn't a dream and Thanos is coming.

One week. It was so soon. Only seven days.

Tony snapped out of his daze as a piece of paper floated down in front of his face. He grabbed it and turned it over. It read the address of Stephen Strange's house. He hastily shoved the card in his back pocket and felt something else in there. He froze and slowly pulled out the flip phone Steve had given him.

He sucked in his breath. What if nobody else remembered? What if Steve didn't have the other phone?

"Fuck it," he muttered and flipped it open and pressed on Steve's contact.

"Tony?" Steve said. "Do you remember...?"

"Hey Cap. We've got a lot to get done in a week and I figure we might get more done if we were all in one place. Rhodey'll let you into the compound. But I've got a wizard to talk to first."

So I have one more chapter to go, which is how the Avengers will use this knowledge to defeat Thanos. It will be longer and therefore will take much longer than my other chapters.