Ahh, the famous Soulmate AU. I don't really know how many people will actually read this spur of the moment fic, but for whoever does I hope you will enjoy this. While the main ship is Plance, other ships will appear over time. This fic will also stick as close to canon as possible.

My name is Katie "Pidge" Holt. I've grown up in a world where most people are destined to end up with someone. These are called soulmates. There are two types of soulmates. Romantic and platonic. Everyone has a platonic soulmate, commonly known as 'best friend.' The best friend mark is ALWAYS on your wrist, and it's always half of a heart. When you first come into contact with your best friend, the heart is completed on both of your wrists. Mine is my brother, Matt. Obviously, you can have more than one friend. You can even call them your best friend! But most people only have one soulmate best friend, although there was once a case where the person had four soulmate best friends...

The romantic soulmate is the one you fall in love with. While people have had more than one, that only happens when the first soulmate dies. The romantic soulmate, more commonly known as just 'soulmate', mark can be multiple things. Their name, a small picture, or a larger image. Some marks grow, other glow. It cam be confusing. But they all have two things in common! One, they turn grey once your soulmate dies, and a small 'x' appears through the mark. And two, the moment your skin comes in contact with your soulmates skin, your mark merges with theirs. The mark I have is a small blue wave on my ankle, which signifies that my soulmate likes water. When my soulmate and I meet, whatever mark they have on their skin will appear next to mine, and vice versa.

I should also mention soul bonds. Something that happens between soulmates. These can all be very different, and not everyone gets them. There are three different known types. Telepathy, feelings, and dreams. I have the feelings. That's where I know what my soulmate feels. By the time I was ten, I knew how to ignore it, and now I really will only notice the feelings when their extreme. But when I do pay attention, there is one thing that I can almost always feel. Joy. Whoever my soulmate is, he is very joyous.

Oh! I can hear mom turning on the news. I'm gonna sneak down and see if there's anything about Matt and Dad, both of whom are in space! Later!

Lance was sleeping soundly when it hit; grief. Grief like nothing he had ever felt. The lanky teen sat up in bed gasping for air. It wasn't his grief, which made it worse. It was his soulmates. Some who didn't have the ability to feel what their soulmate felt never understood how you could be in physical pain from some of your soulmates feelings, but you could. Usually it was only with grief, like now. For one, it's painful because it's not your's, and two, you can't do anything. You're stuck knowing that your soulmate is hurting and you can't help them. At least not until the two of you are together.

"Lance?" Hunk rolled off the lower bunk and looked up at his roommate, concern appearing across his face at the sight of tears trailing down his friend's cheeks. "What's wrong?"

Lance hugged his pillow to him. "She's hurting Hunk," Lance cried, before stuffing his face into said pillow. "She's hurting real bad."

Yep, it's short. But in order for the next events to actually make sense, it needed to be.