Chapter 1: The Boy who loved Dementors

Even before actually seeing any of them, he was warned of their presence by the familiar feeling of cold which intensified to the point where entire surface of the lake was frozen.

The moon was shining bright and he could see hundreds of them arriving in a dark swarm.

He inhaled deeply and started doing mental exercises which Professor Lupin had showed him to clear his mind and counter the effects of their presence. The mental pressure grew to unbearable levels and he lost consciousness.

At first there was feeling of lying in a warm cocoon of love and magic. Then the walls of the cocoon contracted and he was expulsed into the hostile outside. He could feel himself crying his lungs out for the warmth to return and it did return. He opened his eyes and saw the familiar green eyes of his mother watching over him as she held him in her arms. After a while he was passed to be held by other people in the room: first his father and then to younger and healthier looking Sirius and Professor Lupin. Lily and her boys.

Thanks to mental pressure the dementors were exerting on his mind, he was able to re-live every second of the first fifteen months of his life in a sort of vivid dream.

He re-lived the first moments he had gained awareness of his magic, his mother bringing him to be examined by her mentors: Professor Dumbledore, Newt Scamander and Mr and Mrs Flamel. He re-lived the subsequent private meeting his mother had with Nicolas Flamel in which he was subjected to additional tests from the man, then Flamel disclosing to be Utnapishtim of Atlantis, a stranded alien, and his accelerated evolution of magical users project, of which Lily and Harry were crowning success.

He re-lived the announcement of the prophecy, war councils during which Lily and her boys were trying to find something to counter Voldemort's menace. Without success at first, but then one night Sirius arrived with the information he had accidentally extracted from his crazy elf Kreature about his brother's sacrifice to steal one of Voldemort's horcruxes. Sirius showed them Regulus' notes which were speaking about Voldemort's greatest secret – six horcruxes, of which one was in their possession. Lily's eyes started to shine with mad intuition and killing intent as the plan and all implications were clear to her.

The last month of his vision was the most difficult to watch: the Potters isolating themselves inside the guest cottage on Dumbledore's family property in Godric's Hollow, preparing to die, writing their letters which would be given to Harry upon turning 17.

On the Halloween morning Lily informed James that it was time.

A special magical circle with a central and an orbiting pentagram was drawn on the cottage floor and hidden.

The Potters had sex one last time.

When Voldemort arrived, James faced him first to distract him so that Lily would complete the last part of their plan: position herself in the centre as sacrifice and put Harry on the orbiting pentagram.

As Lily Potter died and her sacrifice completed, Voldemort's unstable soul broke once more, this time not of his free will, and the soul shard locked itself on the object placed to become Voldemort's last horcrux.

Voldemort turned his eyes on Harry Potter. The green curse left his wand and bounced back and disintegrated its sender, just as any Dark Lord would be trying to AK his own horcrux.