Chapter 6(66): The Greatest Darkness and the Greatest Light

The next morning he woke up with a foreboding regarding the announcement of the Lead Cenobite. He felt that the moment those words "you are the god over entire no-life domain" had been uttered some fundamental change about his being had been set in motion. As he tried to go on with his usual routine, he noticed strange stillness around him. It was as if he woke up to his Judgement Day.

He sat beside the pond as the spirits were starting their song, and for the moment all seemed for the best. He began to meditate while listening to the spirits. Soon he noticed there was a new song. Not like the one of the spirits, but like the one of the Dementors during the Hogwarts lake incident. And this new song was not coming from any particular source located in any particular place. It was everywhere, coming from the very fabric of reality.

Suddenly he was able to hear the words of the song: the words of Christian last rites prayer, the words of Kaddish, the words of Salat al-Janazah, the words of Jiukujing.

He was listening to death of all those dying on the British isles, on Earth, in the Milky-way galaxy. He was listening to the stream of souls entering and leaving the no-life domain.

He could see hopes and dreams of the living. He could feel nourishment from the prayers people directed to their dark desires.

And he understood what had happened. He was doomed for all eternity...

And he hadn't seen it coming... even if he was god-elected of the Cenobites... but that didn't suppose to mean anything really, right?!...

That day the emissary of the Cenobite empire, Lord Barker made the announcement in front of the Wizengamot that the glorious legacy of Ekrizdis of Azkaban, Father of the Nation was continued through the newly established Cenobite empire – whose rule over all Nightbreeds was blessed by the No-Life God. He then delivered the Emperor's gift to the Minister, a puzzle-box and heads of the hit-wizard team sent to reconnaissance mission on the island of Azkaban, saying that the Cenobites thanked the Ministry for the food and that it was indeed in their nature to wait for the prey to come willingly and that there would be no invasion to be feared, and disappeared.

… He was going to kill Tom Riddle in the most painful manner known to the universe... He was going to tear his soul apart – no, wait, the idiot had already done it to himself and that was the source of his present predicament... Geez, the Cenobites even fused magic of his invisibility cloak with him – so that it would be part of him... forever – because he was the rightful and worthy owner of the work of the wizard Ekrizdis, creator of the Dementors.

Actually, the Cenobites had called the dibs on the punishment of Tom Riddle for his disrespectful treatment of the Resurrection Stone.

Well, if Hellboy could pull the hero gig while being a hell-spawn, then Harry could too... even if he wasn't, strictly speaking, a hell-spawn.

He decided to spend the rest of that day meditating on the pond shore, learning to cope with his new powers, and understanding responsibilities those powers implied... He could see thoughts of all criminals in the universe and could find them (or even kill) instantly, but it was of utmost importance that he could make the right choices to insure the right time-line was played.

He summoned his portable CD player, put ear-phones on, and started the music. He sat there in lotus position, from time to time singing to the music...

Is this the real life?

Is this just fantasy?

Caught in a landslide

No escape from reality...

Potter has a devil put aside for me, for me, for me...

As Harry mused about his powers and the artefacts made by Ekrizdis and the fact that the Cenobites were passing judgement if the present owners of those artefacts were worthy or not, something struck his mind – there were three artefacts made by Ekrizdis, which represented pinnacle of his ground-breaking works in arithmancy and necromancy and which allowed him to become "Master of Death"... Shit! Dumbledore!...

He jumped to his feet, and the cloak wrapped itself around him and his appearance became ghostly and translucent.

With a look of deep determination in his eyes he took flight with supersonic speed in direction of Hogwarts, looking like a silver arrow of light.

He arrived inside the, empty, main entrance hall, giving the fright of his un-life to Peeves.

"Potter is dead! Potter is dead! Potter is dead!...", the poltergeist escaped from the hall while screaming hysterically.

Harry resumed his "normal human" form, the cloak transformed into his student robes, and he proceeded towards Professor Dumbledore's office. He made the check with his mental probe, good Professor was still alive. He announced himself at the gargoyle and asked for the entrance.

"Mister Potter, while it is always pleasure to see you, I take, by your hasty arrival – which by the way has me greatly puzzled by your new abilities, this is not a pleasure visit?"

"My new abilities and the reason of my presence here are connected... Today, during the Wizengamot session appeared an unexpected speaker..."

This started Dumbledore's every mental alarm.

"This speaker spoke of the newly established entity which united all Nightbreeds under its protection..."

"Yes, Harry?..."

"This entity sees itself as continuation of the work of the wizard Ekrizdis of Azkaban, whom it considers as its creator... Ekrizdis made three very powerful artefacts, wrongly attributed to the Death itself... Professor, I beg your pardon for what I must do... I will explain..."

While Harry remained completely still, Professor Dumbledore felt nevertheless the well-known feeling of the disarming charm.

The elder wand jumped from the holster around Dumbledore's wrist and Harry caught it with ease.

"This is the first artefact, the second was owned by the Gaunt family, and the third is in my possession... The Cenobites have passed the judgement on the worthiness of all those who have ever touched those artefacts... Tom Riddle will pay for his own unworthiness and the unworthiness of his ancestors... the line of Ignotus Peverell was judged worthy... Those who touched the elder wand, however, were not..."

Harry closed his eyes in mental concentration.

"Gregorovitch and Grindelwald were gruesomely executed some moments ago... I barely managed to arrive here on time... Here, take this wand, it is now yours..."

Dumbfounded, moving on pure reflex, Dumbledore extended his arm, took the wand and felt strange magic wash over him.

"The judgement of the Cenobites is revoked..."

"Now, with this excitement over, we can indeed continue with the pleasure part of my visit...

This new species, the Cenobites, they want to continue the legacy of the one they call their creator, Ekrizdis of Azkaban, but they want to start a new era so to speak so they decided to pass this judgement of worthiness...

So, now I have been given complete knowledge regarding the work of Ekrizdis and of the abilities offered by the cloak, but that is less important here...

You see, when abominations left by Ekrizdis on Azkaban island were discovered by the wizards, they immediately declared him dark and hid everything they had found somewhere in the Department of Mysteries for later study...(thanks to Mr Weasely I learned a lot about the Ministry this summer)... Anyhow, the experts of the Department made the mistake to study only the necromancy part of the notes left by Ekrizdis, and I don't blame them because the arithmancy part was complete gibberish to them... However, this gibberish is completely intelligible to today's muggle mathematicians...because Ekrizdis discovered modern algebra and analysis four centuries ahead of the works of Descartes, Leibniz and Newton... Ekrizdis then applied his modern arithmancy to necromancy, to open some doors which are best left closed...

Now we come to my ambitious plan and my contribution to it... You can see where I want to go from here, don't you? And yes, I know why it hasn't been done yet – after all muggle calculus has been known to wizards for centuries now.

The reason I can pull it off, unlike those before me who had the same idea, is because of what I am... a mutation, next evolutionary jump. With my puberty I'm discovering strength and abilities left to me through fortuitous meeting of my parents... I've seen magic wizards wouldn't believe, and that even before the Cenobites bestowed upon me the powers of the cloak...

I can use muggle mathematics and physics, in conjunction with my abilities, to start next technological revolution of wizard society... for example, just like Ekrizdis had used alchemy spheres strategically positioned on his elder wand to create the wand which produces the perfect, unbeatable response with any wizard, I can create wands for squibs... I can make magic available to muggles... I can end wizard-muggle divide..."

After Potter had left, Dumbledore took some time to digest all the information which was dropped on him. He then stud up and went in front of his fireplace and made firecall to Professor McGonagall, who was enjoying her well deserved vacation at traditional clan McGonagall summer reunion.

"Professor McGonagall, I beg your pardon for intruding on your peaceful vacation, I had an unbelievable day and you are the perfect person I must speak to about..."

She gave him password for the crossing, and he appeared in her castle McGonagall apartment.

"Could I have a glass of that superb Gonaglen single malt special?... You should have one too..."

He toasted and gulped.

"Dear Professor, I am again obliged to beg your pardon... I will not object any more to your project to adopt Harry Potter and make him a ward of Hogwarts... There has been a surprising development regarding young Mr Potter, which could potentially make him very vulnerable to political intrigues of pure-blood supremacists and needing our protection so that the light this young star is about to shine on our world would not go to waste..."

She poured herself a glass and gulped.