A/N: DRAGONWATCH 2 SPOILERS! This chapter is set a little while after the second Dragonwatch book, if you haven't finished don't read this yet!

Kendra looked back at the room she and the team she was with had just walked out of with one last glance of fear and disgust. She was a part of a team that was going to recover an artifact Agad believed could be a big help in getting Seth's memory back once they rescued him. Of course, that meant a vault full of traps and deadly magic.

Kendra found comfort in the fact she was with friends, though. Along with her, Warren, Vanessa, Tanu, Trask, and Mara had tagged along. All eager to find something that could help bring Seth back to them. Kendra felt the burden of this mission heavily on her shoulders, if they failed or if the artifact didn't work, Kendra wasn't sure what she would do. She needed her little brother back.

"I'm getting tired of this vault, and we just only started it." Vanessa sighed, as she finished throwing her hair back up in a ponytail. They had just finished fending off a large half spider - half bear beast that Kendra was both horrified and confused about and during the fight Vanessa's hair had come undone. Something that had greatly annoyed the older women.

"I share that sentiment." Mara muttered, and the group laughed. It was a known fact that while the women wasn't scared of spiders, she was disgusted by them. The whole fight with the spider bear hybrid, Mara looked like at the beast like it was the most disgusting thing she had ever laid her eyes on. "Who even thought of a bear-spider hybrid."

"I bet it was Agad, that wizard is weird, I tell you. Weird." Warren spoke up from beside Kendra as they walked down the uneven hallway. Kendra smiled and shook her head, Warren constantly said Agad was off ever since he found out that he made Kendra and Seth caretakers.

Warren highly disapproved of the decision because of the pressure it put on Kendra and Seth. Kendra still remembers the fight Warren had with her grandfather Stan about it. If she was being honest, Kendra agreed with Warren but knew Agad and her grandfather were put in an impossible position and they wouldn't have come to the decision to ask her and Seth lightly.

"Let's just be glad the thing wasn't a hard kill. Honestly, I think it was one of the easiest traps I've ever faced." Tanu said.

"What does that say about what's coming up though?" Trask replied, and Kendra shuddered at the implications. If the first one was easy, it was probably made to put them off guard, which means the next trap might be impossibly hard.

"Don't worry, Trask would get along with the Somber Knight he's such a downer." Warren whispered to her, chuckling when Trask scowled at him, having heard Warren. Kendra gave him the best smile she could but she knew she was fooling no one. Especially Warren.

"I'm just being realistic."

"You're scaring her so shove your 'realistic' up your a-"

"Warren!" Vanessa scolded and gave Warren a warning look. Warren relented and as the group carried on it was pretty much silent.

Eventually, they came across the next doorway, and after Trask stepped in and quickly looked around he motioned for them to follow. Kendra stepped into the room and instantly shivered. It seemed to have dropped at least thirty degrees as they stood in a room filled with snow, a frozen lake and a bridge that was covered in ice.

"So, are we fighting Elsa next?" Warren said before jokingly sang 'Let It Go', causing Kendra to actually giggle a bit as everyone looked at him like he had lost it.

"More like a Yeti." Vanessa said, rolling her eyes.

"I say we cross the bridge and find out." Tanu spoke up before Warren could protest. The group carefully made their way across the slippery bridge, Warren following Kendra one hand on her back in case she slipped.

Once on the other side, the group tensed and waited for something to pop up but nothing jumped out and the scene was deathly silent. Kendra waited, expecting something to jump out from the lake or under the bridge, maybe even emerge from the snow but as the seconds ticked by it seemed obvious nothing was happening and they hadn't triggered the guardian yet.

"What do you think we should d-" Tanu spoke but was cut off by a huge gust of wind forming, Kendra shivered and tried to stand her ground the best she could, the others held on to the bridge or each other and Kendra felt Warrens hand grab her arm and pull her close as the wind doubled down on them.

Kendra could hear them yelling, and briefly saw Trask pointing at something before she heard a deafening roar come from behind her and Warren. Warren pushed her to move in the opposite direction towards the lake and away from where the roar had come from. They fought against the wind as it continued to blow down on them, chilling Kendra to the bone.

Kendra peeked around Warren's body and saw a ginormous monster made of snow. The team seemed at a loss of how to defeat it as it was made of snow and the wind made it hard for them to use half of their weapons. The wind seemed to get stronger and stronger and Kendra felt like she would be lifted up into the air if it wasn't for Warren's tight grip.

The snow started to lift up in the air and pretty soon, Kendra couldn't see the team or the monster. She looked up at Warren and saw he looked just as worried and confused as she felt. The snow cleared and the spotted Trask shoving his sword into the snow monsters chest but their vision was lost yet again before they could see what happened next.

But then, the wind stopped, jarring the room back into silence. They could see the others standing in front of a huge pile of snow looking utterly perplexed. Warren glanced back to make sure Kendra was okay before heading over. Kendra stayed where she was, weary to go near where the monster was, in case it wasn't over yet.

"What happened?" Kendra heard Warren ask as he approached the team.

"I don't know. I just tried stabbing it and it worked." Trask said, but he didn't sound convinced. "There has to be a catch. This whole vault has been too easy."

Just as he spoke, the hair on Kendra's arms stood up as she sensed something behind her. She turned quickly and saw a pair of glowing blue eyes before she felt something slam into her, knocking her right off the edge and into the freezing cold water.

Warren looked back at the sound of Kendra shrieking and felt his heart drop as he saw her drop beneath the surface of the freezing cold lake. Swearing they all ran as fast as they could towards where they saw a Yeti - damn, Vanessa for being right - standing close to where Kendra previously was.

Warren was prepared to jump in the lake after Kendra but he felt a little bit of relief as he spotted her head pop up from the water. He stopped a little ways away from where the team was engaging the monster. "Kendra! Swim over here away from the Yeti!"

Kendra listened to him and did her best to make her way over to where he was. Warren could tell her muscles were freezing up and making it difficult for her to properly swim, a few times her head ducked back underwater and each time Warren's heart seized.

"Come on, K! You're almost here, you got this." He called to her, getting ready to pull the poor girl out of the water. She was finally close enough for him to see that her skin was ghastly white and her lips were blue. A few moments later she reached him and he immediately bent over and grabbed her shivering body out of the water.

"Good job, Kens. I got you." He wrapped his arms around her in an attempt to warm her up as best he could and he could feel Kendra shaking like a leaf in a hurricane against him. Looking up he saw the rest of the team coming towards them, the Yeti's dead body on the ground behind them.

"She okay?" Mara called.

"Freezing cold, but okay." Warren said. "Tanu, do you have any potion to warm her up?"

Tanu shook his head, "I have heat resistance potions but I don't have a potion that could warm her up on me. But I do have instant heat packs, hold on."

The rest of the team had gathered around Kendra, Trask pulled a blanket out of his bag and wrapped it around Kendra's small form, keeping his arms around her. Warren took Kendra's small hands in his and began rubbing them, trying to get the blood flowing to warm them up.

Mara and Vanessa both took two hot packs from Tanu and bent down and placed them on Kendra's legs moving them every now and then. Warren took four and gave two of them to Kendra to hold in her hands and placed the other two on her neck, moving them to her ears and cheeks in the same fashion as Mara and Vanessa.

Tanu placed a few under Kendra's shirt on her stomach causing the ticklish girl to giggle which in turn made the rest of them laugh.

"Warming up, yet?" Vanessa asked.

"Y-y-y-yes." Kendra's entire body was still shaking and she caught Warren's 'I don't believe you face' and smiled sheepishly. "I-I mean I'm d-d-doing b-better?"

"Hm. Your lips are blue. Let me fix that." Warren said and put a hot pack right over her mouth. "There! All better!" Kendra made a noise of annoyance from behind the hot pack while the others laughed. Warren took the hot pack off so he didn't actually burn her lips but replaced it on her cheek, which was red from the cold.

"Here's an idea, maybe move her from the room that's freezing cold in the first place?" Mara spoke up from her place at Kendra's left leg. Everyone blinked.

"We really shouldn't be trusted with a child." Trask muttered. Mara and Vanessa stood and they began to make their way to the door.

Kendra was having a hard time walking on shaking legs and while it was adorable and reminded Warren of a baby deer, he wanted to get her warm. Before he could move to pick her up, Tanu beat him to the punch. Putting her on his hip as if she was a toddler and weighed nothing.

Even more adorable.

"That's much better." Trask said once they were in the hallway. Tanu set Kendra down and Trask wrapped the blanket around her small frame once again while Mara and Vanessa sat on the ground, placing the warm packs on Kendra's legs again, talking about who knows what.

Warren wished they had thought to bring a spare set of clothes because he was sure that Kendra wearing the soaking wet clothing was doing nothing to warm her up.

"Kens, swap your sweatshirt for mine. It's giving you no warmth right now anyway." He said, pulling his sweatshirt off. Trask unwrapped the blanket so Kendra could take her soaked sweater off, but she was having a hard time getting it unstuck to her skin. Especially with numb fingers.

"Here, I got it." Warren took the ends of her sleeves in his hands. "Okay, now pull your arms out." Once her arms were free from the sleeves she was able to pull it over her head. Warren took it from her and folded it up, placing it in his backpack while she put on his sweatshirt.

Looking back up he smiled at the sight of Kendra absolutely swimming in the much larger sweatshirt. She didn't seem to care as she was once again wrapped up in the blanket. Tanu was talking to Trask about the difficult making of a warming potion and the process it took to make one correctly.

"How are you doing, kid?" Warren asked her, handing her some more warm packs to hold in her hands again.

"Okay, it's getting better." Kendra said, stutter gone now that her shivering had gone down. There was a healthier color to her face as well, her legs and body still shook a bit but nothing compared to before. "Maybe we should get moving?"

"Give it a few more minutes, I know you want to get this over with but lets at least get you thawed first." Warren felt her cheeks and neck, happy to feel they were no longer ice cold.

"I think my legs are okay, guys." Kendra said to the two women on the ground. Vanessa looked up, eyebrows furrowed.

"Are you sure? Your legs are still shaking."

"I'm okay. I'm just still shivering, but my legs are warm."

"Alright, anything still cold?" Mara asked, standing up and stretching.

"My feet but that can't be helped." Kendra said, stomping her feet on the ground. Mara reached into her own bag and pulled out an extra pair of socks. Kendra stared at the woman.

"Never leave on a mission without an extra pair of socks."

Kendra laughed and thanked her as she switched her wet socks for Mara's, which Warren took and put it in his bag with her shirt. Her shivering was pretty much gone by now and Warren figured they got her as warm as they could with her still wearing the wet clothes.

"Okay, I'm good to go." Kendra sighed as she stood up.

"You sure?" Warren asked.

"Positive. I really just need this whole mission to be over." Kendra admitted, glancing away down the hallway. Warren noticed Kendra looking deep in thought, pulling at her fingers and cracking her knuckles, something she did when she was anxious.

"I think we should stand for a little longer." Vanessa said, eyes scanning Kendra.

"I'm okay! Really."

"Look, I know you want this mission over with and you are anxious to have it behind you but we are lucky you didn't freeze up like a popsicle and get hypothermia." Tanu was popping open another set of heat packs and handing them to Kendra. "Besides, you might not be as cold as you were but you are still pretty much freezing."

"I'm really fine, can we please move on. There's probably a lot left to go and I don't want to waste time and just stand around!" Kendra pleaded with them, but none of the adults were budging.

"Kens, I know you're under a lot of pressure right now. It's immense. The dragon war, finding Seth and curing him, rescuing Bracken and another ten hundred things on your plate." Warren began, putting an arm around her. "But, right now? You need to take a break."

"We don't want to have to face the next trap in the vault if you're not as close to one hundred percent as we can get." Vanessa added, sipping from her water bottle. The rest of the team had pointedly made themselves comfortable to show that they weren't moving until they thought Kendra was ready.

"But…" Kendra started before stopping herself. She slid down the wall and sat on the ground, knees up to her chest. Warren joined her and studied her face intently. Kendra looked like she was about ready to break down, and Warren wasn't shocked to see the start of tears forming in her eyes.

"Kendra…" Warren started but before he could finish the tears spilled from Kendra's eyes and she ducked her head between her knees. He sighed and pulled her close, rubbing her back soothingly.

"¡Aye mija, don't cry now." Vanessa said, crouching down in front of Kendra. "It's just a few minutes, we will still finish the mission, why get so upset?"

Kendra lifted her head and Vanessa brushed away the tears that ran down her face. "It's not just this mission. It's e-everything that goes with it. How am I supposed to meet all the e-expectations everyone has of me? I c-couldn't even watch my own back in there and now I'm h-holding up the mission."

"You are not holding up the mission, and it's not your fault the Yeti threw you into the lake. If it had surprised anyone of us as it did to you we would have ended up the same way." Trask said, joining them on the ground. Tanu and Mara soon following.

"It doesn't even m-matter if we get this stupid artifact, b-because we still have no i-idea where Seth is!" Kendra leaned her head against the wall. Warren had never seen Kendra look quite so defeated and it made his stomach tie in knots.

"K…" He sighed. "We will get Seth back. I swear on that with my whole life. But we have to take little steps, first, we get the artifact, then we locate Seth and Bracken and plan a rescue attempt. And hey, our rescue attempt last time ended with both of them out of imprisonment so we have some experience right?"

He got a hint of a smile from Kendra but that's all. "Seth isn't going to come willingly. He...he probably thinks we are the enemy now."

A hush fell over the team as they contemplated this, it was hard to comfort her on that because it was true. And sure they would have this artifact but it would be too risky to bring it with them to Ronodin's lair. They would have to use it once Seth was hopefully back with them. Which means Seth would think they were trying to kidnap them, not rescue.

Warren heard Tanu sigh next to him. "We will cross that bridge when we come to it, that's all I can say, Kens."

Kendra was silent for a minute, while everyone else picked at their water or a snack. Warren sat with his arm around Kendra for the moment, putting himself in her shoes mentally. He was already exhausted just thinking of what she had been dealing with for the past few weeks let alone her whole life.

"What if he fights us back? With his powers? Ronodin is probably training him to be a formidable enemy to us."

The question from Kendra made everyone pause yet again.

"Kendra, you are going to worry yourself sick thinking about the future so much." Mara said.

"How can I not worry when my brother is out there, not knowing who he really is, being trained to be an evil monster? ...He's only fourteen."

"And you're only sixteen." Vanessa pointed out.

"Please, like I'm the one suffering in this case." Kendra shook her head, closing her eyes as more tears leaked out.

"But you are!" Warren exclaimed. "Kendra, look at you! You are hurt and scared and under so much stress it's amazing you didn't have a heart attack yet! I get that Seth is going through a lot right now, but try to find some comfort in the fact that at least he doesn't know he is being wronged."

"I forget sometimes how old you are, K." Tanu chimed in. "You were around Seth's age when I met you. And you did okay, right? You survived everything?"

Kendra reluctantly nodded and Tanu continued.

"Seth is resilient, once he gets his memories back I bet you anything he will turn those dark powers against Ronodin. He isn't gone, just lost for a moment."

"I guess." She mumbled, looking down at her hands. She was pulling at her fingers again.

"Besides, you'll always have us, right?" Warren pushed his shoulder into hers lightly. Kendra scoffed.

"I don't know why I just get you guys hurt."

Warren took that statement in before responding, "Uh, no. You are not the reason we always get hurt. We're Knights. It's our job to do risky things and sometimes those things end up with injuries, it comes with the job."

"Yeah, but you would be better at your job if I didn't come along and make you have to watch out not only for yourself but for me." Kendra shot back.

"Again, wrong. I am your protector by choice and I don't mind in the slightest watching over you. You're a teenager being forced to go on these dangerous missions, as well as you do, you aren't trained enough to handle these things and why would you be? You were thrown into this world head first and weren't given the real choice to say no."

"Yeah, being turned fairykind at thirteen will do that to you." Vanessa said, shaking her head.

"You shouldn't be my protector, it's practically a glorified babysitter at this point. It's holding you back and...I'm sorry. I know I've been selfish." Kendra ended the sentence in a whisper.

"Selfish?" Tanu practically gasped. He sounded as taken aback as Warren felt.

Vanessa scowled. "Uh, no." she said.

Mara's eye twitched. "What even?" she asked quietly.

"If you're selfish, I'm white." Trask muttered.

"Ding dong, you are wrong." Warren finished off the protests, frowning mightily at his cousin.

"You are the farthest thing from selfish it isn't even funny." Trask said, putting away his water bottle.

"Seriously, Kendra. The fact that I'm even alive today is because you have a heart of gold and healed me in the Inverted Tower, don't think I forgot that." Vanessa spoke in the softest voice Warren ever heard her speak in.

"I just did what anyone would do." Kendra mumbled, averting her eyes.

"No, I would have left her for dead." Warren quietly said, it was hard to admit, especially with how he felt towards Vanessa now, but it was true.

"Honestly? So would have I." Tanu chimed in. "Sorry, Van."

"No offense was taken. I was surprised she healed me as well." Vanessa brushed away the apology.

"So, I healed you. I did one good thing. Whoopie." Kendra faked happiness for a brief second before letting the sarcastic smile drop.

Warren sighed, this wasn't like Kendra. "Kid, you've done so many good things. Amazing, nearly impossible, outstanding, things."

"For example, killing the Demon King, for Christ sake." Trask said, chuckling a little.

"I'm still pissed I missed that, by the way." Mara spoke up.

"That was all Vasilis and everyone knows it." Kendra whispered. "I only held the blade, and Vasilis did the rest."

"Yeah, but you held it. If I had held it, nothing would've happened. The blade came to life because it was you, Kendra." Tanu argued.

"It came to life because I was fairykind."

Mara sat up straighter and took a deep breath. "Only gifted people of light or darkness can hold Vasilis and have it react the way it did to you and Seth. The reason it reacted to you was because you are fairykind yes, but being fairykind is a part of you, a special part of you. The blade recognized not only that you are fairykind, but what that speaks about you, your character, your bravery and sense of justice. Being fairykind isn't arbitrary. You are the only fairykind person in the entire world. Vasilis saw in you what the queen saw in you, that there are very, very few people that are as strong and brave and kind as you are."

Silence reigned after Mara's small speech for a moment before Warren broke it. "I think that's the most I ever heard you speak all at once."

Vanessa snorted. "Seriously. You know you're wrong when Mara goes off on you, Kendra." Kendra actually smiled at her small joke. It was a start in the right direction.

Trask stood and grabbed his stuff. "I think we have lectured Kendra enough. Kendra, you is smart, you is kind, you is important, and all that jazz. Now, let's get this hell mission over with shall we." He said, clapping his hands together.

Kendra laughed a little with the others and stood, the rest of them followed suit. "...Thank you, guys. Really." she spoke softly, meeting Warren's eyes and giving him a genuine smile that he happily returned.

"Of course, kiddo. It's our duty to lecture you at least once a week about how great you are." Tanu responded brightly.

"Ha ha, he said duty." Warren mocked at him, earning a half-hearted swipe to the head from the potions master.

"Careful, Tanu. We all know Warren's head is one bad hit away from permanent brain damage." Vanessa smirked.

Warren feigned outrage as the group started to walk, but any offense was melted away at the sound of Kendra giggling. He looked over to see her shoulders shaking as she laughed.

"Oh, that's funny to you is it?" He said, pulling her into his side and ruffling her hair a bit, much to her protest. He kept a tight hold on her and started tickling her as the walked and soon Kendra was shrieking with laughter trying to get away from him. "Huh? Is it funny now? Is it? Is it?"

"Help! S-someone!" Kendra cried between laughs, but Warren stopped anyway, happy she seemed in a better place for now.

"Alright, I'll have mercy." He said.

"You're so mean." Kendra whined back at him, pouting and giving her best puppy dog eyes. Which, Warren had to admit, they were pretty damn good puppy dog eyes.

"I know, I'm a monster. You should slay me. End your misery."

"Maybe I will." She said, poking his side. He laughed and faked a quick death, sticking out his tongue. They continued walking along the long hallway, talking and joking. Kendra slowly started to brighten more and more, which unknotted Warren's stomach.

Warren knew Kendra will be okay in the end, he just worried about the in between. But, for now, he put his arm around her as they walked to the next daunting trap and gave her a smile. And even though he could see the worry and fear in her eyes, she smiled back all the same.

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