Aura is Unbreakable

Chapter 1

"Josuke Higashikata… Josuke… Josuke!"

With those words, Josuke's eyes opened. As he was lying on a grass patch, he slowly leaned up rubbing his head. There a boy in a school uniform styling a pompadour stood. He looked around as he realised that he was lying on a grass patch, slowly he stood up.

"Where… Where am I?" He asked himself as he looked around again. "I'm in a forest how did I end in a forest?" Josuke thought he decided to walk forward looking for a way out of here. As he fumbled around the muddy soil, he wondered. His shoes now muddy, he grumbled under his breath.

"What was I doing before this? And how did I ended up here…" He said as he tried his best to recall. "Think! I was… I was. I was fighting, I was fighting someone… but who?" He said sounding disappointed. He was frustrated that he couldn't remember what he was doing before this. "Where. Where do I live at… Why… Why can't I remember?!" Josuke said as he started to panic.

"Crap, don't tell me I have amnesia! Oh… you got to be kidding me! At least I still remember my name." Josuke said as he looked around at his surroundings. "My name… My name Is Josuke. Josuke Higashikata. Sigh… that is all I remember… Oh, wait yeah my stand too!"


"What the-" Josuke said as he turned around to see what was growling at him. It sounded like an animal… He didn't have a good feeling about this.

He looked at the bushes where the growling was coming from but saw nothing.

"Huh, guess it was nothing… probably just my imagination. Well, I better find-" Before he could say anything else a pack of Beowolves came out from all directions, with the intention to kill this human.

Josuke was shocked but immediately reacted as upon instinct he called out his stand.

"Crazy Diamond!"

With his words, a pink humanoid figure in light blue armour with heart shapes armour shoulder pads with black spikes coming out of his body manifested in front of him.

"Dorarararara!" Crazy Diamond shouted as it proceeded to punch all the Beowolves in that split moment of time launching them away as all but one retreated away.

"What the hell! What were those things?!" Josuke thought to himself as he watched the last Beowolves who was still determined to kill him stared at him with its blood red eyes. It then leapt at him opening its jaw. Josuke knew it wouldn't think twice about killing him and knew that there wasn't any other choice but to kill it. Immediately, he reacted.

"Dora!" Crazy Diamond said as it appeared in front of Josuke and it launched its fist into the beowolf's head. The punch easily breaks through the beowolf's skull as Crazy Diamond fist went through its head.

Josuke sighed as Crazy Diamond moved towards and into Josuke body before disappearing. He observed as the creature he just killed faded away into black dust. "What was that thing?!"

"I need to find a way out of here…" Josuke thought.

He decided to stroll north as he tried to find his way out of the forest he was in. Carefully, he continued on making sure he wasn't ambushed this time. As Josuke was walking he noticed a futuristic plane in the sky.

"What is that?!" He looked at it in amazement. He had never seen anything like it before. "Maybe, this is my one-way ticket out of this place. Once, I get out of this forest I can try to ask for help."

With his choice clear, Crazy Diamond appeared behind him.

"Dora!" It started to punch the rock next to Josuke as the rock smashed into pieces, Crazy Diamond took a small piece of it and launched it into the air like a rifle bullet toward the aircraft using its finger.

Hitting the side of the plane and bouncing off, Josuke hoped that they would notice him. "Hey, over here!" He shouted as he waved his arms around in hopes that the pilots would notice him.

As it continued moving away in the distance and slowly fading away from view, Josuke thought his ride was gone. But to his surprise, the aircraft turned around in his direction.

"Yes!" He cheered.

After a short moment, the plane slowly landed near Josuke. Upon closer inspection, it wasn't as big as he thought it was, but it was definitely unlike anything he has ever seen.

The entrance to the plane opened as two people came out from it. A man who looked like the pilot, with a man with a cane, black glasses, grey hair who was dressed in dark green looked at him. Josuke watched curiously as they looked at him with a puzzled look. He managed to take a closer look at the two. Naturally, he didn't see them as a treat, they looked like normal regular harmless people. So, taking this plane wouldn't be a bad idea. The only problem that came across his mind was how he was going to convince them to go aboard.

"Hey… umm, I'm actually lost you don't mind taking out of here? Haha… sorry." Josuke said scratching the back of his head while smiling sheepishly.

"Hmm… why of course. Are you by any chance new around here." The man with the cane asked as Josuke looked at him nervously.

"Umm… Yeah, I'm actually. My name is Josuke. Josuke Higashikata." He replied to the man as he looked at him. The man simply smiled as he approached him, he raised out his right arm.

"Pleasure to meet you Jouske. My name is Professor Ozpin, I'm the headmaster of Beacon Academy."

"Beacon Academy… I'm sorry but I had never heard of that school before." Josuke admitted.

"Josuke, you may come aboard."

"Wait, really?!" He exclaimed as he looked shocked at Ozpin.

"Yes, I can see you are a well-mannered boy. So, I don't see an issue by allowing you on board." Ozpin said as he looked at the pilot, who nodded in response and went back into the plane.

"Come on, Josuke. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to stay here considering there are grim around this area that might attack you out of the blue."

"Grim? Oh, you mean the black wolves with a skull-like mask around their faces, spikes on their back and with red glowing eyes."

"Yes, those grim."


Josuke entered the plane. It was kind of small but he wasn't complaining, he took a seat as Ozpin sat beside him.

"So, how old are you Josuke?"


"Yes. You," Ozpin said as he looked at him.

"Oh, I'm 16…"

"Hmm… you remind me of another young person I know. Both of you are the same age."

"Huh… is there by any chances she is a cute girl? Hahaha!" Josuke joked. Ozpin simply chuckled. Josuke looked at him a little surprised.

"Well, if you find a short hair girl cute than yes."


"So, Josuke where do you live?"

"Actually, Mr Ozpin… I don't remember, I think I might be suffering from amnesia, I don't remember a single thing before this… I just woke up in that forest only remembering my name."

"I see… Well, Josuke why don't you come to my school?"

"Wait… Are you serious?! I mean I don't want to trouble you or anything…"

"Please, it's perfectly fine. You could learn how to become a huntsman as well."


"Yes, a huntsman. Defenders of the world against the creature of grim..."

The airbus arrived at Beacon as it slowly descended landing on the ground. Josuke looked in awe as he was utterly stunned by the view. A tall black tower stood in the middle surrounded by many different buildings and sculptures.

"Woah… I can't…" Ozpin slowly walked up to him as he looked at him. Ozpin then gestured him to follow him as Josuke walked beside him. The two walked toward the black building. There were few people staring at him as Josuke nervously looked away.

"You're in luck we just completed the orientation program for our first-year students. You wouldn't mind joining one of our fine group of students to stay in the main time?"

"Yeah, sure I don't mind… Umm, Mr Ozpin."


"I just want to say thanks. You really don't have to do this…"

"Please, it is fine."

After a few minutes, Josuke wondered where was Ozpin taking him to. This doesn't look like it was his office. As the two were walking pass a role of doors.

"This looks like the dorm. I wonder who my roommates are going to be…" Josuke thought as he looked at Ozpin, who was calmly walking while holding his cane close to his chest.

"We are here."

Josuke looked at him with a surprised look before looking at him again. He then looked at the door in front of him. Nervously, he opened the door.

Looking at the floor, he slowly looked up at his roommates. He saw four girls… all looking at him.

"Girls this young fellow here is Josuke. He is currently suffering from amnesia until we can find out more about where he lives and how to contact his family, he will be staying with you for now." Ozpin said as the four girls looked at him with surprised looks before turning their attention to Josuke. Josuke looked at them as he shacked his head. He probably should introduce himself.

"Umm… hi." Josuke said waving nervously.

"Yang! Who is this guy?" One of the girls said. She walked toward him as she stared straight at him. Her silver eyes glimmering brightly.

"Isn't his name Josuke?" Yang responded to the girl with black and red hair.

"Umm, yeah, she is right… My name is Josuke Higashikata." Josuke said smiling as he blushed.

"Oh, my name is Ruby! Ruby Rose" Ruby exclaimed. She then looked behind her. Josuke looked at the other three members of this team. The girl with the white hair and the ponytail was crossing her arms looking at him with a serious expression, the other girl with long black hair and a ribbon reading a book, and finally a girl with long blonde hair smiling at him.

"This is my team! Team RWBY!" Ruby exclaimed as she posed.

Josuke smiled to himself.

"Well, I guess this isn't going to be so bad."

Somewhere near a lonely house in Vale... A man was leaving his home ready to go to work.

"Honey, don't forget to impress your new colleagues!" His wife shouted proudly waving at him.

"I will... don't worry about it, dear." The man responded as he waved bye to his dear wife. He mustn't also forget to pick up his son later from school.

He fastens his seatbelt. Before he decided to drove off to his first day at his new workplace, he took out a photo. On the photo a boy with light orange hair, his wife, and himself. All together as a family in that one photo. The man had just recently decided to do a career switch from a salesman to becoming a teacher at the magnificent Beacon Academy. He was confident that he would have passed the interview he had with the man called Ozpin, the headmaster of the school when they were hiring new teachers, who were called Huntsman a term unfamiliar to him.

The man smiled to himself as he drove off. He adjusted his blonde hair as well as his light blue tie. He wore a purple suit and a green button shirt.

"I'm Yoshikage Kira... And I must admit. This isn't so bad."

Author's Note:

Hey, there guys! I'm glad to have completed writing the first chapter of Aura is Unbreakable. Considering the English Dub for Jojo Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable has been out for quite a while, I decided to write this fic as a recently new Jojo fan myself as I had this in my mind for a while. I hope you enjoyed it and if you do tell me why, and if not tell me why as well, I would be keen to hear what you have to say. If you want to you could follow and favourite the story and with that, I hope you guys have a great time! Stay fresh!