Aura is Unbreakable

Chapter 5

The fight between the two stand users raged on as Koichi fought desperately to defeat the former serial killer.

Koichi was indeed a strong opponent, but he was simply no match for Kira and Killer Queen's brute strength and history was about to repeat itself, with the help of the two professors, Kira managed to beat the young delinquent. Koichi slowly looked up with his beaten face from the ground, staring at Kira with rage.

"You… YOU SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL!" Koichi shouted as Kira ignored his words and proceeded to knock out Koichi with a single punch to his stomach as he sent him flying, the boy landing on the ground as his body rolled. His past cannot be discovered by anyone here. Whatever it takes he will make sure he lives his new quiet life away from the past. And especially away from the people who ended him in the first place.

"Kira, do you have any idea why this young man attacked you?" Port asked as Kira looked at him.

"I have no idea, Port. Perhaps, he just wanted to start some trouble with me? We will let the cops handle this young punk."

"Don't listen to him he-"

Before Koichi could finish his sentence, he was cut off by Killer Queen slamming his head into the ground with full force with its foot. The ground painted with red as Kira's action shocked his two friends, Port in particular. Kira was crouching in front of Koichi as he slowly looked behind laughing nervously.

"I'm sorry, but he was getting on my nerve... ahaha!"

"Kira that is understandable, but what you did wasn't needed. Also, we wanted to ask you something." Port said as Kira stared nervously at him.

"Please go ahead," Kira said as he was also making sure that Koichi doesn't suddenly get up to surprise him.

"What exactly is that thing that you can summon? The cat-like figure standing behind you?"

"It's my semblance." Kira lied as he stood up with Killer Queen withdrawing back into him. The two professors looked at him with a look of surprise. Judging from their expression they don't buy it, Kira's grew worried he was afraid they were starting to suspect something was wrong. He cannot afford the truth to be out. If they knew the truth, he was as good as dead.

"I had never seen a semblance like that before… strange," Port said as Kira grabbed Koichi by his leg and dragged him across the ground, Oobleck rushed pulling Koichi up and stopped him.

"Kira! What are you doing this?! I know this kid tried to hurt you, but why were you dragging him off like you just murdered him and are now hiding the evident?" Kira looked at Oobleck in a daze, speechless not being able to answer him. He didn't know what just happened it was like one of his old instincts just kicked in telling him that he should start to drag Koichi away and hide his body. After hearing himself, he started to remember now… the way he dragged his old victims' corpses to dispose of them, the same way he just did to Koichi. Kira looked as his eyes twitched, Oobleck noticed the sudden change in his colleague's eyes and snapped his finger in front of him.

"Kira, are you alright?"

Oobleck wasn't given an answer as Kira pushed him away angrily. Kira walked off as he saw the local police officers approaching Koichi taking him away.

"I need to go. I will see the two of you tomorrow." Kira said his usually friendly demeanour was now replaced with a frustrated expression as he waved at Oobleck and Port, walking off. Kira looked around, at every corner, at every blind spot, and everyone. He was starting to get paranoid.

"What if more of Josuke's friends started to show up. Jotaro or Okuyusu, what if they remembered just like Koichi... I will be killed."

The thought of that worried Kira as he got into his car. He drove off, but faster than usual and more reckless, and looking at every driver around him. He stopped at a red light as he slammed his back on his seat, he sighed. Why does this keep happening to him, when he thought he can finally have peace after rotting in hell for some many years and then somehow ending up on Remnant one day only for it to be taken away whenever he least expects it.

"I will not tolerate burning in hell again, I got what I deserved, I've changed! There is no way I will listen to those three short demon girls calling themself Cerberus again, those three annoyed me endlessly for all those years, asking me and Killer Queen questions and never shutting up for a single second!" Kira thought as his grip on his steering wheel tighten.

"Hey, teach!" Kira quickly turned next to him in a panic only to see that it was just Yang on her bike. "I just dropped off Ruby, she is meeting Weiss at a bridge. What have you been doing?" Kira looked at her without a word as he drove off leaving Yang with a dumbfounded expression.

"No risks. No chances." He told himself as he continued finally reaching his the bridge to his neighbourhood. Home... a place of comfort. Finally, he can have some peace. Today, wasn't a good day and he wants to forget about it.

Kira then noticed the cars on the road leading to the bridge, stopping in their tracks as people got out of their cars in a hurry. He stared surprised as he heard a man shouting for him to run before leaving him, Kira looked back to see a gorilla punching through his car window and grabbing his head.

"Wait, that isn't a gorilla that is a Beringel!" Kira shouted as it roared beginning to crush his head.

"Argh! Killer Queen!"

His stand punched the grimm aside as it then detonates its first bomb causing the grimm to explode and being reduced to ashes. There were more grimm approaching them as Killer Queen and Kira prepared for those monsters to strike only for the grimm to be frozen solid by an ice blast.

"Mr Kira, it is good to see you are alright," Weiss said as Ruby waved at him. Kira sighed as Killer Queen withdrew back disappearing, Weiss stared at him and then pointed at him.

"What was that thing behind you, I and Ruby have seen it a few times already. You are hiding something from us! Aren't you!"

"Weiss, that is none of your concern!" He replied bluntly.

In that very moment, an arrow could be seen from the top of a tree with a mysterious shadowy figure pointing it at Weiss by Kira. Kira looked at the arrow, observing its appearance, it was all too familiar.

"Weiss, get out of the way!" He dashed towards her with Killer Queen appearing beside him.

"Hey, why are you running at me! You still haven't answer us what is that-" As Weiss was about to mutter her next word, she felt a sharp pain on her chest. She was shot by an arrow, the arrow piercing through her aura as it shattered through it and pierced her chest, her fingers shacking as she slowly looked down. She then fell onto the route, with Ruby screaming, grabbing her and trying to remove the arrow from her chest.

"Weiss!" Ruby continued to scream as despair and fear started to consume her, she held Weiss in her arms as she pleaded for someone to help them. Kira approached them, he looked at Weiss's eyes which were purely white.

"Ruby, stay back." Ruby looked at Kira and nodded, she noticed Killer Queen behind him as she jumped back in shock. Killer Queen grabbed the arrow in its hand as Kira waited for a response from Weiss.

"Why aren't you pulling it out! We got to save, her!"

"I'm Ruby, but this isn't a normal arrow."

"Say what?"

Weiss suddenly shouted as she started to breathe heavily, she noticed the arrow still in her chest, but she felt no pain. Kira and Ruby looked at her with utter shock, she was alive. Killer Queen then pulled out the arrow as Weiss shouted in pain, but she soon calmed down and slowly placing her right hand on her chest.

"Weiss, don't worry we will get you to the hospital!" Ruby shouted.

"I will tell your older sister about what happened, Ruby. Take care of Weiss. I will be taking the arrow as evident to report it to the police." Kira said as Ruby looked at him with a glad expression.

"Thanks, Mr Kira."

Kira watched as the two walked towards the ambulance, he walked back to his car as he looked at Weiss. That was close Kira could now rest easy, they wouldn't be able to pressure him for questions about Killer Queen for the moment, until Weiss recovers. Kira then watched as Weiss and Ruby walked off with Ruby supporting Weiss with her shoulder, he looked at Weiss's back noticing the arrow wound mark as it had pierced through Weiss completely, but yet she was able to stand with little to no trouble as she gently pushed Ruby aside and started walking on her own, the two entering an ambulance. Kira then looked at the arrow, the design of it and its golden tip, it couldn't be possible, but it would make sense the side effects of being pierced by it this type of arrow there could only be one type of arrow which fits that description.

"This's a stand arrow! Wait, that means!" Kira thought as he saw the ambulance heading off. "God, I hate ambulances… But I got no choice, I have to get that to Weiss. The more they start to piece things together the more likely those two will be expose me, and top of that she is now a stand user!" Kira begins to drove as he followed them.

"Killer Queen!"

With his commend, Killer Queen jumped forward out from the car, hitting its index fingers against the tire of the ambulance. A small explosion caused the tire to burst as the ambulance came to a screeching halt, he got out the car with Ruby and Weiss looking confused as they got out of the ambulance.

"What happened, girls? I saw the ambulance's tire bursting and-" As Weiss approached Kira as she pointed the tip of Myrtenaster at Kira's neck.

"I saw what you did!" Weiss said as she revealed that she has been holding a small mirror in her right hand the entire time. "You and your purple friend blew up the tire. There is something you're hiding and you don't want us to find out isn't it?"

"DAMN IT! This girl, she is as much of a trickster as Josuke! She caught me red-handed, what do I do now?!"

"Weiss, I think you are mistaken I would never do that," Kira said as he slowly approached Weiss. She took a step back in panic as a white hand with red stripes across its fingers emerged to push Kira back as he was thrown back, crashing into his car. Killer Queen appeared directly behind Kira to soften his landing.

"That had to be Weiss's stand. Killer Queen!" With his command, a shadowy figure towering over Ruby and Weiss appeared as the two stared at it with sight terror.

"Weiss, this is a stand. It's a manifestation of one's soul, they come in many shapes and sizes, but they all serve the purpose of standing by you and protecting you with their abilities and serving your every desire. Similar to aura, each stand has its own unique ability."

"What… what are you talking about?" Weiss mumbled she was in disbelief as she slowly looked down at her whist another translucent hand was over her hand although it was a blur, she could see it and her hand. It was completely white with multiple red stripes across its fingers. She then withdrew her arms into her chest as a sudden pain overwhelm her as she screamed.

"I don't understand after that arrow was removed I felt no pain, but at random, I can suddenly feel pain now… wait did that arrow gave me the same ability as you?" Weiss looked up, she was still in a daze as Kira nodded at her.

"Yes, that arrow is what gave you that power. You have the same power as me now, although I don't have a semblance Weiss, I was given the power of a stand through that same arrow."

"So, that thing within you is your stand, you can withdraw and summon it at will," Ruby said as Killer Queen disappeared.

"Correct, Ruby. I call it Killer Queen, it is truly amazing isn't it."

"If it is so amazing then why were you hiding it from us?" Weiss said she stared at Kira raising an eyebrow. Weiss grabbed Ruby's hand as she dragged her off, ignoring Kira as he was trying to convince Weiss and Ruby to stay for him to explain himself. The two walked off leaving Kira in the dust, their professor with a sense of guilt looming over him walked back to his car as he drove off.

A thought then occurred to Kira, who was the person who shot that arrow? It was very easy to tell that he must be a stand user as well, it would make perfect sense, but why give the ability of stands to the people on Remnant? Kira knew what he had to do with a possible enemy and the likely hood of Koichi revealing the truth about him, he had to come clean to the other professors and Ozpin revealing to them Killer Queen, with that they would very likely not believe Koichi's story and side with him. He would then personally deal with this mysterious figure who shot Weiss. Josuke and Joseph would also be hard to explain as well, now that Weiss and Ruby know what a stand is.

"I hate having to be in this mess, I thought I could finally move on, but I guess my past is catching up to me. I just have to come up with a way for everyone else I'm working with at Beacon to believe me… Wait, that is it I will use Weiss and Josuke as a way for that to happen if I come off as a mentor to those two, I will draw attention away from anything Kocihi can say about me and also help better explain the issue to Ozpin and my co-workers. But, to fully solve my problem, I will also have to find a way to silent Koichi and the person who shot the arrow if I have to… I must do whatever I can to continue my quiet life here on Remnant even if it means I have to go back to old habits."

With the wind blowing strong, Kira continued to drive with persistent. His house now in view, he can finally have some peace for the rest of the day.

But unknown to him from the distance, a man with silver hair had just witnessed everything that happened hidden from view as Kira drove off. He observed him as a silver humanoid figure in medieval armor appeared behind him.

"Hey, watch it old man!" Cardin shouted as his uniform was now stained by coffee, the huntsman pushed the old man who bumped into him out of his way. The old man looked at the boy and his friends as they cursed at him while walking off.

Joseph now with a sorrowful face looked at his hands, one mechanical covered by his white gloves and the other just a normal hand. The old man continued to walk to look for Josuke, who just dashed off with a catgirl, who name he couldn't remember. If only he wasn't a fragile and old man like he was now.

Suddenly, a sharp pain could be felt through his entire body as he started to have the worse headache he had ever experienced, he fell onto the ground, soon becoming unconscious.

"OH! My! GOD!" Joseph shouted as he woke up, he then grabbed his head in pain as he continued to scream. Velvet approached him, she looked at her teammates as Coco looked at Joseph. Joseph was trying to get off the ground as Velvet took his walking cane into her hands.

He was sweating a lot and his breathing was heavy, he placed his hand on his chest near his heart. Coco grabbed him by the shoulder as she carried him off to the nurse office.

"Hey, are you alright, sir?" Coco said as Joseph looked at her with a weak smile.

"I'm alright, I'm just old and... Wait, my memory, it feels so much more clearer now! Josuke... he has forgotten who I was, and that guy with the blonde hair was! No!" Joseph shouted as he pushed Coco's shoulder away and snatched his cane back from Velvet. "I'm very grateful for your help you two, but I have to go warn my son!" Joseph said as he performed the Joestar family's secret technique leaving the surprised duo of Coco and Velvet in the dust.

"Huh, I'm really feeling a lot faster both mentally and physically than before. Something must have happened, something big. But now not the time to question that, I have to find Josuke." Joseph thought to himself as he continued to dash off only to bump into Cardin again, who smirked at him before hitting him with his shoulder.

"Oh, my bad! I didn't notice you there old man," Cardin said as Joseph gritted his teeth. Cardin tossed a cup of coffee in Joseph's direction, Joseph red coat being stained by coffee.

"That for my uniform, old man! Gets out of this school with your stupid son." Cardin said as he looked around before pushing Joseph to the ground.

Joseph looked up at Cardin's smug as his friend laughed at him with scorn. They continued to taunt him as Cardin kicked Joseph's cane away as he was trying to reach out for it.

"I had just enough of you boy! Hermit Purple!" Joseph snapped as purple spikey vines appeared out of his hand as they extended around Cardin's neck before wrapping around his neck tightly. Joseph got up as he took a deep breath, he opened his eyes widely staring straight at Cardin with Hermit Purple still around his neck.

"Hamon Overdrive!" Joseph exclaimed as jolts of yellow energy rippled through Hermit Purple as the energy shocked Cardin as he could felt a blast of energy through his body with his neck feeling like it had just touched the surface of the sun with his skin around his neck turning hot red. Using Hermit Purple, Joseph tossed Cardin into a desk smashing him onto it. His friends stared as they grabbed Cardin while making a run for it.

"I never felt younger then ever before, something really is wrong this shouldn't be happening... I need to tell Josuke." Joseph thought, he then noticed his stuffy red coat, his cane, and his glasses were limiting his vision and movement.

Joseph was about to run off before he noticed a brown hat, he tossed his old hat, glasses, and cane away. Removing his red coat and placing it on the hanger, with his yellow shirt and long brown pants left. He took the moment to look in the mirror as he placed on that brown hat and grasped, it was an old feeling that he never thought he would ever felt again when looking at his current self in the mirror, a good memory and a part of his life that he would never forget. He smiled as he runs off to tell Josuke about the truth about Yoshikage Kira and to find out what in the world is going on and how did they ended up in such a bizarre situation.

Author's Note:

Just want to give a quick thanks to my newer followers and my older followers for waiting patiently for me to update, thanks for waiting guys. I'm going to start doing stand stats for the new stands outside of the main series that I create in the story such as Weiss's stand. Going to reveal it full design, ability, stats, and her stand name in the next chapter so stay tuned! And like always thank you, really it means a lot to me, and stay fresh!