Genjutsu Legend Chapter 1







All these are words that have no real meaning; these are merely words that people use to describe the behavior or the feelings of winners after their rise to power. The base of human beings is all filled with each individual there is nothing more important than self-perseverance. If it means success, a human would to anything to achieve their own hungry desires, including hurting people weaker than them, twisting the minds of people friendly with them, betraying the people loyal to them, and even killing people who love them...

This is the reason why Uzumaki Naruto never once regretted anything he has ever done to the people around matter how many times they call him evil or inhuman, he knew he was only acting like how a human is supposed to act.

As the pariah of Konoha, people would suggest that it is natural for him to see human beings as dark and primal beings, but one could say on good authority that he is the only one in his world that isn't blind to the truth...that he has the clearest perception of human beings.

There wasn't a day in his life that Naruto could remember that he did not feel...sad? He didn't know if that was the right word to describe the feeling he had been forced to face for the enitirity of his life, but it was the only one he could use without dispising his own pathetic exposure to humanity. As an orphan he had never felt an ounce of parental love or care, he was all alone, even when he was in the orhanage he was shunned and abused by those around him. Naruto was not surprised about the way he was treated, after all one cannot be surprised at something that has been happening to one their entire life...

Naruto was only confused at why people were treating him with hate...anger...resentment. Looking into people's eyes when he passed them on the streets, he could he that he alone would draw out a primal glare in every human's eyes, they would look at him like a lion would gazelle...not only was he their prey, he was also lower than them by birth. Naruto didn't know what to feel...or how to feel, his senses and juding abilities on other humans are constantly changing...each human he come across would treat him differently, but overall there were nothing positive about them.

Another thing Naruto was confused about was the fact that everybody that seem to want to kill him...doesn't. It was as though some of them were afraid of him and others were restrained by somebody from killing him...

When he was younger Naruto would weep to himself, but the thing that bothered him the most from those experiences were not because he was crying, it was the fact that he was crying in the first place. Why would he cry because people were treating him like dirt...crying is a source of weakness, it was a wound of one's mentality...the only way to prevent oneself from getting wounded in such a way was to dodge the strike mentally. Ever since Naruto was five years old he had never cried once...he no longer cared about how other people treated him, it wasn't because he gave up on himself, but rather because he gave up on everyone else.

Naruto never had any faith or belief in humanity since his existence...but he wants to. He would never place his trust into any humans because of the way they are now, but as they always say, people could always change...

Naruto had spent the majority of his childhood inside the santuary of the library...inside the buffer zone of knowledge and history he could ignore all those around him and immerse himself inside many stories of what happened to people before his time, and the knowledge they gained during their lives. Throughout the many years of the isolated childhood, Naruto had learned many things inside the library, such as the various way people would react to different things, why they would behave that way, and how could he make them behave that way...

Naruto used his extreme depth in human psychology knowledge to mold the reactions of many people around him, and it has become effortless for him...he no longer had to put up any effort into influence people so they would behave the way he wants them to.

To his own mind, Naruto had grew to think other humans to not be above him from birth...but below him. With simple words out of his mouth, or effortless actions with his body language he could make people behave how ever he wanted. Even the so-called heroes of the village known as Shinobi...

The Shinobi sect and their so-called infinite knowledge of chakra and even power...To a person like Naruto, they were nothing but ants...and he himself was a human looking down upon them with their fate in his the Uzumaki, he was the one that would one day rule over the locust of the world known as Shinobi. These people had grown fond of their feeble power and had even thought of themselves as the peak of human potential, but Naruto was enlightened to the truth...

The word power is the most clear in Naruto's is a simple word with an enormous meaning. Those who have power in the world would have the right to use other words like Happiness, Peace...or so-called Harmony. These words are the trophies of those to have stepped on others, who have abandoned their morals...and had revert back to the ideal human.

Naruto was born with a mind that was superior than the other among him...

He was born with a chakra network that was superior than those who were considered tha Elite Ninja of his village...

He was born with a Zanpakutou that was superior than those of his ancestors before their ultimate demise...

The humans of the world were mere ants to the superior Naruto, who stood over them with their fate in his hands. A lion would not feel guilty when it rips open a why would Naruto felt any remorse by killing those who were weak and in his way...

Naruto stood on top of the heads of the few so-called Legendary Ninja who had led them into the prosperity of today as he stared down at the people who have wronged him his entire life.

"All living creatures place their faith in someone more powerful than them and they cannot survive unless they blindly follow that person. The recipient of that faith then seeks out someone in an even higher position in order to escape from the pressure. That person then seeks out someone even more powerful that he must put his faith in. In this way all kings are born and in this way all Gods are born"

Naruto ran his fingers through his blonde hair, which is swept back with a stray strand hanging over his forehead, as he stared down at Konoha with icy cold blue eyes.

"No one stands on the top of the world. Not you, not me, nor the gods. But the unbearable vacancy of the throne in the sky is over. From now on...I alone will be sitting on it."

It was early afternoon in Konoha; the sun was shining brightly onto the many people on the streets. It was a fesitival the night before and the Academy students were given a afternoon class the day after. Naruto had never been to any of the festivals ever, he was prohitbited by the adults when he was a child, and was apathetic when grew up.

The blonde young man stayed in the santuary of his own apartment that he had gotten from the so-called Kami no Shinobi known as the Sandaime Hokage five years ago. When he was ten years old Naruto was kicked out of the orphanage, which was something the Hokage found out about. The frail old man gave in to the demands of the orphanage administration and let them kick him away. Naruto was glad to be out of the dreded abomination of a home and had a legitimate reason for the Hokage to give him an apartment.

Through that incident Naruto had solidified his view on the Hokage; he was nothing but a frail old man that was a shell of his former self. The spineless Sarutobi gave in to Kumogakure's demands regarding the Hyuga incident and offered them the twin brother of the Hyuga Clan Head, Hizashi Hyuga. This of course was all hidden from the villagers, but Naruto found out by lurking inside the document archive inside the Hokage Tower.

Ever since he started to train himself in the Shinobi arts, Naruto excelled in Fuinjutsu more than all the other fields. He never knew the reason but all the writing and caligraphy came easily to him, it was only until he read in the library about the Uzumaki Clan. Naruto safely assumed that his last name was genuine and he is actually a member of the clan of longevity, which would explain his abnormally large chakra reserves and his aptitude in Fuinjutsu. His claim was further solidified when he unlocked his

Zanpakuto, the infamous Kekkei Genkai of the Uzumaki clan. Every Uzumaki was born with a part of their soul sealed away, and that part of their soul would become their Zanpakuto spirit. When an Uzumaki was of age, their chakra would go through a change and it would manifest a blade from their body, which is the sealed state of the Zanpakuto.

Each Zanpakuto has two releases; the initial one is called Shikai, which would grant the user a portion of their spirit's power, and the Bankai, which would fully release the power of the Uzumaki.

Kyoka Suigetsu…is the ultimate weapon of Naruto. By unleashing its Shikai form, whoever lay eyes on the blade itself would automatically fall into its spell of complete hypnosis. Those people's five senses would be fullly controlled by Naruto; the man could make people see a flower field when they were actually seeing a swamp, and they would be none the wiser.

Naruto unlocked the sealed state of his blade when he was seven years old, and the Shikai state by the time he was ten. People would often wonder why he could have gotten his hands of a well crafted Katana, and people had tried to take it away from him, but he would have always managed to escape before the people could have caught him.

Ever since Naruto found out about the power of his Zanpakuto, he had been putting many people under his spell; most of them were the future clan heads of Konoha who were all in his class. Surprisingly to Naruto, all of the children were not wary of him, their parents had undoubtedly told them to stay away from him but they did not hate him. Just as children were supposed to act, they were all very curious when Naruto brought his blade to the academy one day; they all wanted to see the blade unsheathed. And Naruto was more than willing to show them his blade, that day, all of the academy teachers and most of the future clan head fell under the spell of Kyoka Suigetsu.

In the academy Naruto was nothing like his younger self, he was confident, sociallable, smart, but weak. The Uzumaki had many friends in the academy, but ever since he was twelve, he had failed the academy graduation exam three times. In that three years he made friends with most of the people in his classes and all of them fell under his spell. It was until the third year of the academy that Naruto decided it was time to become a Genin.

The graduation exam was a week ago, and as of now, Naruto was walking to the academy to be put in his Genin team.

Naruto was much taller than the rest of the people in his class; it was natural though seeing that he was three years older then the rest of them. The Uzumaki stood at an impressive six feet tall at the age of fifteen. His blonde hair was in its usual style, which was wavely and soft that covered his head and some of his forehead. He was wearing a high collar buttoned up black shirt and a pair of blue jeans, he was considered to be quite handsome by most of the girls he knew, and had many fan-girls no matter which class he was in.

As Naruto walked up to the walls of the academy, several people came out to greet him. "Hey Naruto-kun!" cried the voice of a platinum blonde girl as she ran in front of Naruto. Behind her were several other people, including a boy with a dog in his jacket, a girl with pink hair, a girl with dark blue hair and blank eyes, a lazy looking boy with a ponytail, and a chubby boy holding a bag of chips.

He always had a soft and friendly smile on his face when he was greeted by people, it made the girls melt and the men friendly to him. "Hey guys…how are you all today?" asked Naruto with a kind voice.

Ino held onto Naruto's arm. "I'm great, seeing that I might be on the same team as you Naruto-kun?" said the girl as he winked at the taller boy.

Sakura and Hinata were quite jealous at the blonde blatent flirting with the tall handsome boy, but could bring themselves to do the same. Hinata was a very sheltered heiress of the Hyuga Clan, she had been influated with Naruto since she was a little girl, and the man had clear used it to his advantage…

Sakura was a girl from a civilian home and was bullied on when she was younger, Naruto had rescued her once and she was been crushing on him ever since. But she was a weak and feeble Kunoichi and Naruto hadn't paid any attention to her.

Kiba sighed as he rubbed the top of his dog's head. "So Naruto; how does it feel to finally be a Genin?" teased the dog boy to his friend.

All the girls glared at him but Naruto only chuckled. "Great, I feel that my work has finally paid off…" said Naruto as he looked over at Hinata with a smile. "How are you feeling about being Genin Hinata-chan?"

The Hyuga girl blushed as she looked at the older Genin. "G-Good, I hope I would do well as a Kunoichi," said the girl timidly while she fidgeted with her fingers.

Naruto walked over and patted her on the head. "Well I'm sure you will do great…" he said with a kind smiled before he walked away from the group and towards the academy entrance. Hinata was blushing and was also shocked, her heart was beating very fast as she was filled with happiness.

Two jealous girls passed by Hinata to follow Naruto to their classroom with Kiba and Chouji trailing behind. The smiling Hyuga girl also followed, but she was the last to move…

Umino Iruka thought of himself as a good academy teacher, but even he was reluctant of letting Uzumaki Naruto into his class, where he would be exposed to the other children of the village. His own parents were killed during the Kyuubi attack so he himself held a grudge at the seemingly normal blonde boy…

But when he first met the Uzumaki, he was very surprised to learn that he was a very pleasant and kind young man. He was polite, confident and very sociallable, something that he did not expect from a Junchuriki. The eyes of the blonde boy was a shade of peculiar azure that made him feel unease, and the constant smile he had was not fake like the one Iruka had in his youth, but did not seem authentic somehow.

Overall the teacher did not know what to feel about Naruto, but he no longer harbored any sort of hatred against the man, he learnt that Naruto was just dealt a bad hand by fate, and was not at fault for anything the Kyuubi had done.

The scarred man looked at the entrance of his classroom and found the very person he was pondering about walk through the door, along with several others of his students. Iruka made eye contact with the Uzumaki and got a smile in return, Iruka smiled back instantly but something about Naruto made him feel uneasy.

"Good morning Iruka-sensei…" said Naruto as he waved at the older man with a smile.

Iruka nodded at Naruto and gave him a smile. "Good morning Naruto-kun, please have seat so we can get started."

Naruto nodded and walked to his seat, which was at the edge of the room near the windows, as he trekked up the stairs of the classroom Naruto locked eyes with Uchiha Sasuke, the sole survivor of the Uchiha Clan Massacre. The younger boy interested Naruto ever since he first met him a few days after the massacre, and Naruto found the hatred harbored inside the child useful to him, so he befriended him during their time in the academy. It was not easy for Naruto to get into Sasuke's head, but in the end he earn the boy's friendship when he showed him that he was not a threat to him, and that Sasuke was still the stronger out of the two…

But that changed when Sasuke reached the age of twelve…That year Naruto beated Sasuke to the ground during a spar, and he did not stop until the Uchiha was unconscious. When Sasuke woke up he was inside his own Clan Home, and Naruto was sitting in a chair waiting for him to wake up. Sasuke was mad at the older man who beat him up so badly, but everytime he attacked Naruto he would have only struck an illusion.

Flashback on…

What the fuck are you Naruto!" cried Sasuke as he phased through the Naruto directly in front of him.

Naruto appeared behind the Uchiha and launched him to the other side of the room with a hard kick to the back. A smirk was on his face and his regular kind eyes were menacing and screamed power. Sasuke crashed against a window in his room and pushed opened the frame…the night wind blew inside the room and made Naruto's hair and clothes flutter violently.

Sasuke got back on his feet and glared at Naruto, he hated how his normally weak friend was suddenly overpowering him by such a margin. The Uchiha grabbed a Kunai from his pouch and threw it at Naruto directly; the distance between them was less than ten feet, so Sasuke was very confident on landing a killing stirke.

Sasuke smirked when his blade struck Naruto between the eyes and blood splattered everywhere, but to his shock, Naruto was still smirking at him…

"Kudakero: Kyoka Suigetsu…" said a voice quietly from behind Sasuke, making him jerk backwards. Then to the Uchiha's own horror, the Naruto he killed suddenly broke into pieces of glass and vanished in midair, and behind him stood another Naruto with the same smirk on his face.

Sasuke's eyes were wide; he never felt any surge in chakra so he didn't know when or how he fell into Naruto's Genjutsu. "W-What…?"

Naruto suddenly vanished and before Sasuke can even react, a fist landed on his stomach with great power and forced him to fall to his knees. Sasuke coughed painfully as he held his stomach with his hand, he lifted his head to see Naruto staring down at him smirking, and his anger made him try to punch Naruto again.

Naruto caught the punch effortlessly, and snapped Sasuke's wrist then kicked him in the chest. The young Uchiha cried out in pain but the air in his lungs were pushed out so he was silenced, he could only twitch on the ground as he craddlled his wrist painfully. He was suddenly lifted up and pushed against a wall; Naruto held him around the neck and stared into his eyes emotionlessly.

Sasuke was petrified when he saw Naruto's eyes, they were still their natural blue but they held tremdous power and felt predatory. Sasuke thought even his brother's eyes were not as imtimidating as Naruto's, his brother;s eyes were silently oppressing, but Naruto's eyes were hiding unknown powers that Sasuke felt like he couldn't even begin to comprehend.

Naruto chuckled as Sasuke's breath hitched against his strong grip. "You are pathetic Sasuke…" The Uchiha was angered by his words but couldn't move an inch under Naruto oppressing pressence. "How would you ever even attempt to kill Uchiha Itachi if you are so weak…?"

Sasuke forced his eyes open and glared at Naruto with hatred, his hands gripped around Naruto's arm and tried to push him away, but Naruto was much too strong.

Naruto nodded at him with a smile. "That's it Sasuke…you have the will to become stronger, but no one in Konoha would ever give you the right training that would fullfill your greatest potential. You are the last Uchiha, the village would just treat you like its baby until your father some children for them…they will never risk letting you go after an S-ranked criminal."

Sasuke calmed down a little at Naruto's words but was still glaring at the man.

"I can give you strength to kill Itachi…" said Naruto seriously as Sasuke flinched in his grasp. "No matter how powerful his Sharingan are, he will still fall under my power. The stronger one's eyes get, the more valnurable they are to my Genjutsu…Itachi will not be able to use his eyes against me." Naruto released Sasuke from his grasp and the boy dropped on the floor gasping for breath.

Naruto walked towards the window and gazed at the moon as Sasuke slowly got up from the floor. The Uchiha's neck was strained, his wrist and arm were broken, and four of his ribs were snapped. His lung was fractured so he was having trouble breathing…

"W-W-Why…a-are you doing this…w-why would you do this?" asked Sasuke with an extremely strained voice.

Naruto didn't turn to look at him and answered. "Because I am tired of this rotten village…I will bring the entire Ninja Sect Foundation to its knees…" Naruto turned to look at Sasuke's eyes. "Through my power…this world will find true peace…"

Sasuke just laughed at him despite all the pain he felt throughout his body. "Y-You a-are just o-one crazy m-motherfucker…" Blood spilled out of his mouth as he tried to ease his laughter. "Y-You will be k-killed so fast…"

Naruto smiled and just shook his head. "Really…the Sandaime Hokage is already under my Genjutsu…as of five years ago I have controlled all five of his senses…meaning all he sees, heras, smells, and even touches…is based on my will…" When he discovered the power of Kyoka Suigets, he took his blade to the Hokage feigning the inability to understand what has happened to him, and the Hokage had obviously told him a watered down version of his bloodline and his clan, but he was oblivious that he had looked into the Shikai of Naruto's Kyoka Suigetsu.

Sasuke continued to laugh as he ignored tha pain. "You can stop boasting Naruto…I will never believe you…much less join you in your ridiculous cause." Sasuke looked up at Naruto. "No Genjutsu is that powerful…even the most powerful Jutsu of the Uchiha cannot do something like that!"

Naruto smirked at Sasuke. "You do know that you are still in my illusion right?"

Sasuke's amusement never ended. "Really…?"

Naruto nodded as a katana suddenly appeared in his hands, its only decoration is the tsuba, which is a hexagon. The two sides parallel to the blade are long, whereas the four sides above and below the blade are shortened, making it into almost a diamond or prism-like shape. It has a green handle.

"Kudakero: Kyoka Suigetsu…" as soon as those words were spoken, all of Sasuke's pain and injuries were gone. Miraculously, all his bones were no longer broken; his lung was fine, even his bruises were gone.

Sasuke's eyes widened as he was in utter shock, he was sure that his pain and injuries were real, he looked down on the floor and found that his blood were all gone. To his further surprise he was no longer on the floor, he was sitting on his bed and his room was perfectly fine, none of the furniture had even moved. If Naruto wasn't still standing in front of a now opened window, he would have thought that everything was a dream.

"W-What is this…?" said Sasuke as he looked at Naruto with shock and awe. "Was that…all an illusion?" asked Sasuke as sweat dripped down his forehead and his hands shaking.

Naruto turned around and sighed before he sat down on a chair in front of Sasuke. "I told you oce already…my illusion can control all five senses of my target…"

Sasuke's mind was racing, deep inside he knew that Naruto was right about what he said about Konoha, they would never willingly let him go after Itachi much less offer a decent Sensei to train him. If what Naruto said about his abilities were true, then Itachi would be nothing against his power. The stronger Itachi's eyes are, the weaker he will be against Naruto's power.

"Are you saying that you will help me kill Itachi?" asked Sasuke seriously as he stared into Naruto's eyes.

Naruto nodded. "If you agree to help me in my cause, then Itachi is as good as dead."

Sasuke was silent for another few minutes before he stood up and offered his hand to Naruto. "Okay then…I will help you from now on…Naruto."

The Uzumaki nodded and walked to the door before looking back at Sasuke. "From now on…it is Uzumaki-taicho…"

Flashback end…

Naruto sat down next to his subordinate of the last year and looked outside the window peacefully as other people filled in the classroom. Hinata and Ino were sad that Naruto decided to sit by his friend instead of with them, but they weren't going to say anything about it, the Uchiha was another popular boy in their class and was also the strongest. The girls would not tell him to get out of the way.

"How are you today Uzumaki-taicho…" said Sasuke as he knew they were already under Naruto's illusion, to the others they were only sitting there in silence.

Naruto leaned back on his chair and placed his legs on his desk. "We only have six months before the start of our plan…meaning in this six months we will need to gather as much resources as possible, as well as put all our chess pieces in place…" said Naruto as he looked over at the others in his class.

Sasuke sighed as he brushed his hair to relax his nerves. "Are you sure that nobody is on to us?" asked the Uchiha, he is fully aware that what they were doing is considered treason and had the potential to give them the death penalty.

Naruto looked over at Sasuke with a smirk. "You underestimate me Sasuke-kun…nobody is on to us, because anyone that poses a threat to us in already under the influence of my Kyoka Suigetsu…" Over the years he had spent in the academy, Naruto had hypnotised many people, already including the parents of Nara Shikamaru, Yamanaka Ino, Akimichi Chouji, and Inuzuka Kiba, making over half of the important clan heads under his influence.

Sasuke felt his heart beat and his nerves act up whenever Naruto looks directly into his eyes, the seemingly innocent and kind eyes of the Uzumaki was more intimidating that all other people he has ever seen in his life. The power Naruto's eyes suggest is seemingly unlimited, and Sasuke could only sudder when he imagines how powerful Naruto truly is.

Iruka saw that everybody was accounted for and begun his final lecture of this generation. "Now that you are all here, it is time for me to congratulate you all for becoming official Genin of Konoha. Through thick and thin you all have come through on all of the challenges we have posted for you, and now you are free we start your careers in the real Shinobi world…"

Most of the students felt proud and patriotic, but Naruto only scoffed at the cliché speech from a pathetic man. Naruto had absolutely no respect for Umino Iruka, the man was blind to the true nature of the village they live in, and proudly teaches others to follow the propaganda of the so-called forefathers of the village. In Naruto's eyes, it was because of stupid and impressionable people like Iruka, that the previous Kages ever successful.

"From today onwards you will face the true challenges of the Shinobi world, where you will experience the losses and gains of a Ninja. I cannot tell you that all of you will survive out in the true world, but all of you will make your village proud."

Sasuke felt the urge to punch the man in the face in order to shut him up, the speech he was given was intended for people that were already to lay down their lives for the sake of Konoha, but Sasuke couldn't care less about his so-called home that would never help him in his cause. The Uchiha clan was brutally murdered but the would only think about having him restore it, but never avenge it…just that fact made Sasuke see how pathetic Konoha truly is.

"I will now call out the teams for all of your, listen well because your Sensei and teammates will be with you until you have been promoted to Chunin!" Iruka unsealed a scroll and read out the contents clearly. Naruto and Sasuke wasn't listening to the Chunin at all, the former made sure that whatever names the Sandaime decided to put down in his team, one of them would be Uchiha Sasuke.

"…Team Seven will be under the lead of Hatake Kakashi, and the members will include Uchiha Sasuke!" At the mention of the Uchiha's name most of the free students were paying more attention to Iruka. "Uzumaki Naruto!" Now all of the free girls were giving their teacher their undivided attention. "…and Hyuga Hinata!" At the mention of her name, Hinata's face was filled with so much blood people were surprised that she didn't pass out from the lack blood pressure. Most of the other girls, namely Sakura and Ino glared at the Hyuga heiress for taking the two hottest boys in the class, as well as the powerful Uchiha Sasuke.

As it turned out, the Sandaime decided to put the Ino-Shika-Cho team back together as a second generation, and put Kiba, Shino, and Sakura as a team. Naruto was chuckling with his legs cross on his desk and his arms crossed behind his head. He was amused at how oblivious everybody was to his influence, the adults still think he was a faliure of a Shinobi that took three years to graduate, and most of the children think that he is their nicest and kindest friend that would do anything to protect Konoha.

Naruto turned to Sasuke and smiled. "I'm going to go home now Sasuke-kun…I'll see you later."

Sasuke turned to his leader surprised. "Why…we still have to meet our Jounin Sensei."

Naruto shook his head with a chuckle. "Yes but I don't have to be there…Hatake Kakashi is already under my hypnosis…" said Naruto before he disappeared with a flash of speed, leaving no trace behind him or any sort of sound.

Sasuke sighed as he was stuck with Hinata, forced to meet their Jounin Sensei…the Uchiha was really impressed and terrified of the power of Naruto's Kyoka Suigetsu, not only could it effect all that lay eyes on it, but also will create a permanent effect on all that is effected. Meaning that even if he wasn't actually there in front of a person he has hypnotised, he could mentally order that person to see, hear, touch, and smell his presence. As a sentient weapon, Kyoka Suigetsu would also collaberate all their victims and weave an intricate web of lies and illusions, so that no one would find any flaws with Naruto's reality.

Sasuke walked over to Hinata and sat down beside her, ignoring everyone else that was looking at him. "So Hyuga-san…we should talk about how we are going to work as a team…" Hinata was slightly scared of Sasuke and kept looking to the left of the Uchiha heir, which was where her imaginary Naruto was currently comforting her. Sasuke once again sighed at Naruto's leisure.

Naruto was sitting quietly in his personal desk writing a piece of fine caligraphy, he found that whenever he did so, it relaxed him to a great degree. The last decade had been extremely boring for the Uzumaki, he was much smarter and stronger than everybody that surrounds him, but his plan was moving disturbingly slow for him.

Naruto thought back one night that he wondered why people hated him so much, it was not that he cared or anything but needed to know the reason so he could use it to his advantage. Then he mentally kicked himself for not noticing such an obvious connection between his birthdate, and the attack of the Kyuubi. As a man that research deeply into the art of fuinjutsi,, Naruto knew perfectly that a Bijuu can be sealed into people, which is then called Junchuriki, and that new-borns would be the safest option as the host because of their undeveloped chakra network. That explained to Naruto why his chakra was so vast in amount, and why there was a seal on his stomach whenever he channel cahkra to that area.

Naruto had read all about the story of the Yondaime Hokage killing the Kyuubi no Kitsune that ultimately killed him also, and he appauded the Sandaime for his crude excuse of a cover-up. Anybody with reason in their mond and a decent amount of knowledge would now that Bijuu cannot be killed, they will reform no matter what because they are only masses of chakra. All the other villages would know that Konoha possesses the Junchuriki of the Kyuubi, and would treat Konoha as a threat because of that. When Naruto thought he could use the reason he was hated for his advantage he never thought that it would be so useful…

Naruto inner thoughts were interupted when he felt two people near his apartment; he had set up seal inside his home that would alert him if there were any foreign chakra signature near its perimeter. Naruto recognize that it was Hatake Kakashi and the Sandaime that was at his front door, he was surprised to see them there and wondered of they had gotten the better of him. Naruto unsealed Kyoka Suigetsu and hide himself as well as his recent activities from the two higher up's senses, he was ready to kill them if need be.

"So…this is where Uzumaki Naruto lives, this is much more than what I expected," said Kakashi as he saw all the fine paintings and caligraphy samples that were hung on the walls of the home. All of the furniture was neat and clean, all the book shelves were filled to the brim with various genres, and there were even pictures of Naruto with his many friends from his three years in the academy.

The Sandaime nodded. "Naruto-kun turned out to be a fine young man…he has a very outlook on life and doesn't seem to hold any grudges to the people that had abused him in his adolesence." said the Hokage as he admired the fine caligraphy of Naruto.

Naruto mentally smirked under his layers of illusions, what the Hokage said what technically true, he does have a healthy outlook on life depending on who he was asking, and he doesn't hold any grudges, but would kill all though who have wronged him because he thought of them as people who would erode the world.

Kakashi trailed his finger on Naruto's desk and found that there was not a spec of dust on it. "I must say that Naruto is a much cleaner person than I expected…and also rather artsy." said the masked Jounin as he admitted to himself silently that the tiger painting on the wall was very impressive…

The Hokage sighed as he leaned against the front door. "Have you seen enough yet…Naruto as well as his teammates are waiting for you."

Kakashi eye smiled at his leader and nodded. "Yes I am done Hokage-sama…" said the man as he walked out the door. "…But when I get closer to Naruto I'm going to ask him for one of those tiger paintings…I must say that he is a very good painter."

The Sandaime chuckled as he followed one of his strongest Jounin out the door and closed it behind him. "Yes…but I never knew he painted…I thought he only practiced Caligraphy…"

Naruto was standing in front of the two elder Ninja the whole time and was very amused at their conversation. The Jounin probably expected him to be some sort of slob that would have garbage all over his apartment and expired milk in his dinner table.

Naruto sat down on his desk chair and looked at the tiger painting that Kakashi admired so much…

"Sorry Kakashi-sensei, but I don't paint…"